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Social Studies and Religious Education Questions and Answers - KCPE 2023 Prediction Papers Set 1

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Study the map of Kaplet Area above and use it to answer questions 1 to 7.    

  1. The railway in Kaplet area is likely to transport?
    1. Tea to the factory
    2. Passengers to the town
    3. Tourists
    4. Minerals
  2. The area covered by the lake is likely to be __________________________ km2.
    1. 13
    2. 9
    3. 8
    4. 17
  3. The climate in the South Eastern side of Kaplet area is likely to be
    1. cool and dry
    2. hot and dry
    3. hot and wet
    4. cool and wet
  4. The dorminant soils in the North western side of Kaplet area is 
    1. alluvial soils
    2. clay soils
    3. volcanic soils
    4. black cotton soils
  5. Three of the following are sources of livelihood for people in Kaplet area. Which one is not?
    1. Lumbering activities
    2. Mining activities
    3. Farming activities
    4. Trading activities
  6. Which one of the following services are not offered in Kaplet town?
    1. Recreational services
    2. Educational services
    3. Health services
    4. Religious services
  7. Kaplet area rises from
    1. North west
    2. North EastC
    3. South West
    4. South East
  8. Settler farming in the white highlands was mainly done for
    1. commercial purposes
    2. Food production
    3. Subsistence use
    4. Home use
  9. Which one of the following is true about the population structure of India?
    1. Most of the people are old
    2. There is low death rate
    3. The population growth rate is low
    4. The birth rate is high
  10. One of the following is not a problem associated with rapid industrialization. Which one?
    1. Rural - Urban migration
    2. Better economic development in the country
    3. It can lead to depletion of resources
    4. Pollution
  11. Which one of the following is not an effect of the rotation of the earth? It causes
    1. day and night
    2. different seasons.
    3. difference in time
    4. apparent movement of the sun

Use the diagram below to answer  questions 12-13


  1. Name the parts marked Q and R respectively
    1. conelet, vent
    2. dyke, magma
    3. conelet, dyke
    4. crater, vent
  2. Which one of the following mountain was not formed in the above way?
    1. Mt. Longonot
    2. Mt. Ruwenzori
    3. Mt. Kenya
    4. Mt. Nyirangongo1
  3. The following are examples of industries. Which one can be classified as a primary industry?
    1. Shoe making at Limuru
    2. Cement making at Athi river
    3. Textile industry at Kisumu
    4. Sugar refining at Awendo
  4. The system of administration used by the British in Northern Nigeria was
    1. direct rule
    2. assimilation
    3. paternalism
    4. indirect rule
  5. Below is a weather instrument. It is used to measure
    1. humidity
    2. temperature
    3. air pressure
    4. rainfall 
  6. Which one of the following boxes consist of communities that belong to the KWA speakers?
  7. The following are characteristics of a type of marriage
    1. it is conducted by a religious leader
    2. A marriage certificate is issued
    3. a man is allowed to marry upto four wives
      The type of marriage described above is likely to be 
      1. Christian marriage
      2. Hindu marriage
      3. Customary marriage
      4. Muslim marriage
  8. Copper is a major mineral in Zambia it has all the following uses except?
    1. Making water pipes
    2. Making sulphuric acid
    3. Making car radiators
    4. Making ornaments
  9. Which one of the following best explains why the government has established game parks and game reserves?
    1. To conserve wildlife
    2. To attract tourists
    3. To create employment
    4. To make good use of land
  10. The following are characteristics of a climatic region in Africa?
    1. it experiences cool wet winters
    2. summers are hot and dry
    3. Annual rainfall is about 500-1000mm
    4. temperatures range from 13°c - 24°c 
      Which one of the following is not likely to experience this type of climate?
      1. Morocco
      2. Algeria
      3. South Africa
      4. Zimbabwe
  11. Who among the following leaders were associated with African socialism? 
    1. Oginga Odinga and Ronald Ngala 
    2. Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Moi
    3. Tom Mboya and Jomo Kenyatta
    4. James Gichuru and Masinde Muliro
  12. Which one of the following is not a reason why people should vote in the national elections?
    1. To elect a new government
    2. To exercise their democratic right
    3. To elect leaders of their choice 
    4. To obey the laws of Kenya

Study the map of Eastern Africa below and answer the questions that follow.  


