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Science Questions and Answers - Class 8 End Term 3 Exams 2023 Set 1

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  1. Which one of the following pairs of discases is correctly matched with. the time of immunization?
       10 weeks  At birth
     A.  Tuberculosis  Measles
     B.  Whooping cough  Polio
     C.  Tetanus  Pertusis
     D.  Yellow fever  Hepatitis B
  2. The following are characteristics of a certain type of tooth:
    1. Have cusps and ridges.
    2. Four in each jaw.
    3. Has uneven top.
      The type of tooth described above is
      1. molar
      2. canine
      3. premolar
      4. incisor.
  3. Which of the following parts of the alimentary canal produces digestive juices?
    1. Mouth and ileum.
    2. Stomach and colon.
    3. Ileum and colon.
    4. Colon and rectum.
  4. Which one of the following energy transformations take place when charcoal is used in cooking?
    1. Heat energy
    2. Light energy
    3. Electrical energy
    4. Chemical energy
  5. Which of the following is an advantage of using organic manure in the farm? It
    1. has specific nutrients.
    2. has long term effect.
    3. is bulky to transport
    4. spreads edible weeds
  6. The diagram below shows some parts of a flower
    Which parts represent filament and style respectively?
    1. V and Y
    2. X and Y
    3. Y and W
    4. Y and X
  7. Which one of the following parts of reproductive system facilitate movement of minerals to the foetus?
    1. Amnion sac and placenta.
    2. Amniotic fluid and umbilical cord.
    3. Placenta and amniotic fluid.
    4. Placenta and umbilical cord.
  8. Plants depend on other plants for the following except
    1. habitat
    2. shade
    3. oxygen 
    4. support
  9. Which of the following methods of soil conservation work the same way as constructing gabions?
    1. Terracing
    2. Cover cropping
    3. Mulching
    4. Shading
  10. Which of the following pairs consists of food that help in boosting the body immune system?
    1. Bread and milk.
    2. Potatoes and kales.
    3. Spinach and ripe bananas.
    4. Rice and carrots.
  11. The following are characteristics of a certain animal:
    1. Breathe through lungs.
    2. Has varying body temperature.
    3. Lay fertilized eggs.
      The animal described above is likely to be
      1. a frog
      2. an ostrich
      3. a tilapia
      4. a crocodile.
  12. Which of the following is a sign of crop diseases?
    1. Dark green.
    2. Malformation' 
    3. Thick cuticle
    4. Reduced yields 
  13. The diagram below represents a block of wood being pushed along a surface towards point X:
    Which of the labelled parts mainly help in conserving the energy used?
    1. Part S
    2. Part T
    3. Part R
    4. Part K
  14. Which one of the following components of air is correctly matched with its percentage?
       Inert gases  Carbon dioxide 
     A.  0.97%  0.03%
     B.  78%  21%
     C.  0.03%  0.97%
     D.  21%  0.03%
  15. Which of the following pairs of drugs are prohibited in Kenya?
    1. Miraa and heroin.
    2. Cocaine and alcohol.
    3. Bhang and cocaine.
    4. Alcohol and tobacco.
  16. The diagram below represents a block of wood being pushed alog a surface towards point X:
    In which direction is the force of friction?
    1. L
    2. K
    3. N
    4. M
  17. A child has the following signs and symptoms:
    1. Pale skin.
    2. Whitish eyes.
    3. Feeling dizzy
      The child is also likely to;
      1. have swollen body parts. 
      2. feel light headed.
      3. have alert eyes.
      4. have weak bones.
  18. Which of the following materials are not attracted by a magnet? Alni
    1. Alnico and tin.
    2. Steel wool and staples. 
    3. Office pins and razor blade.
    4. Silver coin and copper wire.
  19. The following are proper use of medicinę except
    1. taking medicine for the recommended disease.
    2. taking excess medicine to speed up the healing process.
    3. taking the right dosage. .
    4. medicine should be taken before the expiry date.
  20. Which of the following pairs of animal parasites can be controlled through hand picking?
    1. Liverflukes and hookworms.
    2. Ticks and fleas.
    3. Tapeworms and liverflukes.
    4. Ticks and tapeworms."
  21. Which of the following stages of HIV/AIDS does a patient test negative with no signs?
    1. Incubation period
    2. Full blown AIDS
    3. Symptomatic stage
    4. Window stage.
  22. The diagram below represents a set up that was used to demonstrate a certain property of matter.
    The property of matter demonstrated above was to conclude that;
    1. liquids exert pressure.
    2. matter occupies space.
    3. matter has weight.
    4. gases exert pressure.
  23. The following materials can be used to construct a certain weather instrument;
    1. Nail
    2. Piece of wood
    3. Wire
    4. Metal sheet
      The weather instrument likely to be constructed is
      1. windvane
      2. liquid thermometer
      3. raingauge
      4. windsock
  24. Which one of the following uses of water is not practiced in the industry?
    1. Mixing chemicals
    2. Cooling machines
    3. Cleaning tools 
    4. Making fountains.
  25. The most effective control measure against HIV transmission among youth is
    1. using condoms.
    2. abstaining from sex before marriage.
    3. creating awareness.
    4. educating through social media.
  26. Which of the following types of soil erosion removes a thin layer of soil?
    1. Rill erosion
    2. Gulley erosion 
    3. Sheet erosion
    4. Splash erosion
  27. Which one of the following statements is true about liquids and solids? Both have
    1. indefinite mass and volume. 
