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Science Questions and Answers - Class 8 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 4

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  1. The following are activities that help to control tooth decay except
    1. eating cakes and sugary foods
    2. drinking plenty of milk
    3. brushing teeth regularly
    4. regular dental checkups
  2. The following are examples of pests. Which list consist of storage pests only?
    1. Army worms, weevils, moths
    2. Aphids, stalk borers, moles
    3. Rats, weevils, white ants
    4. Cutworms, termites, aphids
  3. The following processes takes place during breathing in. Which one does not?
    1. Ribs move outwards and upwards
    2. Lungs expands as diaphragm become dome shaped
    3. Volume of the chest cavity increases
    4. Pressure in the chest decreases
  4. The diagram below represents a female reproductive system
    Which pair of labelled parts have the same function as ovary of a flower?
    1. (i) and (ii)
    2. (v) and (iii)
    3. (ii) and (iii)
    4. (iv) and (v)
  5. Below are effects of air pollution to non-living things except
    1. leads to destruction of materials made of calcium
    2. formation of acid rain from industrial waste gases
    3. harmful gases from exhaust pipes causes headaches
    4. dust and soot makes surfaces dirty
  6. Which one of the following activities uses the principle of reflection of light?
    1. Formation of rainbow
    2. Using periscopes
    3. Placing a ruler in water
    4. Using solar panels
  7. Manures can help to improve the fertility of soil in all the following ways except
    1. improves acration of soil
    2. improves scorching of plants parts
    3. improves water holding capacity
    4. improves soil structure
  8. The diagram below shows pieces of wood placed on water
    Which one of the following statements explains what was being investigated?
    1. Shape affects sinking and floating
    2. Material affects sinking and floating
    3. Size does not affect sinking and floating
    4. Weight affects sinking and floating
  9. Plants that grow in moist soils have all the following characteristics except
    1. have broad large leaves to reduce the rate of transpiration
    2. have flexible stems to prevent breaking
    3. have air sacs under a leaf for floating
    4. have a waxy hairy upper surface
  10. The following arc statements that describes sound energy. Which one is correct?
    1. Sound travels slowly in a vacuum
    2. Reflected sound is louder than original sound
    3. A whisper sound is a soft sound
    4. A short string may produce a loud sound
  11. Which one of the following pairs causes food poisoning?
    1. Poor cooking of food and not washing hands
    2. Chemicals and micro-organisms
    3. Improper handling of food and poor storage
    4. Not washing foods eaten when raw and houseflies
  12. The following are functions of amniotic fluid during reproduction in human beings except
    1. facilitate exchange of fluids and digested food
    2. suspend the foetus during pregnancy
    3. acts as a shock absorber
    4. provides temperature to warm the foetus
  13. Which one of the following shows magnetic materials only? 
    1. Aluminium, copper, glass 
    2. Glass, steel, iron
    3. Cobalt, nickel, carbon
    4. Tin, chromium, alnico
  14. Which list of foodstuffs below consist of body building foods only?
    1. Milk, melons, millet, chips 
    2. Termites, beans, beef, eggs 
    3. Potatoes, maize, peas, honey 
    4. Soda, bread, milk, chapati
  15. Which one of the following groups of plants consist of flowerless non-green plants only?
    1. Algae, ferns, mosses
    2. Maize, grass, sorghum
    3. Puffball, toadstool, brackets
    4. Beans, peas, groundnuts
  16. When the soil is heated in a glass tube as shown below, smoke was seen rising out from the tube
    The experiment above shows that
    1. soil contains organic matter
    2. soil contains living organisms
    3. soil contains a lot of air
    4. soil contains a lot of water
  17. Which one of the following is not a role of stomach in the human body?
    1. Produces chemicals that kills harmful micro-organisms
    2. Storing food temporarily for a few hours
    3. Produces enzymes that digest proteins
    4. Absorbs digested food
  18. Which one of the following changes occurs in boys only during adolescence? A
    1. Release mature sex cells
    2. Increase in weight and height 
    3. Growth of hair on the chest 
    4. Appearance of pimples
  19. Unhealthy crops leads to the following effects except
    1. low quality products
    2. transmission of diseases
    3. low yields
    4. costly production
  20. A certain gas has the following characteristics;
    1. used by plants to grow
    2. forms approximately a fifth of air 
    3. supports germination of seeds
      Which one of the following is also its function?
