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Use the map of Tira area to answer questions 1-7.

  1. The direction of Eloe market from the hills is;
    1. North West
    2. South West
    3. North East
    4. South East
  2. The main source of water for domestic use in Tita area is
    1. from the hills
    2. rain water
    3. from the swamp
    4. from the lake
  3. The reason why the road around the forest is winding is: 
    1. to avoid disrupting the flow of the river
    2. that the area is hilly 
    3. to shorten the distance
    4. to create space for tea growing
  4. Worshippers in Tita area are likely to attend religion services on;
    1. Sunday
    2. Friday
    3. Thursday
    4. Saturday
  5. The following economic activities are practised in
    Tita area except:
    1. lumbering
    2. mining
    3. farming
    4. tourism
  6. The settlement scheme in South Western part of Tita can be described as;
    1. sparsely populated
    2. densely populated
    3. clustered
    4.  linear
  7. Which one of the following is the MAIN economic importance of the game reserve in Tita Area? 
    1. It keeps endangered animal species
    2. It attracts tourists
    3. It has led to improvement of infrastructure
    4. It has led to development of agricultural activities
  8. Which one of the following groups consists of the Highland Nilotes of Eastern Africa? 
    1. Sebei, Kipsigis, Marakwet
    2. Nandi, Elgeyo, Alur
    3. Iteso, Shilluk, Pokot
    4. Acholi, Waarusha, Tugen
  9. Which one of the following statements is NOT true about the rotation of the earth?
    1. The earth rotates in an anticlockwise direction from West to East
    2. Rotation of the earth causes day and night
    3. It takes the earth 24 hours to complete one rotation.
    4. The earth's rotation causes different seasons
  10. Below is a description of the conditions required or the growth of a certain crop in Africa;
    1. high temperatures of between 20°C -28°C
    2. deep well-drained fertile soils
    3. a warm dry period before harvesting 
    4. hot and wet climate
      The above are conditions that are suitable for the growth of;
      1. coffee
      2. tea
      3. cloves
      4.  bananas
  11. Who among the following early visitors not a trader?
    1. Carl Peters
    2. Seyyid Said
    3. John Speke
    4. William Mackinnon
  12. The following are some African traditional leaders:
    1. Nabongo Mumia
    2. Oloibon Lenana
    3. Karuri wa Gakure
    4. Lewanika of the Lozi
      Which one of the following is a similarity among the above leaders?
      1. They opposed colonial rule in their territories
      2. They led an armed resistance against British colonial rule 
      3. They took the British colonialists as their good friends
      4. They fled from their territories when the British arrived
  13. All the following are ways in which members with special needs in the society can be treated equally as members of the society except;
    1. providing equal opportunities for them
    2. building positive attitudes about them
    3. preventing them from mixing with other people in public
    4. creating a friendly environment for them
  14. According to the constitution, a foreign lady married to a Kenyan man may become a Kenyan citizen if she; 
    1. applies for Kenyan citizenship
    2. obeys the laws of the land
    3. takes good care of her family
    4. lives in Kenya for more than ten years
  15. Below are four communities found in Eastern Africa;
    1. Baganda
    2. Wanyamwezi
    3. Abagusii
    4.  Agikuyu
      Which one of the following statements is pot true about the communities listed above?
      1. They migrated in search of fertile land for cultivation
      2. They belong to the same language group
      3. They used the same route during their migration  to Eastern Africa
      4. They migrated to Eastern Africa from a common origin
  16. Which one of the following mountains was formed as a result of faulting?
    1. Ruwenzori mountains
    2. Mount Meru
    3. Atlas mountains
    4. Cameroon mountains
  17. Which one of tho following prominent African leaders was not part of the founders of the OAU
    1. Haille Selassie
    2. Julius Nyerere
    3. Kwame Nkrumah
    4. Jomo Kenyatta
  18. The diagram below shows the formation of a lake. Which one of the following lakes was formed through the process shown below?
    1. Lake Teleki
    2. Lake Jipe
    3. Lake Kyoga 
    4. Lake Tana
  19. Which one of the following pairs of countries were colonised by Germany during the scramble for Africa?
    1. Algeria and Tunisia 
    2. Mozambique and Malawi
    3. Cameroon and Zimbabwe
    4. Tanganyika and Cameroon
  20. Which one of the following is a manufacturing industry?
    1. Milk factory in Naivasha
    2. The fruit canning industry in Thika
    3. The sugarcane milling in Mumias
    4. The cement factory at Bamburi
  21. Which one of the following groups consists of fresh water lakes in Kenya?
    1. Nakuru, Magadi
    2. Turkana, Baringo
    3. Naivasha, Nakuru
    4. Elementaita, Naivasha
  22. Which one of the following is the BEST way of controlling gulley erosion?
    1. Planting trees
    2. Digging terraces
    3. Constructing gabions
    4. Applying mulches
  23. Which one of the following is the MAIN line of longitude?
    1. The Arctic circle
    2. The Greenwich Meridian
    3. The Tropic of Cancer
    4. The Tropic of Capricorn
  24. Traditional cultural artefacts are preserved in the museums mainly to;
    1. earn foreign exchange
    2. encourage trade
    3. create jobs in the country
    4. help us to learn how people lived in the past
  25. Below are statements describing the vegetation of a certain climatic region,
    1. plants have deep roots 
    2. plants have thick and wary barks
    3. plants have needle-like leaves
      The vegetation described above is found in the;
      1. desert climate
      2. equitorial climate
      3. tropical climate
      4. mediterranean climate
  26. During the pre-colonial period, the Ameru were ruled by, 
    1. a council of elders 
    2. a king
    3. a chief
    4. an emperor
  27. Which one of the following is an economic reason for the scramble for and partition of Africa?
    1. To spread Christianity
    2. Search for market for European industrial goods
    3. As a show of power
    4. To settle surplus population
  28. The problem of road accidents in Kenya can best be solved by;
    1. jailing traffic offenders for life
    2. cancelling driving licences for careless motorists
    3. educating road users on how to use the roads wisely
    4. coming up with very strict traffic laws
  29. Who were the Wanyampahala in the Wanyamwezi chiefdom?
    1. The council of elders
    2. The chiefs
    3. The priests
    4. The mercenary soldiers
  30. Which one of the following countries is NOT a member of SADC?
    1. Lesotho
    2. Congo
    3. Namibia
    4. Angola
  31. Below is a description of a town in Eastern Africa;
    1. it is the headquarter of a continental organization
    2. it was founded and named by one leader as the new flower 
    3. it is the capital city of a country 
    4. it is located in the central part of the country
      The town described above is likely to be;
      1. Addis Ababa
      2. Dodoma
      3. Dar-es-Salaam
      4. Arusha

Use the map below to answer questions 32 to 33.