  1. The capital city of the country marked W is
    1. Khartoum
    2. Juba
    3. Mogadishu
    4. Addis Ababa
  2. The pre-historic site marked T is likely to be
    1. Olduvai gorge
    2. Hyrax hill
    3. Omo valley
    4. Rusinga island
  3. The lake marked Q was formed through a process called
    1. Faulting
    2. Downwarping
    3. Erosion
    4. Volcanicity
  4. Name the desert marked S
    1. Namib
    2. Ogaden
    3. Chalbi
    4. Nubian
  5. All the following communities followed the route marked R. Which one did not?
    1. Rendille
    2. Somali
    3. Oromo
    4. Maasai
  6. The following describes an early visitor to Eastern Africa
    1. He was a German
    2. He signed treaties with African chiefs 
    3. He was the founder of the German East African Company (GEACE) in 1887.
      The visitor described above is likely to be 
      1. William Mackinnon
      2. Seyyid Said
      3. Carl Peters
      4. John Speke
  7. The feature drawn below is likely to be fund in the
    1. desert
    2. coastal lowlands
    3. highlands
    4. lake basin
  8. The main reason why the government is encouraging the conservation of natural forests in Kenya is because
    1. they control desertification
    2. they contain rare species of trees
    3. they control soil erosion
    4. they are habitats for wildlife
  9. Below are descriptions of a certain hominid
    1. made tools from stones
    2. communicated through speech
    3. ate cooked food
      The hominid described above is likely to be
      1. Homo Erectus
      2. Homo habilis
      3. Ramapithecus
      4. Australopithecus
  10. The following are problems experienced by IGAD except
    1. lack of peace
    2. mistrust among members
    3. prolonged drought
    4. lack of common currency
  11. In a democratic society
    1. people join the ruling party
    2. only one political party is allowed
    3. elections are held regularly
    4. citizens are forced to pay taxes
  12. Mzee Torotich a maize farmer in Kitale has bought land and settled in Kinangop where he grows potatotes. This type of irrigation is called
    1. urban-rural migration
    2. urban-urban migration
    3. rural-urban migration
    4. rural-rural migration
  13. Which one of the following sets of rivers drain into the Atlantic ocean?
  14. One of the duties of the school board of management is to
    1. employ teachers
    2. plan and develop school projects
    3. punish indisciplined children
    4. sack non performing teachers
  15. Which one of the following skills was not learnt through apprenticeship during the pre-colonial period?
    1. Wood carving
    2. Iron smelting
    3. Herding
    4. Medicine
  16. The following are disadvantages of irrigation schemes. Which one is not?
    1. They contribute to the spread of diseases
    2. They lead to global warming
    3. They lead to reduction of water in the rivers
    4. They support growth of food crops which are cheap
  17. Which one of the following is not a cause of soil erosion?
    1. Heavy rainfall
    2. Monocropping
    3. Overgrazing
    4. Strip cropping
  18. The people who founded the kingdom of old Ghana obtained their wealth mainly from
    1. weaving
    2. hunting
    3. trade
    4. fishing
  19. An elected county representative can lose a seat if
    1. the election is cancelled by a court
    2. the person visits anther country
    3. the person misses 5 consecutive sittings
    4. the person does not contribute to debates in the county assembly
  20. The best action to take if a pupil is sexually abused by a stranger is to
    1. rash the pupil to the pharmacy and buy ARV drugs
    2. arrest the stranger
    3. take the pupil to the hospital
    4. advise the pupil not to use that route again
  21. The following are descriptions about a certain community in Africa
    1. decisions were made through concensus
    2. they were hunters and gatherers
    3. they traded with their neighbours
      The community above is likely to be
      1. The San
      2. The Buganda
      3. The Nyamwezi
      4. The Khoisan
  22. During the pre-colonial period, people associated the croaking of frogs with 
    1. the coming of a dry season
    2. the coming of a good harvest 
    3. the coming of rains
    4. the coming of strong rains