      1. Making fire extinguishers 
      2. Formation of proteins
      3. Prevents bulbs from blowing out 
      4. Burning substances
  21. Which one of the following is not a way of maintaining simple tools?
    1. Oiling movable parts
    2. Safe storage of tools
    3. Proper use of tools
    4. Sharpening cutting tools
  22. Which one of the following is not an effect of hard water?
    1. Forms scales in cooking utensils 
    2. Reacts with soap to form scum
    3. Causes blockage in hot water pipes 
    4. Causes bleaching in coloured clothes
  23. Which one of the following consists of 4th, 5th and 8th planets from the sun?
    1. Mercury, Venus, Uranus
    2. Mars, Saturn, Uranus
    3. Mars, Jupiter, Neptune
    4. Venus, Saturn, Neptune
  24. The following are steps of making a beam balance but not in the correct order
    1. suspend the tins on both sides of the arm
    2. make the base, a stand and the arm
    3. fix the stand and the arm to the base
    4. suspend the arm to find the balancing point
      Which one of the following is the correct order?
      1. (ii), (iv), (iii), (i)
      2. (iv), (i), (ii), (iii)
      3. (ii), (iii), (iv), (i)
      4. (iii), (iv), (ii), (i) 
  25. The following are sources of electricity. Which one produces current electricity in the same way as bicycle dynamo?
    1. Solar panel
    2. Petrol driven generator
    3. Wind driven turbine
    4. Car battery
  26. Which one of the following is made of major abiotic components of environment only?
    1. Plants, animals, water
    2. Soil, water, air
    3. Buildings, vehicles, factories
    4. Fish, birds, reptiles
  27. The following are effects of HIV and AIDS
    1. poor economy
    2. increased medical expenses
    3. poor health care
    4. sadness
    5. increased orphans
    6. low self esteem
      Which pair consist of effects to the family and nation respectively?
      1. (ii) and (iv)
      2. (v) and (i)
      3. (ii) and (iii)
      4. (vi) and (iv)
  28. The diagram below shows a certain aspect of work being measured
    The aspect being measured is the
    1. pressure of the wood
    2. mass of the block
    3. weight of the block
    4. friction on wood surface
  29. The following processes occur during reproduction in plants;
    1. germination of pollen grains
    2. bursting of pollen tube
    3. fusion of pollen and ovule
    4. pollination
      Which process listed above comes second?
      1. (i)
      2. (ii)
      3. (iii)
      4. (iv)