  1. The Island country marked F is most likely to be;
    1. Comoros
    2. Madagascar
    3. Mauritius
    4. Cape Verde
  2. Which one of the following statements is NOT correct about the ocean current marked E?
    1. It is a cold current
    2. It originates from the South pole 
    3. It has influenced the Namib desert
    4. It causes heavy rainfall to the West African countries
  3. The tributary marked G is known as;
    1. Blue Nile
    2. Albara
    3. White Nile
    4. River Tana
  4. The climate experienced in the shaded region marriage marked H is;
    1. mediterrancan
    2. mountan climate
    3. temperate cliniate
    4. equitorial climate
  5. The most developed means of transport in Africa is;
    1. air transport
    2. railway transport
    3. water transport 
    4. road transport
  6. The Bantus who migrated into South Africa and later fled to Eastern and Central African respectively were;
    1. Ndebelo and Ngoni
    2. Ngoni and Ndebele 
    3. Zulus and Venda
    4. Venda and Zulu
  7. All the following are examples of lowland forests in Kenya except;
    1. Arabuko-Sokoke forests
    2. Mangrove forests
    3. Shimba hills
    4. Mau ranges
  8. Which one of the following has not led to the rapid industrial development of South Africa?
    1. Availability of variety of raw materials
    2. Availability of cheap labour
    3. Availability of sources of energy
    4. Availability of crude oil
  9. Which of the following statements describes direct democracy?
    1. Citizens must agree with what the government decides
    2. All citizens are involved in making decisions
    3. Citizens elect representatives to make decisions for them
    4. All decisions are made by the head of the state
  10. One of the results of the interaction between the Agikuyu and the Maasai during the pre-colonial period is that;
    1. the Agikuyu learnt the skills of crop farming from
    2. the Agikuyu intermarried with the Maasai
    3. Maasai borrowed the art of circumcision from
    4. the Maasai learnt the practise of cattle keeping
  11. Laibon Lenana collaborated with the British because he wanted;
    1. to acquire better breeds of cattle
    2. to be trained as a soldier
    3. to get support against his enemies
    4. his people to get Western education
  12. Who among the following members of the school management ensures that money is used properly?
    1. The sponsor
    2. The treasurer
    3. The chairman
    4. The headteacher
  13. Which of the following types of marriages allows a  man to marry up to four wives? 
    1. Islamic marriage
    2. Hindu marriage 
    3. Christian marriage
    4. Traditional
  14. Which one of the following types of industries has  existed in Kenya since the pre-colonial period? 
    1. Paper making
    2. leather making 
    3.  Fruit canning
    4. Cotton winning
  15. The green colour in the National Flag of Kenya  represents the; 
    1. peace enjoyed by the citizens
    2. rich agricultural land 
    3. beauty of the forest
    4. love for the country
  16. Which one of the following was a characteristic of  African education? 
    1. Songs were used as a method of teaching
    2. Children were allowed to choose what to learn
    3. Children started learning after initiation
    4. Parents avoided teaching their own children
  17. Which of the following activities is likely to weaken national unity in Kenya? 
    1. Amending the constitution 
    2. Employing relatives 
    3. Using a national language 
    4. Pardoning reformed prisoners
  18. Which of the following is a qualification for a person who wishes to be elected as a member of the  National Assembly in Kenya? One must;
    1. be a civil servant 
    2.  be a Kenyan by birth 
    3. be over 35 years of age
    4. be registered as a voter
  19. Jane, a standard 8 pupil was punished by her class teacher for arguing against some schools rules. Which one of the following fundamental freedoms was Jane denied? 
    1. Freedom of expression the Maasai
    2. Freedom of association
    3. Freedom of assembly
    4. Freedom of worship the Agikuyu
  20. Which one of the following is the main reason as to  why Kariba dam was built? from the Agikuyu
    1. To generate hydro-electric power 
    2. To control floods on R. Lambezi 
    3. To create a lake for fishing
    4. To provide water for irrigation
  21. Which one of the following groups of communities lives in West Africa?
    1. Ankole, Nuer, Banyoro 
    2. Zulu, Xhosa, Nyori
    3. Hausa, Soninke, Ashanti 
    4.  Amhara, Bemba, Berbers
  22. Which one of the following statements is true about assimilation used by French in Senegal?
    1. Africans refused to vote in general elections
    2. Africans became citizens of France 
    3. The French were made to learn African language
    4. The French appointed Africans to rule Senegal

Study the diagram below and use it to answer question 54

  1. The diagram above illustrates the formation of;
    1. relief rainfall
    2. a land breeze
    3. a sea breeze
    4. convectional rainfall
  2. Which of the following pairs of lakes indicates fresh water lakes only?
    1. L. Magadi and L. Tanganyika
    2. L. Kyoga and L. Victoria
    3. L. Bogoria and L. Nakuru
    4. L. Naivasha and L. Elementatita
  3. The road sign below tells the motorists;
    1. to give way 
    2. there is no way 
    3. the road is closed
    4. they cannot enter
  4. The political party that led Ghana to independence in 1957 was;
    1. Convention People's Party
    2. Muslims Liberation Party 
    3. Northern Front Movement Party
    4. United Gold Coast Convection
  5. Which one of the following African countries did NOT use armed struggle during their fight for independence?
    1. Mozambique
    2. Zimbabwe
    3. Kenya
    4. Ghana
  6. Who is the most senior officer in the judiciary?
    1. President
    2. Chairman
    3. Attorney General
    4. Chief Justice
  7. The major reason why people moved from one place to another in the past was;
    1. spirit of adventure
    2. diseases and pests
    3. war and raids
    4. search for pasture


  1. Which one of the following was create on day of creation?
    1. Firmament
    2. Vegetation
    3. Birds
    4. Wild animals
  2. Who among the following people was not a son of Noah?
    1. Ham
    2. Seth
    3. Shem
    4. Japheth
  3. Moses' father-in-law lived in the land of;
    1. Canaan
    2. Haran
    3. Egypt
    4. Midian
  4. The main reason why the Isrealites celebrated the
    Passover in Egypt was to remember;
    1. the day they crossed the Red Sea
    2. the death of the Egyptians first borns
    3. their journey in the wilderness
    4.  their deliverance from slavery
  5. Which one of the following commandments teaches about respect for other people's property?
    1. Do not steal
    2. Do not accuse anyone falsely
    3. Do not commit adultery
    4. Do not commit murder
  6. King David broke all the following commandments except;
    1. do not commit murder
    2. do not commit adultery
    3. do not covet
    4. do not worship other god
  7. The son of the Shunamite woman was brought back to life by;
    1. Elijah
    2. Elisha
    3. Peter
    4. Jesus
  8. The prophet of God who was thrown into the den of lions also;
    1. was stoned to death
    2. ate wild honey and locusts
    3. prophesied that Jesus would be born in Israel
    4. read and interpreted the written script on the wall
  9. The prophet who ate scrolls and confessed that it was as sweet as honey was;
    1. Daniel
    2. Ezekiel
    3. Isaiah
    4. Jeremiah
  10. When Jesus was born, the first people to visit Him were;
    1. the shepherds
    2. the wise men
    3. Annah and Simeon
    4. the soldiers
  11. How did John the Baptist prepare the way for the long awaited Messiah?
    1. Preaching to the people to change their ways of life
    2. By constructing clear roads
    3. By baptizing Jesus Christ
    4. By dying for the sake of Jesus Christ
  12. "... This is my own dear son with whom I am pleased with, listen to Him." These words were said during;
    1. thc crucifixion of Jesus
    2. the temptations of Jesus
    3. transfiguration of Jesus
    4. the baptism of Jesus
  13. "......courage my son! Your sins are forgiven." (Matthew 9:2) Jesus said these words when He;
    1. forgave the repentant thief
    2. resurrected Lazarus
    3. healed the man possessed with demons
    4. healed the paralysed man
  14. The following books of the Bible are classified as  prophetic books except;
    1. Nehemiah
    2. Daniel
    3. John
    4. Revelation
  15. When Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane pray, He was accompanied by;
    1. Peter, Philip and Thomas
    2. James, Peter and John
    3. John, peter and Andrew 
    4. James, Matthew and peter
  16. "......... take and eat it.” He said, "this is my body.” (Matthew 26:26). Jesus said these words when He;
    1. multiplied fish and bread
    2. shared a meal with His disciples in
    3. changed water into wine
    4. fed the five thousand men
  17. Who among the following offered to bury the body  of Jesus after His death?
    1. Simon of Cyrene
    2. Mary Magdalene 
    3. Nicodemus
    4. Joseph of Arimathea
  18. The main reason why Stephen the leader of the deacons faced his death was because he;
    1. did not pay taxes
    2. healed on the Sabbath
    3. refused to deny Jesus
    4. baptised the Gentiles
  19. The book that outlines the activities of the apostles
    1. Luke
    2. John
    3. Matthew
    4. Acts
  20. Which one of the following beliefs about God is found in both traditional beliefs and Christianity?
    1. God has a son
    2. God is three in one
    3. God is the creator
    4. God will send his son on earth
  21. The two early believers who lied to the Holy Spirit and died were;
    1. Anania and Saphira
    2. Stephen and Paul
    3. Aquila and Priscilla
    4. Judas and Nicodemus
  22. The work of priests in Traditional African Society was
    1. make herbal medicine
    2. read the scriptures
    3. offer sacrifices
    4. declare war against enemies
  23. Which one of the following is a rite of passage in Traditional African Society?
    1. Baptism
    2. Confirmation
    3. Wedding
    4. Death
  24. The main value taught to children in African Traditional Societies was; 
    1. obedience
    2. responsibility
    3. honesty
    4. humility
  25. The following are effects of bad relationships in the family except
    1. living a pleasant life
    2. family breakages 
    3. drug abuse
    4. disrespect among the members 
  26. Christians can use their leisure time best by;
    1. practising in the choir
    2. visiting and helping the needy
    3. preaching the gospel,
    4. building their houses
  27. In African Traditional Societies, people worshipped their God in;
    1. churches
    2. caves
    3. mountains
    4. shrines
  28. Njeri has been hiding during CRE lessons because she hates the CRE teacher. The best advice you can give to her is to;
    1. tell her to transfer to another school
    2. continue hiding until the teacher transfers
    3. tell her the advantages of forgiveness and attending classes
    4. continue with the habit because it is her own choice
  29. Your deskmate, Anita, has dropped from school because she wants to work in her father's shop. How best can you help her?
    1. Ask her to give you her books
    2. Report her to the chief of the area
    3. Tell her to be giving you money
    4. Tell her the advantages of completing education
  30. Shirleen, a std 7 girl, has been given some work by her mother to do after completing her homework. She is not happy because she wanted to go and play with her friend. What is the best action you can take as a Christian?
    1. Ask her to tell her mother that she wants to go and play
    2. Assist her in the work given 
    3. Tell her to continue with her plans and leave the  work
    4. Tell her to be obedient to her mother

Marking Scheme

  1. C
  2. D
  3. B
  4. D
  5. A
  6. C
  7. B
  8. A
  9. D
  10. C
  11. C
  12. C
  13. C
  14. A
  15. C
  16. A
  17. D
  18. A
  19. D
  20. D
  21. B
  22. C
  23. B
  24. D
  25. A
  26. A
  27. B
  28. C
  29. A
  30. D
  31. A
  32. C
  33. D
  34. A
  35. C
  36. D
  37. B
  38. D
  39. D
  40. B
  41. B
  42. C
  43. D
  44. A
  45. B
  46. B
  47. A
  48. B
  49. D
  50. A
  51. A
  52. C
  53. B
  54. B
  55. B
  56. D
  57. A
  58. D
  59. D
  60. B


  1. C
  2. B
  3. D
  4. D
  5. A
  6. D
  7. B
  8. D
  9. B
  10. A
  11. A
  12. C
  13. D
  14. C
  15. B
  16. B
  17. D
  18. C
  19. D
  20. C
  21. A
  22. C
  23. D
  24. A
  25. A
  26. B
  27. D
  28. C
  29. D
  30. D


Science and Technology

  1. Identify the phase of the moon drawn below
  2. Grade six Science and Technology teacher threw a ball up in the dir. The ball came back and hit the ground hard.
    Which force acted on the ball?
  3. A class set up an experiment like the one shown below.
    What are they investigating?

