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Social Studies & CRE Questions and Answers - Class 6 End of Term 2 2021 Exams Set 2 with Marking Schemes

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Study the map of Loketo area and use it to answer questions 1-7
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  1. What is the direction of the pyrethrum farm from the borehole?
    1. South East.
    2. South West
    3. North West.
    4. North East.
  2. The land of Loketo area rises from 
    1. NW to SE.
    2. S.E to N.W
    3. S.W to N.E
    4.  N to S.
  3. Which of the following is NOT an economic activity in Loketo area?
    1. Lumbering. 
    2. Farming.
    3. Mining. 
    4. Fishing,
  4. Describe the settlement pattern in Loketo area? 
    1. Linear. 
    2. Nucleated. 
    3. Clustered. 
    4. Sparse.
  5. What is the climate in the South Eastern part of Loketo area?
    1. Cool and wet. 
    2. Hot and wet. 
    3. Hot and dry.
    4. Cool and dry.
  6. Loketo area is likely to be headed by
    1. Chief.
    2. Senator.
    3. District Officer.
    4. Governor.
  7. The vegetation to the South Eastern part of the map 
    1. forest.
    2. papyrus reed.
    3. scrub and grass. 
    4. woodland.
  8. Which of the following countries was colonized by three European nations?
    1. Somali.
    2. Uganda.
    3. Kenya.
    4. Tanzania.
  9. A barometer measures air pressure in which units?
    1. Milimetre.
    2. knots.
    3. Kilometres.
    4. Millibars.
  10. Members of the society who were initiated almost at the same time were referred to as
    1. agemates. 
    2. agegroup.
    3. age set. 
    4. youth.

Use the map of Kenya below to answer questions 11-15
q11 nhgcafrtcda

  1. The MAIN crop grown in the irrigation scheme marked Wis
    1. rice.
    2. cotton.
    3. flowers.
    4. sugarcane.
  2. Three of the following facts are FALSE about the physical feature marked K EXCEPT:
    1. formed through faulting.
    2. formed through volcanicity. 
    3. it has ice on top.
    4. it is a horst.
  3. The MAIN factors that has influenced population distribution in the area marked Zis
    1. climate.
    2. soil.
    3. relief.
    4. vegetation.
  4. The National Park marked T is likely to be
    1. Boni. 
    2. Arawale. 
    3. Malka Mari. 
    4. Sibiloi.
  5. The following language groups followed the route marked Y. Which one DOES NOT? 
    1. Kikuyu.
    2. Mijikenda. 
    3. Aembu. 
    4. Abaluhya.
  6. The following groups belong to the same clan EXCEPT:
    1. father, son, daughter.
    2. father, mother, son.
    3. father, daughter, grandson. 
    4. father, grandfather, son.
  7. Below is a description of a famous traditional leader in Kenya
    1. He was a famous medicineman and prophet.
    2. He was a long distance trader.
    3. Lived in present day Machakos town.
      The leader described above was
      1. Waiyaki wa Hinga.
      2. Nabungo Murnia 
      3. Masaku.
      4. Sakawa.
  8. Who among the following was a missionary?
    1. Rebman.
    2. Vasco da Gama.
    3. John Speke.
    4. Seyyid Said. 
  9. Which of the following mineral is CORRECTLY matched with the place where it is mined?
    1. limestone-Kimwarer.
    2. Flourspar-Bamburi.
    3. Soda ash-Kerio valley.
    4. Diatomite-Kariandusi.
  10. Which of the following is a safe place for pedestrian to cross a busy road in an urban area? 
    1. At a roundabout.
    2. Ona footbridge.
    3. At the traffic lights.
    4. At a sharp bend. 
  11. The road sign shown below instruct motorists to
    q21 hcfartfda
    1. proceed cautiously.
    2. stop at once.
    3. slow down.
    4. increase speed.