Use the diagram below to answer questions 46-47   


  1. The diagram above shows the formation of
    1. land breeze
    2. sea breeze
    3. orographic rainfall
    4. Cyclone
  2. Which one of the following towns is not likely to experience the above phenomenon?
    1. Kisumu
    2. Mombasa
    3. Dar-es-salaam
    4. Arusha
  3. If a person is stopped from joining a legal party of his choice he / she is denied the freedom of
    1. speech
    2. politics
    3. movement
    4. association
  4. One of the following was a function of a clan in the traditional African societies. Which one is not?
    1. Settle disputes
    2. Predict the future
    3. Defend the community
    4. Train warriors
  5. Which one of the following may lead to high population growth rate in a county?
    1. Cases of early marriages
    2. Family planning practices
    3. Change in cultural attitudes
    4. Education and awareness
  6. Minutes of a school management committee meetings are written by   
    1. Deputy headteacher
    2. The chairperson
    3. The headteacher
    4. One of the teachers
  7. Who among the following African leaders resisted the French in his territory?
    1. Chief Mkwawa
    2. Mekatilili wa Menza
    3. Samoure Toure
    4. Kabaka Mwanga
  8. Which one of the following is the reason why Madaraka day is celebrated in Kenya?
    1. To remember the day when Kenya attained self government
    2. To remember freedom fighters
    3. To celebrate independence day
    4. To celebrate the day Kenya became a republic
  9. The road sign below means
    1. bumps ahead
    2. slow down
    3. danger ahead
    4. round about
  10. Gamal Abdel Nassaer promoted agriculture in Egypt when he
    1. set aside land for plantation farming
    2. initiated the building of Aswan High dam
    3. gave land to the peasants
    4. abolished Sharia laws
  11. Which one of the following sets of countries consists only of those colonized by the French?
    1. Libya, Somalia, Egypt
    2. Senegal, Cameroon, Congo
    3. Angola, Nigeria, Mozambique
    4. Algeria, Mali, Senegal
  12. Which tourist attractions below arecorrectly matched with the country where they are located?
    1. Gedi ruins - Uganda
    2. Pyramids - Kenya
    3. Berber villages - Morocco
    4. Slave markets - Zanzibar
  13. Which one of the following is not a horticultural crop?
    1. Cotton
    2. Pawpaws
    3. Avocadoes
    4. Roses
  14. Cabinet meetings in Kenya are chaired by the
    1. Speaker
    2. President
    3. Attorney General
    4. Chief justice
  15. Population census is carried out in Kenya after years.
    1. 10
    2. 5
    3. 20
    4. 7