    The illustration below shows the changes of states of matter.
  4. Name the process marked Z.
  5. Which letter represents evaporation?
  6. Write one example of acids
  7. A child was diagnosed with the following signs and symptoms:
    1. Severe diarrhoea that resembled rice water.
    2. Constant vomiting.
    3. dehydration.
      Which disease was the child likely to be suffering from?
  8. What is the use of a printer in computing?
  9. Mwamba was typing a document on Word. On which part of his computer was the document displayed?
  10. How helpful is a cursor during typing?

    Use the flow chart below to answer the following questions.
  11. Which plant is wrongly classified?
  12. Give one example of plants that can replace x

    Use the diagram below to answer questions 13-15.
  13. Give the function of part P
  14. Which letter represents the sternum?
  15. Name the part marked R.


  1. What is soil erosion? . (2 mks)
  2. Name three types of soil erosion? (3 mks)
  3. State three ways of controlling soil erosion? (3 mks) a)
  4. What is a seedbed . (2 mks)
  5. Draw two tools used in preparing a seedbed? (4 mks)


  6. What is the difference between splash and sheet erosion? (4 mks)
  7. Name four types of indigenous foods. (4 mks)
  8. State three uses of domestic animals? (3 mks)


Home Science

  1. Write the procedure used for laundering a white cotton shirt.
  2. What is the use of a pin cushion in stitching?
  3. Write one safety precaution to observe during needlework.

    Kambua saw the following care labels in some clothes she was laundering. State the meaning of each label.

    Write one method of cooking  each of the following foods.
  9. Below is a diagram showing a cooking stick.
    Which material has been used to make the utensil above?
    Use the given words to classify the crops drawn below.
    Cereal Legume Vegetable
  13. Okoyo's fingernails are pale. He also gets very tired after doing simple tasks. Sometimes, he feels dizzy. Which nutritional deficiency disorder is Okoyo likely to be suffering from?
  14. Maimuna asked a health care specialist the cause of kwashiorkor. Which correct answer was Maimuna given?
  15. Write the procedure used for cleaning ,the top of a plastic table.


Physical Health Education

  1. State the steps of performing a bunch start? (2 mks)
  2. What is meaning of commitment in games and sports? (2 mks)
  3. Describe a drop finish technique when in races. (3 mks)
  4. Name two local games that involve racing? (2 mks) 
  5. Name two materials you can use to improvise a ball. (2 mks)
  6. What is a strain? . (1 mk)
  7. Name parts of the body where a strain may occur. (3 mks)
  8. Write three field athletic events. (3 mks) 
  9. State two passes in socccer. (2 mks)

Social Studies


Use the map of Waba area to answer questions1 - 5,

  1. Of which religion are people of Waba area likely to be?
  2. What is the main function of the railway line in Waba area?
  3. By which means of transport are tourists visiting the game reserve in Waba area likely to leave the reserve?
  4. What is the direction of Kanga market from the northern bridge?
  5. Who is the administrative head of Waba area?
  6. Write one condition under which a Kenyan can be allowed to vote.
  7. Write one similarity between the early forms of government in Maasai and Ameru.
  8. How have tourists been important to the economy of our country?
  9. Describe the population distribution illustrated below.
  10. How important is wildlife in our country?
    Write three factors that favour dairy farming in Kenya
  11. _____________________________
  12. _____________________________
  13. _____________________________
  14. After how long does Kenya hold general elections?
  15. How is democracy practised inyour school?
  16. After a dispute between Yuda and Zama, it ended up that Yuda stabbed Zama to death. Which of Zama's right did Yuda mainly violate?
  17. Name the National symbol drawn below.
    Write two ways through which a person can become a Kenyan citizen
  18. _______________________
  19. _______________________
  20. Name one product that results from dairy farming in Kenya.

    Use the map of Kenya below to answer the following questions
  21. Name the feature marked W
  22. What is the economic importance of the feature marked X to our country?
  23. Which is the slowest means of transport?

    Name the following means of communication.
  27. Draw a road sign that means "Roundabout ahead" 

    Identify the following means of transport

Christian Religious Education

  1. Joseph worked for an Egyptian official called?
  2. We should always not trust?
    (strangers, visitors, neighbours)
  3. State one thing that happens when a child is disobedient?
  4. The first people to be created were ________ and ______________
  5. The sign that God showed Noah when He promised him that He will not destroy the world with flood is the (1 mk)
  6. In which occasion did Jesus weep?(1 mk)
  7. The lesson that Christians learn from the miraculous catch of fish is that they should be

Match the followin verses from the sermon on the mountain. (3 mks)

Happy are those who mourn   They will see God
9 Happy are the pure in heart God will call them His Children 
10 Happy are the peace makers God will comfort them 


  1. Zacchaeus was a ____________
  2. Who interpreted Pharaoh's dreams?
  3. Who was the nephew to Abraham?
  4. When angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, Elizabeth was how many months expectant of John?____________________ . (1 mk)
  5. Jesus performed his first miracle in . (1 mk)

Islamic Religious Education

  1. What does Allah's attribute Al- Aalim mean?
  2. Write one positive way of using a smartphone.
  3. Write one miracle performed by prophet Issah.
  4. When is Taraweh performed?
  5. state one nullifier of swalah
  6. State the role of angels Munkar and Nakir
  7. In which city did the unity between the Muhajirun and the Ansa take place?
  8. Which of the daily five swalahs falls between Fajr and Asr?
  9. According to prophet' hadith who should seek knowledge?
  10. How many angels are mentioned in the Q'uran?
  11. What does sabr mean?
  12. Why are muslims discouraged from begging?
  13. Write one unislamic activity that might take place during a wedding
  14. What is the importance of performing Qabliyah and Ba'diyah prayers?
  15. Why should muslims emulate angels in their daily activities?


  1. State three importance of songs? (3 mks)
  2. Angela was seen singing the song with a gloomy face. What was the mood of the song? . (2 mks)
  3. State four types of songs? (3 mks)
  4. Name three digital devices that can be used to record when performing a song? (3 mks)
  5. Trio is a word used in performance. What is its meaning? (2mks)
  6. Name three events when folk songs are performed? (3 mks)
  7. Write the french rythm for the following notes. (4 mks)
    1. Semibreve
    2. Minim
    3. Crotchet
    4. Quavet
  8. Write four elements of music. (4 mks)

Art & Craft

  1. Moho is the best painter in both Grade six East and West. Which job opportunity is he likely to get after school in relation to his ability in Art?
    Name the following types of
  4. Re-construct the letters below in the space provided.
  5. Proportionally, draw a human hand.

  6.  Name one product of claywork.
  7. Create a tonal value on the strip below.
  8. Draw and colour an item that can be made using sisal fibres

  9. We use ________________ to stick cutouts on surfaces during cutting and pasting technique
  10. How do we obtain tertiary colours?

