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Food and Nutrition - Class 6 Science Revision Notes

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Food Preservation

It is the process of storing and handling food properly so as to stop or slow down its spoilage.

Reason for Preserving Food

  • To reduce food wastage
  • To prevent it from being spoilt
  • For easy transport
  • To make food available when out of season.

Methods of Food Preservation

Food preservation is classified into;

  • Traditional methods
  • Modern methods

Traditional Methods

They include;

  • Smoking- forms a coat
  • Drying- reduce moisture
  • Salting- reduce moisture
  • Use of honey- prevents oxygen
  • Use of ash- reduce moisture

Modern Methods

  • Canning-killing germs and preventing oxygen
  • Refrigeration- low temperature
  • Freezing- low temperature

Drying is both traditional modern method of preserving food. It is also the cheapest method of food preservation.

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