    2. definite shape and mass.
    3. definite volume and shape. 
    4. definite volume and mass.
  28. Which one of the following pairs of farm animals produce mutton?
    1. Goats and sheep..
    2. Pigs and cattle.
    3. Pigs and goats. 
    4. Sheep and cattle.
  29. When pupils heated some garden soil in a sufuria covered with a lid, some water droplets were observed on the lid? The observation made indicated the presence of
    1. organic matter
    2. mineral salts
    3. living organisms.
    4. water.
  30. The following are some characteristics of soil.
    1. Easily water logged.
    2. Poor drainage. 
    3. Best in capillarity.
    4. Small air spaces.
      The characteristics above are for
      1. clay soil only.
      2. sand and loam soil. 
      3. sand soil only.
      4. clay and loam soil.
  31. Heat is transferred through a vacuum by
    1. convection and conduction. 
    2. radiation only.
    3. conduction and radiation.
    4. convection only.
  32. Which of the following statements is true about cumulus clouds?
    1. Dark grey in colour.
    2. Bring heavy rainfall.
    3. Look like bundles of cotton.
    4. Found low in the sky.
  33. Which of the following statements is true about pulmonary artery? It carries
    1. deoxygenated blood to the lungs. 
    2. oxygenated blood to the heart.
    3. oxygenated blood to the lungs.
    4. deoxygenated blood to the body.
  34. In which of the following pairs of levers is the load, effort and fulcrum likely to be in similar position when in use?
    1. Spade and a pair of pliers.
    2. Claw hammer and crowbar,
    3. Spade and fishing rod.
    4. Wheelbarrow and claw hammer.
  35. Which of the following is the best way of preventing the spread of bilharzia in the community?
    1. Clearing long grasses and bushes. 
    2. Administering vaccination.
    3. Seeking medical attention during an outbreak.
    4. Wearing protective clothing.
  36. Excessive release of industrial gases affects non living components of the environment by 
    1. corroding iron sheets.
    2. suffocating plants.
    3. causing breathing problems.
    4. killing small animals in the soil.
  37. Which of the following pairs of plants is correctly matched with the type of root system?
       Fibrous root  Tap root
     A.  Beans  Millet
     B.  Onion  Acacia
     C.  Mango  Coconut
     D.  Maize  Sorghum
  38. Which of the following pairs of food can be preserved by salting?
    1. Fruits and fish.
    2. Cooked beans and vegetables. 
    3. Fish and pork.
    4. Milk and honey.
  39. Which of the following simple tools- make work easier by increasing the effort distance?
    1. Wheelbarrow
    2. Pulley 
    3. Spade
    4. Staircase
  40. The diagram below represents a seiup used to investigate a certain aspect.
    The aspect being investigated is: 
    1. refraction of light.
    2. making a rainbow.
    3. reflection of light. 
    4. how light travels.
  41. Which one of the following factors will not affect sinking and floating of a material in water? The
    1. size of the material.
    2. type of the material.
    3. mass of the material.
    4. shape of the material.
  42. On a see-saw, the heavier person can lift the lighter person when he
    1. sits away from the pivot.
    2. sits the same distance with the lighter person.
    3. sits near the pivot.
    4. stands on the see-saw.
  43. The main reason why a baby needs to be breastfed by the mother is that the milk produced
    1. boosts the baby's ability to fight ailments.
    2. is free from diseases.
    3. bonds the mother with the baby.
    4. is always available.
  44. Which of the following liquids will form a uniform layer when mixed in a container?
    1. Ink and diesel.
    2. Petrol and cooking oil.
    3. Water and kerosene.
    4. Diesel and spirit.
  45. When breathing out, the
    1. diaphragm moves upwards and flattens.
    2. volume of the chest cavity increases.
    3. pressure in the chest cavity increases.
    4. lungs become inflated.
  46. Which of the following is the most. effective method of controlling weeds, in a large scale farm?
    1. Digging them out.
    2. Slashing.
    3. Uprooting.
    4. Using herbicides.
  47. Which one of the following is not an effect of force on objects?
    1. Changes the direction of a moving object.
    2. Slows down a moving object. 
    3. Changes the state of an object.
    4. Stops a moving object.
  48. The following are adaptations of hydrophytes except
    1.  fleshy thick green stems. 
    2. flexible stem.
    3. numerous stomata.
    4. thin cuticle.
  49. Which of the following discase symptoms is for tuberculosis?
    1. Prolonged cough with blood sputum.
    2. Severe diarrhoea. 
    3. Joint pain.
    4. Blood in the stool.
  50. A flower with long feathery stigma is not likely to have
    1. no scent.
    2. sticky pollen grains.
    3. powdery pollen grains. 
    4. small sized petals.


  1. B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. A
  5. B
  6. B
  7. D
  8. C
  9. A
  10. C
  11. D
  12. B
  13. C
  14. A
  15. C
  16. D
  17. B
  18. D
  19. B
  20. B
  21. D
  22. B
  23. A
  24. C
  25. B
  26. C
  27. D
  28. A
  29. D
  30. A
  31. B
  32. B
  33. A
  34. B
  35. D
  36. A
  37. B
  38. C
  39. D
  40. B
  41. B
  42. A
  43. A
  44. B
  45. C
  46. D
  47. C
  48. A
  49. A
  50. B
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