  30. Which one of the following lists consist of harmful animals only?
    1. Snake, snail, lizard
    2. Chameleon, rat, mosquito
    3. Tick, mite, flea
    4. Lion, hyena, dog
  31. Which one of the following pairs of processes shown below requires loss of heat to the surrounding?
    1. T and Q
    2. R and T
    3. S and R
    4. Q and S
  32. Which one of the following are only omnivorous animals?
    1. Gazelles, antelopes, buffaloes
    2. Pig, bears, monkeys
    3. Cats, leopards, cheetah
    4. Goats, snakes, crocodiles
  33. Which one of the following mixtures can be separated by dissolving, filtering and evaporation?
    1. Iron filings and flour
    2. Salt and sugar
    3. Kerosene, water and ink
    4. Chalkdust and sugar
  34. Which one of the following statements is correct about handling chemicals used at home?
    1. Chemicals should be stored in the kitchen
    2. Empty chemical containers should be burnt completely
    3. Spray chemicals where there is sufficient ventilation
    4. Keep chemicals in the reach of children
  35. Which one of the following diseases are both not communicable and immunizable?
    1. Tetanus and malaria
    2. Polio and tuberculosis
    3. Bilharzia and typhoid
    4. Kwashiorkor and marasmus
  36. Which one of the following statements is true about IIIV and AIDS stages?
    1. Full blown is the most dangerous stage and tests positive
    2. During incubation stage a person tests positive and no signs
    3. During window stage one has visible signs but tests negative
    4. During symptomatic stage one has visible signs but tests negative
  37. A lactating mother needs food rich in fluids to
    1. increase the production of breast milk 
    2. increase the levels of amniotic fluid 
    3. replace blood lost during birth 
    4. prevent dehydration of mother's body
  38. Which one of the following methods of food preservation will all preserve food by dehydration?
    1. Canning, use of honey, refrigeration
    2. Use of ash, smoking, freezing
    3. Sun drying, canning, salting
    4. Smoking, drying, salting
  39. Which one of the following uses of water is found in the industries only?
    1. Making fountains, making pulp
    2. Chemical mixing, making fountains
    3. Swimming, cooling machines
    4. Irrigation, making soft drinks
  40. The diagram below shows a certain soil property being tested
    Which factor need not to be the same during the set up?
    1. Amount of soil samples
    2. Size of test straws
    3. Amount of water used 
    4. Duration of time
  41. Which of the following pairs of energy requires a medium of transmission? 
    1. Heat and light
    2. Electricity and sound 
    3. Sound and light
    4. Heat and electricity
  42. Which one of the following animals have the following characteristics?
    1. lay eggs
    2. have scales on its body
    3. uses lungs to breath
    4. have varying body temperature
      1. Platypus
      2. Hen
      3. Tilapia
      4. Lizard
  43. Non-conductors of electricity can be used in making
    1. handles of cooking spoons
    2. plastic water tanks
    3. outer parts of sockets
    4. contacts of electric switches
  44. Which one of the following materials allows light in the same way as frosted glass?
    1. Skylight and oiled paper
    2. Mirror and car windscreen
    3. Window pane and white paper 
    4. Clear glass and milk
  45. Which one of the following lists consist of animals that hop and leap?
    1. Spider, flea, snail
    2. Cricket, flea, rabbit
    3. Kangaroo, frog, hyena
    4. Snail, snake, slug
  46. Which one of the following ways of passing message on HIV and AIDS is not an example of educating masses?
    1. Using seminars
    2. Using workshops
    3. Using media
    4. Using crusades
  47. The following are ways of lighting our houses naturally except 
    1. using large windows
    2. using translucent roofs
    3. using electric bulbs
    4. using large doors
  48. The following is a description of a certain beak;
    1. strong
    2. curved
    3. hooked
      Which one of the following examples of birds have the same type of beak described above?
      1. Hawk, eagle, kingfisher
      2. Hen, turkey, dove
      3. Duck, swans, penguin
      4. Humming bird, sunbird, sparrow
  49. Which weather instrument measures two aspect of weather?
    1. Windvane
    2. Air thermometer
    3. Rain gauge.
    4. Windsock
  50. The function of carnassial teeth in animals of prey is to
    1. tear flesh from bones of prey and chew it
    2. prevent flesh from sticking between teeth
    3. allow space for turning flesh for proper chewing
    4. crush bones and slice flesh into small portions that can be swallowed


  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. D
  5. C
  6. B
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A
  10. C
  11. B
  12. A
  13. D
  14. B
  15. C
  16. A
  17. D
  18. C
  19. A
  20. D
  21. B
  22. D
  23. C
  24. A
  25. C
  26. B
  27. B
  28. D
  29. A
  30. C
  31. C
  32. B
  33. D
  34. C
  35. D
  36. B
  37. A
  38. D
  39. A
  40. C
  41. B
  42. D
  43. C
  44. A
  45. B
  46. D
  47. C
  48. A
  49. D
  50. D
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