    Write a pair of colours that will produce the given secondary colours when mixed.
  11. Orange:
  12. Green:
  13. Purple:
    Name two items you nay need for carving.
  14. ____________________________________
  15. ____________________________________

Marking Scheme

Science and Technology

  1. New moon
  2. Gravity
  3. Convection in liquids
  4. Condensation
  5. X
  6. mark any correct answer eg, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid etc
  7. Cholera
  8. Producing hard copies
  9. Monitor
  10. Guide the typist
  11. Fern
  12. Student to give an non-flowering plants eg ferns, mosses and liverworts
  13. Protects the brain
  14. Q
  15. Hip bone 


  1. Soil erosion removal of top layer of soil from one part to the other.
    1. Splash
    2. sheet erosion
    3. rill
    4. gulley erosion
    1. Maintain a healthy perennial plan, cover
    2. Mulching
    3. Planting a  cover crop
    4. Placing crushed stone, wood chips and other similar materials in heavily used areas where vegetation is hard to establish and maintain.
  4. Seedbed or seedling bed is local soil environment in which seeds are planted.
  5. _______
    1. Pig weeds
    2. black night shade
    3. indigenous cereals such as millet and sorghum
    4. indigenous root crops such as yams and cassava.
    1. Gives us food such as milk, meat eggs
    2. home protection
    3. helps in doing chores such as ploughing

Home Science

  1. Leaner to write
  2. For keeping pins
  3. Leaner to write
  4. Do not iron
  5. Do not use warm water beyond the shown temeparture
  6. student should write appropriate method of preparing the food
  7. student should write appropriate method of preparing the food
  8. student should write appropriate method of preparing the food
  9. Wood
  10. vegetable
  11. legume
  12. cereal
  13. anaemia
  14. lack of proteins
  15. learner to write.

Physical Education

  1. "On your marks"
    "Set" - Heel presses forward
  2. a desire/ willingness/ resolve to continue in participation of a sport/ activity.
  3. Athlete bends both arms backwards and tries to touch on the tape on the finishing line with the chest, when the finishing line is just one step ahead.
  4. Many an apporprriate games eg hide and sek, tag, etc
    1. Sisal fibre
    2. Papers
    3. Pieces of cloth
  6. To injure, overuse, misuse or exert excessive pressure.
  7. Legs, Knees, feet and back
    1. Long jump
    2. Discuss
    3. Javeline
    1. Push pass
    2. Wall pass
    3. Outside the foot pass

Social Studies

  1. Christians
  2. Transporting coffee berries to the factory
  3. air
  4. Southwest
  5. Governor
  6. Being over 18 years of age
    Being a registered voter
  7. Both had divine rulers- (laibon for the maasai and mugwe for the am,eru) who also acted as religious leaders.
  8. Ensuring flow of foreign exchange
  9. Nucleated
  10. It boosts our economy
  11. High rainfall, therefore there is food for cattle in highland areas.
  12. Low temperatures, good for survival of exotic breeds
  13. Fertile soils- for planting grass and other feeds
  14. 5 years
  15. Learner to state
  16. Right to life
  17. Court of arms
  18. Learner to write
  19. Learner to write
  20. Learner to name - milk
  21. L. Turkana
  22. Fishing
  23. Water
  24. Newspaper
  25. Television
  26. Radio
  27. Learner to draw
  28. Aeroplane
  29. Ship
  30. Bus

Christian religious Education

  1. Potiphar
  2. Strangers
  3. be punished, parents become unhappy
  4. Adam and Eve
  5. rainbow
  6. when Lazarus died
  7. Obedient
  8. Happy are those who mourn God will comfort them
  9. Happy are the pure in heart, they will see God
  10. Happy are the peace makers. God will call them His children
  11. Tax collector
  12. Joseph
  13. Lot
  14. 6
  15. Cana

Islamic Religious Education

  1. all - knowing
  2. mark appropriate answer
  3. mark appropriate answer
  4. After Isha during Saum
  5. mark appropriate answer
  6. questioning the dead
  7. Madina
  8. Dhuhr
  9. Everyone
  10. 25
  11. patience
  12. it encourages laziness
  13. mark appropriate answer
  14. To get rewards from Allah
  15. To live sacred lives


  1. It makes one creative
    It makes learning more enjoyable
    It plays with emotions
    It helps to develop linguistic skills of children
    Develops listening skills
    induces movement in children
  2. Sad mood
  3. Patriotic, topical, sacred, western
  4. phone, tablet, camera

Art & Craft

  1. Learner to state.
  2. Glove puppet.
  3. String puppet
  4. Learner to reconstruct
  5. Learner to draw
  6. Learner to name
  7. Learner to create
  8. Learner to draw an colour
  9. Glue
  10. By mixing secondary and primary colours
  11. Red, yellow
  12. Blue, yellow
  13. red, blue
  14. Learner to name
  15. Learner to name




Use the map of Elgon Area to answer questions 1 to 7.

  1. The factory in Elgon area is
    1. an assembly plant
    2. a processing plant
    3. a manufacturing plant
    4. is a Jua Kali plant
  2. Three of the following shows that Elgon area lies in a cool and wet zone. Which one does not?
    1. Presence of boreholes
    2. Presence of forest
    3. permanent rivers
    4. Presence of a cash crop
  3. What is the direction of the game reserve from the hill?
    1. North West
    2. North East
    3. South East
    4. South West
  4. Which economic activity is NOT practiced in Elgon area?
    1. Mining
    2. Tourism
    3. Trading
    4. Cash crop farming
  5. The highest point in Elgon area is
    1. around safi area
    2. around the forested area
    3. around the game reserve
    4. around the tea growing zone
  6. What has contributed MOST to the growth of the town in Elgon area?
    1. Nearness to Safi dam
    2. Availability of water
    3. Flatness of the land
    4. Adequate means of transport
  7. The dam in Elgon area
    1. is a source of a river
    2. increases floods
    3. is a reservoir
    4. is a natural feature
  8. Which one of the following is a result of Bantus interaction with the people of Saudi Arabia?
    1. Introduction of Swahili culture
    2. Introduction of Christianity
    3. Establishment of Mission Schools
    4. Abolition of slave trade
  9. The following are characteristics of prominent leaders in Africa
    1. He was a trader
    2. He was a medicine man
    3. He was a military leader
    4. He was a famous religious leader
    5. He died in 1904

    Which one are for Masaku?
    1. (i) (iii) (v)
    2. (ii) (iv) (v)
    3. (i) (ii) (iv)
    4. (i) (ii) (v)
  10. Which one is the BEST way of conserving wildlife?
    1. Educating people on the importance of wildlife
    2. Erecting electric fences around national parks
    3. Protection of the endangered species
    4. Increasing the area under forests

      Use the map of Africa below to answer question 11-13
  11. The climatic region marked M is?
    1. Mediterranean climate
    2. Mountain climate
    3. Equatorial climate
    4. Tropical climate
  12. The physical feature marked S is a
    1. a volcanic mountain
    2. a block mountain
    3. a fold mountain
    4. a residual mountain
  13. Which of the following is not true of the river marked Q?
    1. It drains in East Africa
    2. It has an artificial lake
    3. It is used for irrigation
    4. It starts in East Africa
  14. Three of the following are problems facing ECOWAS, which one is NOT?
    1. Brought limited movement of people in member countries
    2. Production of similar goods
    3. Inefficient infrastructure connecting member countries
    4. Lack of a common currency among member states
  15. Which is the capital of South Africa?
    1. Johannesburg
    2. Soweto
    3. Pretoria
    4. Witwatersrand
  16. The following are description of a certain river in Africa
    1. It originated from a lake
    2. It forms a delta
    3. Its water is used for irrigation

    The river described above is?
    1. R. Volta
    2. R. Zambezi
    3. R. Nile 
    4. R. Tana
  17. Dairy farming is BEST practiced in areas that are.
    1. High in altitude.
    2. Hot and dry.
    3. Hot and wet.
    4. Near urban centres.
  18. The history of a community was passed from generation to another MAINLY through?
    1. Imitation.
    2. Work.
    3. Apprenticeship.
    4. Story telling.
  19. The pre-historic site that is found in Tanzania is
    1. Oldvuai Gorge
    2. Nariokotene
    3. Hyrax Hill
    4. Olorgesaillie
  20. Which one of the following is not a function of Mombasa town?
    1. An administrative centre
    2. An industrial centre
    3. A tourist centre
    4. It is a lake port centre
  21. Three of the following are requirements of presidential candidates except?
    1. Must present nomination papers to the returning officer.
    2. Must be 35 yrs and above.
    3. Be a registered voter in a constituency.
    4. Must be nominated by a registered political party.
  22. A false statement about the Portuguese rule in Africa is:-
    1. They considered their colonies as overseas provinces.
    2. The grouped their colonies to form federations
    3. Laws in their colonies were made in Portugal.
    4. The provinces were governed from Portugal
  23. The first prime minister in Kenya was
    1. Uhuru Kenyatta
    2. Raila Odinga
    3. Jomo Kenyatta
    4. Oginga Odinga