  1. God created the universe in 6 days. On which day did He create the sea, creatures and birds
    1. 2nd
    2. 4th
    3. 5th
    4. 6th
  2. "Never against shall I destroy my people with water" God made a covenant with Noah. The sign of the covenant was
    1. Dove
    2. Rainbow
    3. Raven
    4. Fire
  3. Abraham separated with Lot due to
    1. jealousy
    2. hatred
    3. enemity
    4. quarrels over grazing lands
  4. Which gift of the holy spirit did Joseph have which made him famous in Egypt? 
    1. Interpreting dreams
    2. Working miracles
    3. Artistic talent
    4. Was a good speaker
  5. Why did Moses decide to leave Egypt to go and live in Midian?
    1. To look for the burning bush
    2. To escape from Pharaoh
    3. To look for Jethro's herd
    4. To receive the ten commandments
  6. Which one of the following achievements of David made Jerusalem a centre of worship? He _______________________
    1. built the temple
    2. brought back the ark of the covenant
    3. killed Goliath
    4. fought 5000 men
  7. "My clan is the weakest in the tribe of Manasseh and I am the least important member of my family." Who spoke these words
    1. Gideon
    2. David
    3. Isaiah
    4. Joseph
  8. Which one of the following is the reason why king Solomon is remembered as a great king of Israel. He ____________________
    1. bought the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem
    2. had many wives
    3. had great wisdom
    4. built the lord's temple in Jerusalem
  9. Which one of the following is not a prophecy of prophet Isaiah about the work of the Messiah. He would
    1. preach good and to the poor
    2. give sight to the blind
    3. lead Israelites free from the Roman rule
    4. set the oppressed fire
  10. Why was Mary greatly troubled by the angel's message during the annunciation of the birth of Jesus?
    1. She was engaged to Joseph 
    2. she was a virgin
    3. she feared the angel
    4. she was barren
  11. Who ordered for a census to be done when Jesus was born?
    1. Pontius Pilate
    2. King Herod
    3. Augustus Caesar
    4. Governor Quirintius
  12. Complete the following beatitude: Happy are these who are humble
    1. for they will see God
    2. God will be merciful to them
    3. the kingdom of heaven
    4. they will receive what God has promised
  13. Which of the following parables of Jesus teaches about forgiveness
    1. the good Samaritan
    2. the prodigal son 
    3. the mustard sad 
    4. the net
  14. Which of the following teachings of Jesus about prayer is true?
    1. God answers prayers immediately 
    2. It should be said in humility
    3. Prayer should be long
    4. It should be said in groups
  15. Cleophas and his friend were talking to Jesus without realising till he
    1. prayed with them
    2. broke the bread
    3. explained the scriptures
    4. drank the wine
  16. Jesus asked His disciples to pray on Mount Olive inorder to
    1. stay awake
    2. defend themselves
    3. avoid falling into temptations 
    4. fight Judas and the soldier
  17. Which one of the following activities shows a fruit of the holy spirit?
    1. Telling about the future 
    2. Speaking in tongues
    3. Caring for the sick 
    4. Conducting bible study
  18. Before the disciples received the Holy spirit they were in a room in Jerusalem
    1. sleeping
    2. praying
    3. hiding
    4. eating
  19. The story of Saul on his way to Damascus teaches Christians to
    1. support the spread of the gospel
    2. help there in need
    3. be kind to the poor
    4. read the scriptures
  20. When there was a famine the believers sent Paul and Barnabbas to Judea to
    1. preach to non jews
    2. heal the sick
    3. take money to fellow believers
    4. place hands on the non converts
  21. Which one of the following is a role of ancestors in the traditional African society?
    1. Ancestors act as intermediaries between the living and God.
    2. Ancestors show the living how to use their talents wisely
    3. Ancestors remind the living to love their enemies
    4. Ancestors teach the living on how to pray
  22. Three of the following are reasons why circumcision is practised in traditional African societies, which one is not?
    1. The initiates become full members of their community
    2. The initiates pass from childhood to adulthood
    3. The initiates are allowed to marry 
    4. The initiates become chiefs
  23. Which one of the following traditional African practice concerning new life is illegal in Kenya?
    1. Naming
    2. Taking
    3. Circumcision
    4. Female genital mutilation
  24. Which of the following statements is true of both christianity and traditional African religion?
    1. They both teach about the second coming of Jesus
    2. They both have holy books
    3. They both have missionaries
    4. They both teach about life after death
  25. Christians best prepare themselves for Easter by
    1. repenting their sins
    2. buying new clothes
    3. visiting their friends
    4. preparing special food
  26. After assisting her mother in kitchen. work, Daisy realizes that she had some extra time. As a christian the best way to spread it is by
    1. reading story books
    2. watching films 
    3. visiting her friend
    4. visiting an orphan
  27. Which one of the following is not a reason why the taking of alcohol as a way of spending leisure is condemned.
    1. It leads to conflicts within the family
    2. It leads to irresponsible sexual behaviours
    3. It promotes mental health
    4. It could lead to a loss of income
  28. Dennis, a standard eight pupil has been receiving gifts from an elderly rich woman who wants to have a relationship with him. As a christian the right action for him to take is to
    1. transfer to another school
    2. inform other pupils about the roman 
    3. report the matter to the headteacher 
    4. accept the gifts
  29. You have discovered that Bosire your best friend is being used by a rich man to sell drugs to other pupils in school. As a christian you should tell him to
    1. Transfer to another school
    2. ask the rich man to pay him well
    3. sell the drugs and not use them 
    4. stop selling the drugs and concentrate in class
  30. Which one of the following is a wrong use of money?
    1. Helping the needy to become rich
    2. Paying school fees for a relative
    3. Paying salaries to workers
    4. Giving gifts to voters