Use the diagram below to answer questions 22 and 23
q22 jhvfgtgfada

  1. The part marked B is known as 
    1. rainforest.
    2. rock, snow and ice. 
    3. bamboo.
    4. heath and moorland
  2. In which of the following areas are we LIKELY to get the feature above?
    1. Mombasa. 
    2. Embu. 
    3. Turkana. 
    4. kisumu.
  3. Which combination below gives processing industry only?
    1. tea,glass
    2. Cement, paper. 
    3. Steel, textile. 
    4. Sugar, tea. 
  4. Which is the CHEAPEST way of preserving fish in Kenya? 
    1. Smoking.
    2. Refrigeration 
    3. Sundrying.
    4. Canning.
  5. Below is a description of a certain vegetation in Eastern Africa
    1. The trees are evergreen.
    2. The trees grow tall and close together.
    3. The trees have buttress roots and broad leaves. 
    4. There is little or no undergrowth.
      The vegetation described above is likely to be
      1. Rainforest.
      2. Savanna.
      3. Mountain
      4. Mediterranean.
  6. Which one of the following countries of Eastern Africa lie in the Northern hemisphere?
    1. Djibouti and Somalia 
    2. Uganda and Tanzania
    3. Sudan and Eritrea. 
    4. Kenya and Ethiopia
  7. The school routine is important because
    1. it forces the school community to follow the programme.
    2. it ensures that planned activities run systematically and smoothly. 
    3. the teacher on duty follows the programme. 
    4. the headteacher's work is reduced.
  8. Below are responsibilities of children in the family EXCEPT:
    1. helping in doing house and farm work. 
    2. caring for the family property. 
    3. respecting their parents and the elderly. 
    4. providing the basic needs of a family.
  9. Serengeti, Bilesha and Lotikipi are examples of
    1. highlands. 
    2. plains. 
    3. plateaus.
    4. swamps. 
  10. The walls of the Rift Valley are known as
    1. faults. 
    2. Riftwalls.
    3. escarpments. 
    4. valleys.
  11. When do we celebrate Mashujaa Day? 
    1. 20th October. 
    2. 10th October. 
    3. 1st June.
    4. 12th December. 
  12. Who among the following is elected to represent the constituency? 
    1. Senator. 
    2. MCA 
    3. MP 
    4. Governor
  13. Which of the towns began as a collection centre for agricultural goods?
    1. Nakuru.
    2. Nairobi. 
    3. Kisumu. 
    4. Eldoret.
  14. Below are ways of protecting children from abuse EXCEPT
    1. guiding and counselling children.
    2. denying children time to play. 
    3. respecting all rights of children. 
    4. reporting cases of child abuse to authority.
  15. Which of the following documents must one have in order to vote in a general election? 
    1. A party membership card. 
    2. A voter's card.
    3. National identification card.
    4. A school certificate.
  16. Which of the following combinations of instruments are used to measure characteristics of wind at a weather station? 
    1. Windvane, barometer. 
    2. Windsock, thermometer
    3. Anemometer, windvane.
    4. Windvane, barometer.
  17. Which of the following factors discourages settlement around the Miombo Woodlands in Tanzania? 
    1. Tsetseflies.
    2. Wild animals. 
    3. Government policy. 
    4. Game Park. 
  18. Which of the following is the ODD one out?
    1. Kingfish. 
    2. Mullet. 
    3. Tuna. 
    4. Trout.
  19. The MOST effective way of communicating informations to the majority of Kenyans today is by the use of 
    1. mobile phones. 
    2. radio.
    3. television