      Use the map of Eastern Africa below to answer questions 24-26
  24. Which of the following communities migrated through roure X?
    1. Bantu 
    2. Kalenjin
    3. Somali
    4. Luo
  25. Which of the following lakesis marked Y?
    1. Victoria
    2. Malawi
    3. Rukwa
    4. Tanganyika
  26. The Eastern African country marked S is?
    1. D.R.Congo
    2. Uganda
    3. Rwanda
    4. Burundi
  27. Taxes collected by the Kenya government are used in all the following except?
    1. Providing education
    2. Buying private property
    3. Maintaining law and order
    4. Building roads
  28. Three of the following are TRUE about the flag of Kenya except
    1. the Kenyan flag was adopted in December 1963.
    2. The green color stands for our natural wealth.
    3. It is a factor that promotes national unity.
    4. It has four colors each with a different meaning.
  29. During which month is the sun overhead the tropical of Capricorn?
    1. March
    2. December
    3. September
    4. June
  30. Three of the following are factors influencing climate change except?
    1. Pollution 
    2. Overstocking
    3. Deforestation
    4. Rural-urban migration
  31. Cloves are largely grown in
    1. Zanzibar 
    2. Uganda
    3. Eritrea
    4. Tanzania
  32. Three of the following are TRUE of the legislature in Kenya EXCEPT?
    1. Its main duty is to make laws.
    2. It formulates government policies.
    3. It has elected as well as nominated MPs
    4. It controls government spending.
  33. Which one of the following countries has a traditional government?
    1. Zimbabwe
    2. Uganda
    3. Somalia
    4. Swaziland
  34. The Aswan high dam was established MAINLY to?
    1. Control the flooding of river Nile
    2. Produce hydro-electric power
    3. Provide water for irrigation
    4. Create fishing grounds
  35. Which one is NOT a problem facing forests in Kenya?
    1. Government allocation of forest land
    2. Silting of rivers and dams
    3. Illegal logging
    4. Forest fires
  36. Three of the following are importances of population data. Which one is NOT?
    1. Helps the government to plan for enough food supplies
    2. The government knows the expected money to correct from individuals
    3. Planning for social services (eg) schools and hospitals
    4. Planning for free primary education
  37. Pyramids are a famous tourist attraction in
    1. Algeria
    2. Kenya
    3. Egypt
    4. Zimbambwe
  38. During the pre-colonial period virtues were encouraged through
    1. Bible readings
    2. Local courts
    3. Scared rituals
    4. Moral laws
  39. The factor that has mainly influenced the location of Webuye paper industry is?
    1. Nearness to raw materials
    2. Good transport means
    3. A ready market
    4. Provision of skilled labour
  40. Which one of the following countries achieved her independence through constitutional means?
    1. Zimbabwe
    2. Ghana
    3. Kenya
    4. Mozambique
  41. .Female Genital Mutilation is discouraged in Kenya Mainly because
    1. It leads to barrenness
    2. It promotes disunity
    3. It encourages immorality
    4. It is health hazard
  42. The following are descriptions of a certain mineral in Kenya
    1. It is the second most important mineral
    2. It is used in the manufacture of sulphuric acid and toothpaste
    3. It is used to make non-stick cooking pans
    4. The mineral is mined using open cast method

    The mineral described above is?
    1. Limestone
    2. Soda Ash
    3. Diatomite
    4. Fluorspar
  43. The 12 members of parliament are nominated by?
    1. Registered political parties
    2. Public service commission
    3. Attorney General
    4. President
  44. Majority of foreigners become citizen of Kenya MAINLY through
    1. Birth
    2. Naturalization
    3. Registration
    4. Identification
  45. Who among the following is BEST suited to help end a civil dispute
    1. Local administrator
    2. Chief justice
    3. Arbitrator
    4. Member of parliament
      Use the diagram below to answer question 46.
  46. Which of the following physical feature was formed through the above process?
    1. Mt. Kenya
    2. Mt.Kilimanjaro
    3. The Atlas mts 
    4. the Ahaggar mts
  47. Which one of the following was NOT practiced in traditional agriculture?
    1. Plantation farming
    2. Mixed farming
    3. Subsistence farming
    4. Shifting cultivation
  48. Three of the following are true of customary marriage. Which one is NOT?
    1. It is the most common type of marriage
    2. Marriage certificates are issued
    3. It takes place according to African customs and traditions
    4. Polygamy is allowed
  49. Three of the countries below are members of the common wealth EXCEPT
    1. Britain
    2. New Zealand
    3. France
    4. Canada
  50. Three of the following are true statements about a general election. Which one is FALSE?
    1. Returning officers announce election results in constituencies
    2. Presiding officers announce election results in constituencies
    3. Presidential, parliamentary and civic elections held at the same time.
    4. The electoral commission supervises the election
  51. Which one is TRUE of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta?
    1. He supported freedom fighters in other parts of Africa
    2. He was the first chairman of the Kenya African Union KAU
    3. He was the secretary general of Kenya African National Union KANU
    4. He introduced the 8:4:4 system of education
  52. The ocean currents that creates a cooling effect on the South Western tip of Africa is
    1. Mozambique 
    2. Canary
    3. Guinea
    4. Benguela
  53. Which one is a challenge facing African economies
    1. Underpopulation
    2. Urbanization
    3. Inadequate capital
    4. Shortage of labor
  54. Which one of the following climatic regions mainly receives convectional rainfall throughout the year?
    1. Mountain climate
    2. Equatorial
    3. Savanna
    4. Mediterranean
  55. Which one of the following is NOT true about the speaker?
    1. He is elected by members of parliament
    2. He chairs parliamentary debates
    3. He swears in the members of parliament
    4. He is elected after two terms of five years each
  56. Three of the following are reasons why Lenana of the Maasai collaborated with the British except?
    1. To be recognized as the Maasai political leader
    2. To receive food supplies due to famine
    3. So that the Maasai could be moved to reserves
    4. To get military support against his brother
  57. Which one is NOT an organ of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF)
    1. The Army
    2. The General Service Unit
    3. The Navy
    4. The Administration Police
  58. Three of the following are TRUE about coffee growing in Ethiopia EXCEPT
    1. The main variety grown is Arabica
    2. The main growing area is Ethiopia Highlands
    3. Coffee is the second foreign exchange earner
    4. Most of the coffee is grown by small scale farmers
  59. Three of the following are advantages of roads transport except one. Which one?
    1. Faster and cheaper over shorter distances
    2. It is free from noise and air pollution
    3. It is the most widespread form of transport
    4. It is a flexible form of transport
  60. Mary a HIV infected orphan has been refused playing with anybody by her aunt. Which freedom has Mary been denied
    1. Freedom of playing
    2. Freedom of speech
    3. Freedom of worship
    4. Freedom of association


  1. Noah a man of God had the ability to?
    1. control rain
    2. create a rainbow
    3. build
    4. sing
  2. Who among the following people asked for permission to bury the body of Jesus?
    1. Simon of Cyrene
    2. Cleopas
    3. Joseph of Arimathea
    4. Peter
  3. Jesus made himself known as the resurrected Lord to the two men at Emmaus when he?
    1. broke the bread
    2. showed them the scars
    3. washed their feet
    4. healed them
  4. What did Moses find the Israelites doing when he brought the first tablets of the TenCommandments?
    1. Sacrificing a lamb
    2. Praying God
    3. Building the tower of Babel
    4. Worshipping an idol
  5. Who among the following men was a judge as well as a prophet in Israel?
    1. Isaiah
    2. Elijah
    3. Samuel
    4. Gideon
  6. King Saul annoyed God by?
    1. planning to kill David
    2. consulting a medium
    3. killing of prophets
    4. marrying foreign wives
  7. How many brothers had Joseph son of Jacob?
    1. Eleven
    2. Twelve
    3. Ten
    4. One
  8. Which one is a common miracle done by Jesus, Elijah and Elisha?
    1. Multiplying of flour
    2. Multiplying of oil
    3. Raising of sons
    4. Healing of lepers
  9. Which of the following are prophetic biblical books?
    1. Ruth, Judges, Micah
    2.  Amos, Hosea, Job
    3. Esther, Nahum, Jeremiah
    4. Isaiah, Revelation, Ezekiel
  10. Which name did Angel Gabriel give to baby Jesus during his annunciation? Matthew 1:23
    1. Prince of peace
    2.  Emmanuel
    3. Christ
    4. Messiah
  11. Which of the following miracles did Jesus do after his resurrection?
    1. Feeding the four thousand
    2. Calming of a storm
    3. Miraculous catch of fish
    4. Walking on water
  12. Where was Jesus when he was tempted by Satan?
    1. In the garden of Gethsemane
    2. In mount olives
    3. In the temple
    4. In the wilderness
  13. During the sermon on the mountain Jesus taught?
    1. Christian values
    2. Ten Commandments
    3. Secular values
    4. Lord’s prayer
  14. A parable that teaches Christians on Jesus second coming is about?
    1. the lost sheep
    2. the mustard seed
    3. the ten virgins
    4. the prodigal son
  15. Which disciple did Jesus ask to take care of his mother Mary when he was on the cross?
    1. James
    2. John
    3. Peter
    4. James
  16. Who among the twelve disciples of Jesus doubted his resurrection?
    1. Judas
    2. Peter
    3. John
    4. Thomas
  17. Fasting does not help a Christian to
    1. be respected .
    2. pray.
    3. help the needy.
    4. have self-control .
  18. Which one of the following benefits can a Christian get from the Holy Spirit?
    1. Selfishness
    2. Courage
    3. Disobedience
    4. Bitterness
  19. The early missionaries did not train one of the following workers
    1. Clergy
    2. Doctors
    3. Medicinemen 
    4. Laity
  20. Which among the following cannot bring conflict in our communities?
    1. Ethnic differences
    2. Poverty
    3. Religion difference
    4. Patriotism
  21. Discernment is an important Christian value when practicing?
    1. judgment
    2. self- control
    3. humanity
    4. self esteem
  22. Who among the following people would not be involved during sacrifices in Traditional African society?
    1. Priest
    2. Elder
    3. Sorcerer
    4. Rainmaker
  23. Children in Traditional African Society were named from all the following except?
    1. ancestors
    2. saints
    3. seasons
    4. events
  24. The major role of youngmen in Traditional African Society was?
    1. grazing cattle
    2. settling disputes
    3. offering sacrifices
    4. providing security
  25. Which one of the following Traditional Africa society practice can’t agree with Christianity?
    1. Burnt offering
    2. Singing and dancing
    3. Offering farm produce
    4. Daily prayers
  26. Peter a class seven pupil has had a cough for the last two weeks. His deskmate is spreading a rumor that he is HIV positive. What advice can you give to them
    1. Peter should start taking ARVs
    2. They should both visit a VCT center
    3. HIV/AIDS doesn’t affect pupils
    4. Coughing is not necessarily a symptom of HIV/AIDS
  27. Mary is a class seven girl who likes to spend her leisure time with boys in isolated places. Which one of the following is likely to be a result?
    1. Female genital mutilation
    2. Academic improvement
    3. Teenage pregnancy
    4. Family cooperation
  28. Tom attends a school where the teacher uses sign language. This is likely to be a school for th
    1. visually impaired
    2. hearing impaired
    3. physical handicapped
    4. mentally handicapped
  29. Who among the following does manual work?
    1. John who is a farmer
    2. Michael who is a watchman
    3. Karen who is a policewoman
    4. Jane who is a teacher
  30. The Great commission refers to?
    1. Jesus miracles and healings
    2. Jesus sending out his disciples
    3. Jesus being born on earth
    4. Jesus ascension into heaven