  1. Which one of the following Surah teaches about oneness in Allah (SWT)?
    1. Al-Fatiha
    2. An-Nas
    3. Al-Ikhlas
    4. At-Kanthar
  2. The verse 'you do not worship what I worship' is derived from which surah?
    1. Al-miminim
    2. Maun
    3. Al-Kafirun and off
    4. Zilzala
  3. The prayer performed between morning and mid-day is called:-
    1. fajr
    2. dhuhur
    3. dhuha
    4. witri
  4. The sunna prayer performed during the night of Ramadhan is called:-
    1. Ishai
    2. Tarawele
    3. Istiskai 
    4. Sala tul lail
  5. Which of the following surah is recited seventeen times a day by muslims?
    1. Annas
    2. Al-Fatiha
    3. Aya tul kursy 
    4. Tyin
  6. Which of the following can nullify udhu?
    1. Passing wind
    2. Speaking
    3. Applying perfume
    4. Shaking hands
  7. Which is the correct order of prayers performed by muslims?
    1. Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha
    2. Fajr, Dhuhr, Maghrib, Asr, Isha 
    3. Fajr, Dhuhr, Maghrib, Isha, Asr
    4. Fajr, Maghrib, Dhuhr, Isha, Asr
  8. Which of the following prophet of Allah received Suhuf?
    1. Ibrahim
    2. Issa
    3. David
    4. Mohamed
  9. What is the main teaching from Surah Al Alaq?
    1. All people should be responsible for their deeds
    2. A man was created from a clot of blood
    3. Allah is the only forgiver
    4. Prophet is favoured by God
  10. Who among the following is not a prophet?
    1. Zulekha
    2. Isaak
    3. Yunus
    4. Ishmail
  11. When you visit a sick in the hospital the best gift you can give to him is:-
    1. a flower
    2. get well card
    3. food
    4. a dua
  12. When someone gives you a gift you should say:-
    1. Alhamdulillahi
    2. Jazakallah
    3. lahaula wa lakwata
    4. Audhubillahi
  13. Islam teaches on hardwork since:-
    1. it discourages begging
    2. it discourages laziness
    3. it is a way of creating wealth
    4. it is a way of earning lawfully
  14. Which of the following items is hash for zakat?
    1. Personal clothings 
    2. House furniture
    3. Farm produce
    4. Family house
  15. When muslims are in need they should seek help from:-
    1. Mohamed
    2. Jibril 
    3. Allah
    4. Imam
  16. Which one of the following islamic months is not among the sacred months (ash-hunul-human)?
    1. Rajab
    2. Muharan 
    3. Dulhija
    4. Ramadhan
  17. The lesson derived from the bottle of badr is that prisoners should be:-
    1. treated kindly
    2. be forced to work
    3. be set free
    4. denied food
  18. Which one of the following is a halaal business practice?
    1. Gambling
    2. Selling alcohol 
    3. Hoarding
    4. Lending money
  19. The festival of Idd Id Fitri is celebrated on:-
    1. 1st shawal
    2. 30th Ramadhan 
    3. 1st Ramadhan
    4. 1st Rajab
  20. Hussein found a thousand shilling note on the assembly ground. What would be the best course of action?
    1. Share the money with friends
    2. Take the money to his parents
    3. Take the money to the teacher
    4. Use the money to buy school books
  21. The duty of angel Izrail is to:-
    1. remove people's souls
    2. blowing the trumpet
    3. recording deeds
    4. bringing rain
  22. Which of the following attributes of Allah describes Allah as the king of kings?
    1. Malik
    2. Kahman
    3. Al-gudus
    4. Ar-rahum
  23. Which one of the following can be classified as light najis?
    1. Bacon
    2. Dogs urine
    3. Urine of a baby boy
    4. Vomit
  24. How many rakaas are performed during Fajr prayers?
    1. 4
    2. 10
    3. 8
    4. 2
  25. Which of the following are fadh prayers prayed by muslims?
    1. Dhuha
    2. Dhuhr
    3. Tareweh
    4. Taqwa
  26. Thuluthul Quran is a title given to surah Ikhlas. This is because Sura Ikhlas is the:-
    1. mother of the Quran
    2. a third of Quran
    3. heart of Quran
    4. opening chapter
  27. Muslims lost in the battle of:-
    1. Badr
    2. Hunain
    3. Uhud
    4. Khadaq
  28. The two Muadhatein surah are __________________ and  __________________
    1. Nas and Falaq
    2. Kauthar and Maun
    3. Nasr and Asr
    4. Dhuha and Inshirah
  29. Who is not among the four caliphs of prophet (pbuh)?
    1. Abbakar
    2. Abu-jahal 
    3. Ali
    4. Uthman
  30. Doing right and avoiding evil wherever we are is a sign of having:-
    1. Ihsan
    2. Iman
    3. Taqwa
    4. Tawakkal



  1. D
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A
  6. C
  7. D
  8. A
  9. D
  10. B
  11. B
  12. A
  13. B
  14. D
  15. D
  16. C
  17. D
  18. D
  19. B
  20. A
  21. D
  22. C
  23. D
  24. B
  25. B
  26. D
  27. B
  28. C
  29. A
  30. A
  31. A
  32. D
  33. C
  34. D
  35. D
  36. B
  37. C
  38. D
  39. D
  40. D
  41. C
  42. A
  43. C
  44. A
  45. C
  46. B
  47. D
  48. D
  49. A
  50. A
  51. C
  52. C
  53. A
  54. C
  55. B
  56. D
  57. C
  58. A
  59. B
  60. A


  1. C
  2. B
  3. D
  4. A
  5. B
  6. B
  7. A
  8. D
  9. C
  10. B
  11. C
  12. D
  13. B
  14. B
  15. B
  16. C
  17. C
  18. C
  19. A
  20. C
  21. A
  22. D
  23. D
  24. D
  25. A
  26. D
  27. C
  28. C
  29. D
  30. D
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