  20. newspapers. Which of the following statements gives the BEST description of a map? 
    1. It is a drawing on a piece of paper or chalkboard. 
    2. It is a drawing which has a frame and a title. 
    3. It is a representation of the earth or part of it on a flat surface.
    4. It is a drawing from the government showing the location of an area.
  21. Black cotton soils are suitable for irrigation because:
    1. they are fertile and do not need a manure. 
    2. they are found in flat areas. 
    3. they do not allow water to pass through easily.
    4. they are easy to plough.
  22. which of the following is MAINLY responsible for increased soil erosion in the Mau ranges? 
    1. Deforestation.
    2. Ploughing across the contours.
    3. Planting of the same type of crops for many years.
    4. Keeping of large herds of cattle.
  23. Lawlessness will lead to all the following EXCEPT:
    1. rapid development.
    2. fear.
    3. loss of life and property.
    4. slow development.
  24. Which of the following was MAINLY acquired through apprenticeship in traditional education?
    1. Skills on how to avoid danger.
    2. The history of the community. 
    3. Social values.
    4. Iron-smelting skills.
  25. Zero-grazing is a dairy farming activity MAINLY practised where
    1. farmers do not have enough money to spend. 
    2. farmers are members of co-operative societies.
    3. farms own small pieces of land. 
    4. farmers have many cattle which do not produce milk and meat 
  26. The MOST important reason for protecting forests in Kenya is that forests 
    1. are sources of plants used to produce medicine.
    2. art important sources of fuel wood.
    3. create employment in the sawmills. 
    4. are water catchment areas.
  27. Which one of the following was a role of traditional foms of government? 
    1. Maintaining peace among members of the community 
    2. Allocating land to individual members of the community. 
    3. Building roads in areas where they ruled. 
    4. Conducting marriage ceremonies in the community.
  28. Sharon lost her pen but later found it with her deskmate. The BEST thing for Sharon to do is to 
    1. beat her deskmate. 
    2. report the case to classteacher. 
    3. leave her deskinate alone.
    4. steal a pen from someone. 
  29. Three of the following are members of the County Executive Committee. Which one is NOT? 
    1. The County Governor. 
    2. Members appointed by the county governor. 
    3. The Deputy County Governor. 
    4. The Speaker of the County Assembly.
  30. Which one of the following statements is NOT true about African socialism?
    1. It encourages unity and peaceful co-existence in a country. 
    2. It requires us to respect the rights of other people. 
    3. It allows people to do business and create wealth in corrupt ways.
    4. It emphasizes on equality of all people. 
  31. Which of the following shows a right of people with disabilities? 
    1. Being given equal opportunities to work and earn a living. 
    2. Being given less challenging work. 
    3. eing left alone to take care of themselves since they are just like other people. 
    4. Being expected to do everything at the same speed as other people.
  32. Which one of the following game parks is CORRECTLY matched with the country where it is found?
               Game park          Country
    1. Serengeti            Ethiopia 
    2. Sibiloi                  Tanzania 
    3. Murchison Falls    Kenya
    4. Bwindi                  Uganda