  1. Among the following Surahs which one has more verses
    1. Ikhlas
    2. Kauthar
    3. Falaq
    4. Naas
  2. Suratul Fatiha is also called__________
    1. Rahim
    2. Hamdu
    3. Fatah
    4. Iyaaka
  3. Suratul Alaq mentions man as being created from_____________
    1. Clay
    2. Clot of Blood
    3. Ribs
    4. woman
  4. The word Bayyinah means __________
    1. lear evidence 
    2. good advice
    3. Clear lessons
    4. good tidings
  5. Which verse is recommended for a Muslim to recite?
    1. Fatiha
    2. Naas
    3. Yasin
    4. Kursiyyuh
  6. Complete the following hadith; '' whoever is not thankful to _______is not thankful to ______''
    1. Allah , people
    2. people , Allah
    3. Prophet , Allah
    4. Allah, prophet
  7. The following are nullifiers of swalah. Which one is not?
    1. Turning away from the Qibla
    2. Leaving out a pillar of swalah
    3. Reciting a chapter of Qur-an
    4. Following maamuma
  8. If you do nothing and expect everything to be done by Allah is ___________
    1. Tawakkul
    2. Taqwa
    3. Tawheed
    4. Tawaakul
  9. The first Wahyi which came from Allah was on ________________
    1. Alaq
    2. Creation
    3. Knowledge
    4. Clot of blood
  10. The main reason why muslims fast is_______
    1. To keep away from eating
    2. Is a pillar of Islam
    3. To gain taqwa
    4. All prophets fasted
  11. Hafswa got 249 marks in Std. 7 End year exam. Her parents told her to repeat. She refused. What best advice would you give her?
    1. Tell her to obey her parents and repeat
    2. Advice her to transfer to another school
    3. Tell her to quit school
    4. Inform her to discuss the issue with her parents
  12. Those who keep away from worldly affairs are known as ______________
    1. Muttaqin
    2. Auliyyaa
    3. Zuhd
    4. Abideena
  13. Which among the following is connected to Zakkat ( fitr, tawaf, qiyam, nisab, sunnah, takbir)
    1. fitr, sunnah
    2. Sunnah, takbir
    3. Fitr, nisab
    4. nisab, takbir
  14. We should say jazakallah when__________
    1. Helping others
    2. Eating
    3. Sneezing
    4. Thanking others
  15. Who among the following is a grandson of the prophet?
    1. Ibrahim
    2. Ali
    3. Fatma
    4. Hassan
  16. One of the Islamic measures in controlling HIV/AIDS is _____________
    1. marrying one wife
    2. Avoiding people of the opposite gender
    3. prayers
    4. Being faithful to married partner
  17. Hijjatul widaa is known as_________
    1. last hajj
    2. farewell Hajj
    3. blessed Hajj
    4. holy Hajj
  18. Nabii Nuh(a.s) was sent to the people of ________ in Iraq
    1. Adil
    2. Baghdad
    3. Basra
    4. Mesopotamia
  19. Inna lillahi wa inna illahi rajiunis mostly recited by muslims __________________
    1. When calamity strikes
    2. When they hear bad news
    3. When in pain
    4. When they are informed of the death of someone
  20. Ali ate unintentionally during Ramadhan. What is the immediate action for him to take?
    1. Continue eating
    2. Stop eating and continue fasting
    3. Take a glass of water
    4. Call a friend and share the meal
  21. The sunnah prayer only performed during Ramadhan is known as ____________
    1. witr
    2. tahajjud
    3. Baadiyah
    4. taraweh
  22. During the battle of Uhud the muslim army had __________ soldiers with coats of armour.
    1. 1000
    2. 300
    3. 700
    4. 200
  23. Which among the following events is not associated with Friday
    1. Creation of Adam
    2. Admission of Adam to paradise
    3. Death of Nabii Issa
    4. Day of judgement
  24. Qaarun was a ralative of nabii __________
    1. Issa (a.s)
    2. Suleiman (a.s)
    3. Nuh (a.s)
    4. Musa (a.s)
  25. The early migration of Muslims from Makkah to Madinah is known as_________
    1. Hijrah
    2. Isra
    3. Swafah
    4. Hajj
  26. The companions of the prophet who migrated from Makkah were called_________
    1. Answar
    2. Muhajiruun
    3. Swahabas
    4. Muuminun
  27. When electing leaders we should choose those with
    1. Alot of money
    2. Cars
    3. Honesty
    4. degrees
  28. In Kenyan coast the counties with high population of muslims are Kilifi,Mombasa, Kwale, Lamu. Which one has the highest muslimpopulation?
    1. Lamu
    2. Kwale
    3. Kilifi
    4. Mombasa
  29. Which fardh prayer has no baadiyyah optional prayer?
    1. Isha
    2. Maghrib
    3. Dhuhur
    4. Subh
  30. When is it most appropriate to say Kalimah?
    1. When reciting Quran
    2. When about to sleep
    3. Before taking bath
    4. Before eating

Marking Scheme

  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. A
  5. B
  6. D
  7. C
  8. A
  9. B
  10. A
  11. D
  12. C
  13. A
  14. A
  15. C
  16. C
  17. C
  18. D
  19. A
  20. D
  21. A
  22. A
  23. C
  24. B
  25. D
  26. D
  27. B
  28. A
  29. B
  30. D
  31. A
  32. B
  33. D
  34. B
  35. B
  36. B
  37. C
  38. D
  39. A
  40. B
  41. D
  42. D
  43. A
  44. C
  45. C
  46. C
  47. A
  48. B
  49. C
  50. B
  51. A
  52. D
  53. C
  54. B
  55. D
  56. C
  57. D
  58. C
  59. B
  60. D


  1. C
  2. C
  3. A
  4. D
  5. C
  6. B
  7. A
  8. C
  9. D
  10. B
  11. C
  12. D
  13. A
  14. C
  15. C
  16. D
  17. A
  18. B
  19. C
  20. D
  21. A
  22. A
  23. B
  24. D
  25. A
  26. B
  27. C
  28. B
  29. A
  30. B


  1. D
  2. B
  3. B
  4. A
  5. D
  6. B
  7. C
  8. D
  9. C
  10. C
  11. D
  12. C
  13. C
  14. D
  15. D
  16. D
  17. B
  18. D
  19. D
  20. B
  21. D
  22. D
  23. C
  24. D
  25. A
  26. B
  27. C
  28. D
  29. D




Study the map of N. ere area and answer questions 1 - 7

  1. What is the direction of the quarry from the National park?
    1. North East
    2. South West
    3. North West
    4. South East
  2. The peoplee of Ndere area are mainly
    1. Christians
    2. Traditionalists
    3. Pagans
    4. Hindus
  3. What is the climate of the North Western part of Ndere Area?
    1. Cool and wet
    2. Hot and wet
    3. Hot and dry
    4. Cool and dry
  4. Which one of the following economic activities is NOT carried out in Ndere area?
    1. Tourism
    2. Lumbering
    3. Crop farming
    4. Fishing
  5. What feature is found at the part marked M on river Kembo?
    1. Tributary
    2. Estuary
    3. Delta
    4. Confluence
  6. The administrative head of Ndere area is likely to be
    1. a senator
    2. a member of county assembly
    3. a governor
    4. the president
  7. Which type of vegetation is found at the South Eastern part of Ndere area?
    1. Grassland vegetation
    2. Mountain vegetation
    3. Riverine vegetation
    4. Papyrus reeds
  8. The following Kenyan communities belong to the Western Bantus. Which one does NOT?
    1. Abaluhyia
    2. Abakuria
    3. Abagusii
    4. Ameru
  9. Which one of the following is the most widespread means of sending messages to large number of people. Use of
    1. newspapers
    2. television
    3. radio
    4. messengers
  10. Which one of the following weather instruments is used to measure both the strength and direction of wind?
  11. Which of the following is the most expensive way of preserving fish?
    1. Smoking
    2. Using a refrigerator
    3. Sun drying
    4. Salting
  12. The largest relief region in Kenya is the
    1. plateau
    2. lake basin
    3. Rift valley
    4. highlands
  13. The following rivers drain into lake Turkana except
    1. River Omo
    2. River Turkwel
    3. River Kerio
    4. River Ewaso Nyiro North
  14. Kenya is divided into constituencies.
    1. 47
    2. 68
    3. 290
    4. 350

Use the diagram below to answer questions 15 - 16.

  1. The side marked B is known as
    1. leeward side
    2. rainshadow
    3. Windward side
    4. convectional side
  2. Which economic activity cannot be carried out in the region marked A?
    1. Cash crop farming
    2. Dairy farming
    3. Pastoralism
    4. Fish farming
  3. Which one of the following is NOT among the Kalenjin age sets?
    1. Chumo
    2. Nyong
    3. Maina
    4. Mwangi
  4. General elections are held in Kenya after every _______ years.
    1. 5
    2. 10
    3. 20
    4. 1
  5. Jamhuri day is celebrated on ________ year.
    1. 12th December
    2. 1st June
    3. 1st May
    4. 20th October
  6. The road sign shown below means
    1. road junction ahead
    2. hospital ahead
    3. right bend ahead
    4. no entry
  7. Which of the following factors mainly influences the way penple are distributed in an area?
    1. Climate
    2. Soil
    3. Relief
    4. Latitude
  8. Which one of the following is the main line of latitude?
    1. The Greenwich Meridian
    2. The Tropic of cancer
    3. The Tropic of capricon
    4. The Equator
  9. In which year did Kenya become a British colony?
    1. 1895
    2. 1920
    3. 1952
    4. 1963
  10. What was the main economic activity of the Semites who settled at the Coast of Kenya?
    1. Cattle Keeping
    2. Hunting and gathering
    3. Trading
    4. Crop farming
  11. Which one of the following countries in Eastern Africa does not have a coastal plain?
    1. Eritrea
    2. Uganda
    3. Djibouti
    4. Somalia
  12. What is the main function of the judiciary?
    1. It makes laws
    2. It interprets the laws
    3. It implements government policies
    4. It arrests criminals
  13. Lawlessness can lead to all the following except
    1. slow development
    2. loss of property and life
    3. civil wars among communities
    4. rapid development
  14. Who among the following traditional Kenyan leaders did not resist the British?
    1. Nabongo Mumia
    2. Koitalel Arap Samoei
    3. Mukite wa Nameme
    4. Mekatilili wa Menza
  15. Which of the following countries border Kenya to the North West
    1. Ethiopia
    2. Sudan
    3. Uganda
    4. South Sudan
  16. Acacia and baobab trees are mainly found in the
    1. mountain vegetation
    2. desert vegetation
    3. Savannah vegetation
    4. riverine vegetation
  17. A group of people who are related by blood, marriage or adoption form:
    1. a family
    2. a clan
    3. an age set
    4. a community
  18. Education in the past was passed through the following methods except 
    1. riddles
    2. books
    3. proverbs
    4. songs
  19. Planting of trees where some have been cut is known as
    1. afforestation
    2. deforestation
    3. agro forestry
    4. re- afforestation
  20. Which one of the following is NOT a human right?
    1. Right to education
    2. Right to life
    3. Right to safe environment
    4. Right to mob justice
  21. A good citizen is the one who does the following except
    1. fights corruption
    2. pays taxes
    3. practices honesty
    4. practices nepotism
  22. The exchange of goods and services for other goods and services is called
    1. currency trade
    2. monetary trade
    3. traditional trade
    4. barter trade
  23. Which one of the following is NOT a product of traditional industries?
    1. Vest
    2. Spear
    3. Cowbell
    4. Drum
  24. Three of the following are species of trees found in natural forests. Which is NOT?
    1. Mvule
    2. Camphor
    3. Pine
    4. Mahogany
  25. The walls of the Rift Valley are called
    1. ranges
    2. faults
    3. escarpments
    4. Drifts
  26. The first prime minister of Kenya was
    1. Jomo Kenyatta
    2. Eliud Mathu
    3. Raila Odinga
    4. James Gichuru
  27. Which one of the following Kenyan communities does not belong to the Mijikenda? 
    1. Agiriama
    2. Wataita
    3. Ribe
    4. Chonyi
  28. Carrying of goods from one place to another is called:
    1. communication
    2. transport 
    3. trading
    4. tourism
  29. Debates in the County Assembly are chaired by
    1. the Governor
    2. the Member of County Assembly
    3. the Speaker
    4. the County Commission

Us the map below to answer quesjons 44 - 47

  1. The tourist attraction marked K is
    1. Sibiloi National park
    2. Malka Mari National park
    3. Awara plains
    4. Lotikipi plains
  2. The border town marked M is likely to be
    1. Moyale
    2. Lodwar
    3. Mandera
    4. Wajir
  3. The river marked N is
    1. River Kerio
    2. River Turkwel
    3. River Ewaso Nyiro North
    4. River Yala
  4. The mountain marked L was formed through
    1. volcanicity
    2. faulting
    3. folding
    4. erosion
  5. Which one of the following is a manufacturing industry?
    1. Cement making
    2. Fruit canning 
    3. Printing
    4. Banking
  6. The practise of growing fruits, vegetables and flowers is called
    1. horticulture
    2. viticulture
    3. floriculture
    4. market gardening
  7. The following are conditions favouring the growing of a certain crop
    Fertile soils
    Heavy rainfall
    Well drained, slightly acidic soils
    Cool temperaturesWhich crop requires the above conditions?
    1. Maize
    2. Cotton
    3. Wheat
    4. Sugarcane
  8. Which body in Kenya is in-charge of managing the National Games Parks?
    1. The Kenya Wildlife Services
    2. The County Government
    3. The Kenya Defence Forces
    4. The Kenya Forestry Department
  9. Which one of the following is the main function of schools?
    1. To prepare learners for future life
    2. To equip learners with knowledge and skills
    3. To educate learners on good morals
    4. To help learners on good morals
  10. Which means of transport is used to transport petroleum from Mombasa to Kisumu?
    1. Pipeline
    2. Cable
    3. Railway
    4. Road
  11. What is another name for alluvial soil?
    1. Loam soil
    2. Red volcanic soil
    3. Young soil
    4. Black cotton soil
  12. Which one of the following activities does not cause soil erosion?
    1. Overgrazing
    2. Monocropping
    3. Deforestation
    4. Afforestation
  13. Which one of the following mountains in Eastern Africa is NOT correctly matched with the country where it is found?
    1. Ras-Dashan - Ethiopia
    2. Meru - Tanzania
    3. Elgon - Sudan
    4. Ruwenzori -- Tanzania
  14. Rusinga Island is found in
    1. lake Victoria
    2. the Indian Ocean
    3. Lake Turkana
    4. Lake Baringo
  15. The Turkana, Maasai, Njemps and Samburu are
    1. Plain Nilotes
    2. Highland Nilotes
    3. River Lake Nilotes
    4. Western Bantus
  16. The following are factors that promote peace in the society except:
    1. increased corruption among leaders
    2. respect for human right
    3. religious tolerance among people
    4. respect for the rule of law
  17. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is headed by
    1. the President
    2. the Returning Officer
    3. the Elections Officer
    4. the IEBC Chairman