Use the diagram below to answer questions 54-56
q54 hgfatfda

  1. The type of rainfall shown above is LIKELY to form in 
    1. areas near large water bodies. 
    2. hilly areas. 
    3. swampy areas.
    4. lowland areas.
  2. Which of the following is TRUE about the winds marked P?
    1. They are cool and moist. 
    2. They are warm and dry. 
    3. They are warm and moist. 
    4. They are cool and dry.
  3. The side marked M is called the 
    1. windward side. 
    2. westward side.
    3. east ward side. 
    4. leeward side.
  4. Which one of the following forms of transport is LEAST developed in Eastern Africa?
    1. Air. 
    2. Water.
    3. Road.
    4. Pipeline.
  5. Three of the following are ways by which a person can become a citizen of Kenya EXCEPT:
    1.  registration.
    2. dual citizenship. 
    3. association. 
    4. birth 
  6. Which of these features was formed as a result of downwarping? 
    1. Rift Valley.
    2. .L.Kyoga.
    3. Lorian Swamp.
    4. Mt. Kyoga.
  7. The arm of government that interprets laws in Kenya is called 
    1. Legislature. 
    2. Cabinet.
    3. judiciary. 
    4. Executive.


  1. Which of the following is the MAIN reason why God put Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden? 
    1. To name the animals. 
    2. To protect the serpents. 
    3. Punish them.
    4. Take care of the creation. 
  2. Which of the following punishments was given to Eve?
    1.  Labour pains. 
    2. Eat soil
    3. Soils was cursed. 
    4. Crawl on its belly.
  3. Which one of the following is the MAINLY reason why Moses ran away from Egypt. He
    1. wanted to visit Jethro. 
    2. he had killed an Egyptian.
    3. wanted to establish a new home.
    4. he was commanded by God. 
  4. Who among the following defeated the Midianites with only 300 soldiers?
    1. Jethro. 
    2. Gideon.
    3. Aaron. 
    4. Eli. 
  5. The founding fathers of Israel are Patriachs. Who among the following group are patriachs? 
    1. Moses, David and Samuel.
    2. Abel, Enoch and Noah
    3. Joseph, Jacob, Abraham
    4.  Jacob, Abraham, Saul. 
  6. Who was the first King of Israel?
    1. David. 
    2. Solomon 
    3. Rehoboam. 
    4. Saul. 
  7. King Ahab worshipped a foreign God called
    1. Yaweh. 
    2. Asis. 
    3. Baal. 
    4. Shammah.
  8. Who was the first to be told about the birth of Jesus? 
    1. Wise men.
    2. Herod.
    3. Shepherds.
    4. Pilate.
  9. Who among the following was NOT present during the dedication of baby Jesus in the temple?
    1. Joseph.
    2. Simeon.
    3. Anna. 
    4. Herod.
  10. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead in the town of
    1. Jerusalem.
    2. Bethany.
    3. Phillipi. 
    4. Nain. 
  11. Who prophesied that Jesus will be bom in Bethlehem?
    1. Isaiah.
    2. Micah. 
    3. Joel. 
    4. Jeremiah. 
  12. Which parable of Jesus teaches how people perceive the word of God. 
    1. Good samaritan. 
    2. Mustard seed.
    3. Sower.
    4. Rich man and Lazarus.
  13. Ananias and Saphira were punished because of 
    1. telling the truth.
    2. telling lies.
    3.  not working.
    4. selling a piece of land.
  14. Who was the first Christian martyr?
    1. Job.
    2. John. 
    3. Peter.
    4. Stephen.
  15. The early Christians confirmed their faith by reciting
    1. The Lords prayer. 
    2. Apostle's creed.
    3. The song of Mary.
    4. The Acts of the Apostles.
  16. The crucification of Jesus took place in the town of 
    1. Jerusalem.
    2. Jericho.
    3. Bethlehem.
    4. Nazareth.
  17.  The two disciples of Jesus on their way to Emmaus recognized that He had risen when he
    1. called their names.
    2. explained the scriptures. 
    3. entered the house with them. 
    4. broke break.
  18. Which of the following is a gift of the Holy Spirit?
    1. Joy.
    2. Faith. 
    3. Love. 
    4. Humility.
  19. "Behold your maid servant. Be it unto me according to your word." Who said these words 
    1. Elizabeth. 
    2. Mary. 
    3. Sarah. 
    4. Naomi.
  20. Which of the following is a statement from the Lord's prayer? 
    1. He rose from the dead. 
    2. The father Almighty. 
    3. Maker of heaven and earth.
    4. As we forgive those who sin against us. 
  21. In the traditional African society worship places were
    1. churches.
    2. temple.
    3. synagogues.
    4. shrines. 
  22. Which of the following shows that traditional African society believed in life after death?
    1. Preserving their dead. 
    2. Burying their dead with food.
    3. Paying tithes.
    4. Eating during funerals
  23. Which of the following is NOT a rite of passage in the traditional African Society?
    1. Birth.
    2. Initiation.
    3. Death. 
    4. Ceremonies.
  24. Stealing causes one of the following which one is it?
    1. Self-control.
    2. Suffering.
    3. Humility.
    4. Obedience.
  25. In the Traditional African society people worked for all of the following EXCEPT:
    1. to build the community. 
    2. to obtain daily needs.
    3. children worked to help their parents.
    4. to earn money. 
  26. Who among the following makes use of the gift of speaking God's message? 
    1. Bright pupil in class. 
    2. A wise judge. 
    3. A person who translate languages.
    4. A priest in church. 
  27. Your deskmate Mary tells you that she is suffering from AIDS. What should you advice him? 
    1. Keep away from other pupils. 
    2. Pray for him. 
    3. Seek medical attention.
    4. Encourage him to work hard. 
  28. Emmaculate your friend does not wash dishes at home, what advice can you give him? 
    1. Be responsible. 
    2. Such work is for small girls.
    3. To move away from her. 
    4. Employ house help. 
  29. Job a std 5 pupil finds out that Jane her classmate is selling cigarettes in the school during break time. What is the best action for him to take?
    1. Tell other members of the class.
    2. Avoid him. 
    3. Advice him to hide always.
    4. Tell him the effects of smoking. 
  30. Missionaries MAINLY came to Africa to:
    1. trade.
    2. spread the gospel. 
    3. introduce modern education. 
    4. stop slave trade.

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