  1. The book in the Bible wnion talks about the story of creation is
    1. Exodus
    2. Genesis
    3. Leviticus
    4. Mathew
  2. Who was the first person to lead the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt?
    1. Moses
    2. Aaron
    3. Joshua
    4. Caleb
  3. Which one of the following was NOT a responsibility given to both the man and the woman that God created?
    1. To make money
    2. To have many children
    3. To care for all the things that God had made
    4. To have power over the fish, birds and all the animals.
  4. The Israelites first celebrated Passover while in: -
    1. Canaan
    2. Jerusalem
    3. Galilee
    4. Egypt
  5. Joseph was able to overcome the temptations from Potiphar's wife mainly he was
    1. forgiving
    2. hardworking 
    3. faithful
    4. humble
  6. In Genesis 1:26, which creatures were created last?
    1. Fish
    2. Birds
    3. Human beings
    4. Animals
  7. Among the three kings of Israel, who among them was being tormented by evil spirits?
    1. David
    2. Saul
    3. Solomon
    4. Jeroboam
  8. Which one of the following parables of Jesus talks about repentance? The parable of:
    1. the sower
    2. the lost son
    3. the lost coin
    4. the judge and the widow
  9. Jesus washed the disciples' feet to demonstrate
    1. love and hate
    2. pride and love 
    3. humility and love
    4. selfishness and humility
  10. Who among the following was forced to carry the cross for Jesus?
    1. Simon of cyrene 
    2. Simon Pete
    3. John the Baptist
    4. Joseph of Arimathea
  11. Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding at
    1. Cana
    2. Capernaum
    3. Jericho
    4. Jerusalem
  12. All the following women went to the tomb where Jesus had been buried EXCEPT:
    1. Mary Magdalene
    2. Joanna
    3. Salome
    4. Mary the mother of James
  13. Which is the third book in the four Gospels in the New testament? 
    1. Mathew
    2. Mark
    3. Luke
    4. John
  14. "Salvation has come to this house today, for this man also is a descendant of Abraham. (Luke 19:1-10) Jesus was referring to which one of the following people?
    1. Judas
    2. Paul
    3. Zacchaeus
    4. Simon Peter
  15. All the following activities were done by the early believers EXCEPT
    1. learnt from the Apostles
    2. shared meals and prayers
    3. praised God and prayed together
    4. organised harambee meetings
  16. In Gen. 12: 1-9 who obeyed and trusted God and God blessed him?
    1. Abraham
    2. Moses
    3. Joshua
    4. Caleb
  17. Jesus shared the Last Supper with His disciples before His
    1. Death, crucifixion and arrest.
    2. Arrest, death and crucifixion
    3. Arrest, crucifixion and death
    4. Crucifixion, baptism and death
  18. Which one of the following is NOT a name that refers to the Eucharist?
    1. the Holy Communion
    2. the Manna
    3. the Holy mass
    4. the Lord's table
  19. The disciples received the gift of the Holy Spirit on:
    1. Christmas
    2. Pentecost
    3. Easter
    4. Good Friday
  20. According to Ephesians 4:11. God gave different gifts to people Which gift did he not give among the following?
    1. singers
    2. Apostles
    3. Prophets
    4. Evangelists
  21. African traditional communities believed that when a person died, he/she joined the
    1. pastors 
    2. friends
    3. medicinemen
    4. ancestors
  22. One of the following was NOT an activity conducted by the ancestors in African traditional societies. Which one is it?
    1. They began a clan
    2. They solved disagreements
    3. They made sure that families lived together in peace
    4. They forced children to go to school
  23. What name do the Bukusu call their God?
    1. Ngai
    2. Were
    3. Nyasaye
    4. Mulungu
  24. Which one of the stages in traditional African communities did NOT mark new life?
    1. Birth
    2. Initiation
    3. Marriage
    4. Baptism
  25. Which one of the following practices can end a friendship?
    1. Love
    2. Gossip
    3. Kindness
    4. Thankfulness
  26. Who among the following people are NOT needy?
    1. The orphans
    2. The wealthy 
    3. The aged
    4. People living with HIV/AIDS
  27. Christians can live the new life well by the help
    1. friends
    2. parents
    3. teachers
    4. The Holy Spirit
  28. Christians believe that they can get new life when they
    1. believe in the priest
    2. believe in the ancestors
    3. believe in Jesus Christ
    4. believe in the trinity
  29. Christians share new life with others by
    1. reading the Bible only
    2. doing good and helping one another
    3. helping the rich
    4. preaching the word of God to the poor
  30. Mary's father wants her to drop out of school and get married to a rich man. As a Christian, Mary should
    1. accept to get married
    2. talk arrogantly to her fathe
    3. run away from home 
    4. report the matter at the chiefs office.


  1. A
  2. C
  3. A
  4. D
  5. D
  6. C
  7. D
  8. D
  9. C
  10. D
  11. B
  12. A
  13. D
  14. C
  15. B
  16. C
  17. D
  18. A
  19. A
  20. A
  21. A
  22. A
  23. B
  24. C
  25. B
  26. B
  27. D
  28. A
  29. D
  30. C
  31. A
  32. B
  33. D
  34. D
  35. D
  36. D
  37. A
  38. C
  39. C
  40. A
  41. B
  42. B
  43. C
  44. B
  45. A
  46. C
  47. A
  48. A
  49. A
  50. C
  51. A
  52. A
  53. A
  54. C
  55. D
  56. C
  57. A
  58. A
  59. A
  60. C


  1. B
  2. A
  3. A
  4. D
  5. C
  6. C
  7. B
  8. B
  9. C
  10. A
  11. A
  12. B
  13. C
  14. C
  15. D
  16. A
  17. C
  18. B
  19. B
  20. A
  21. D
  22. D
  23. C
  24. D
  25. B
  26. B
  27. D
  28. C
  29. B
  30. D



  1. List the responsibilities God has given us over his creation.(lmk)
  2. When God created Adam and Bve, He gave man the power to rule over animals. This means
    that taking care of animals is our _______________(responsibility, talent)
  3. The sentences below explain what happens to children who experience child labor. Choose an answer from the box below for each sentence.
    [Body injuries      absenteeism            tiredness         Poor health]
    1. Elizabeth misses school at least three times a week.____________
    2. One of Ezra's eyes is swollen. Some chemicals got into his eye while he was working in the flour factory_____________
    3. Malkia is very thin and weak.______________________
    4. David is always sleepy during lessons_______________________
  4. Rearrange the jumbled letters to get the correct words.
    1. SAENK  ____________________
    2. VEE  ____________________
    3. MADA  ____________________
    4. DOYSIEB  ____________________
  5. How did Adam and eve disobey God?
  6. Explain the importance of obeying school rules.
  7. What is family unity? 
  8. Write down the values that promote unity in a family. (3mk)
  9. What challenges does a family face? (2mk)
  10. Why is the bible referred to as a guide? (I mk) 
  11. How does the bible help you relate well with your teachers?
  12. The word puzzle below has some hidden values that we can acquire through reading the bible. Find the values. 
    A C  G  U  I  K  M O R
     H  Q  S  U  N  W  L  O V E
     O  B  D  I  E  N  C E S
     N  Y  A  C  T  E  G  I K P
     E  B  D  F  Y  H  J  L O E
     S  Q  T  R  U  S  T  X X C
     T  P  R  T  V  X  Z  A C T
     Y  E  G  I  K  M  O  N S T
  13. Who arrested Peter and John? ____________________
  14. Write what you will do to show courage in the following situations:
    1. Your friend asks you to smoke cigarettes.
    2. Your friend is asking you to watch an ungodly movie. 


  1. Which sura describe the events of the year the elephant.
  2. "Verily he who hates you O Mohammad will be cut off from all that is good". Which of the verses below matches this questions.
    1. Faswal-lilirab-rabika wanbar.
    2. In-nal aatwaynakal kaothar'
    3. Falyaboduu rab-ba haadhalbayi
    4. In-na shani-aka-huwal abtar.
  3. The virtues is taught in Suratul Asr.
  4. The story of the elephant is taught in which Surah?
  5. Complete the verse from surah Takathur
    Nata zur tumol ________________________________________
  6. "Worship Allah as if you see him for if you do not see him he sees you. This is a pillar of ____________________
  7. What is the best gift to our parents? 
  8. Complete the following hadith ____________________
  9. When visiting someone's house we should knock ____________________ times.
  10. Write the four sources of fiqh.
  11. In Islamic sheriah things that annoy others but are not sin are called
  12. The mother of Nabii Issa was called ____________________
  13. Blood is an example of  ____________________najis
  14. ____________________is the book that was given to prophet Daud.
  15. ____________________will blow the trumpet 15. on the day of judgement.


  1. rule over animals, fill the earth, cultivate the garden
  2. responsibility
    1. absenteeism
    2. body injuries
    3. poor health
    4. tiredness
    1. snake
    2. eve
    3. adam
    4. disobey
  5. they ate the forbidden fruit
  6. they keep us out of trouble with the teachers
  7. keeping the family together
  8. respect
  9. drug abuse
    child abuse
  10. because it tells us what God wants us to do/ to live
  11. it helps me to lern how to respect and obey my elders.
  12. love
  13. saducees
    1. say no
    2. say no and leave