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English Questions and Answers - Class 8 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 5

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Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 1 to 15. For each blank space, choose the best alternative from the choices given.
It is often___1___ that all living things, plants and animals, have a___2___ for existence. Each living organism plays an important role___3__ it exists. However, there is one creature___4___ its existence___5___ people. This is Corona virus. What most people know___6__  this tiny beast  is that it is the major__7___ by which covid 19 is spread. It is therefore not___8___that some people have demanded the complete elimination of___9____species from the face of the earth. It is scaring to note that the virus does not___10___to one person but__11___ from one source to another. Researchers have discovered that washing hands regularly, sanitizing, keeping social distance and wearing masks___12__ help stop the spread. A common rule of nature is__13____ at work here, the survival of our people depends on our behaviour. The lives of this predator___14___ be at risk if man______ his role.

 1  seen  felt   thought   said 
 2  pan  reason   cause   purpose 
 3  whenever  where   wherever   when 
 4  who  whos   whose   whoever 
 5  shocks  shocking   shock   is shock 
 6  with        on        of   about 
 7  way  means   stle   method 
 8  shocking  surprising  astonishing  amazing
 9  that  those   this  these
10         exist  stick       go  visit
11  moves        go  move  walks
12  shall  will  must  may
13  actually  fully  extremely  completely
14  would  must  will  may
15  play  plays  doesn't play  don't plays


For questions 16 - 18, choose the option which means the same as the underlined one.

  1. Hashim will not only come but also bring the presence he promised.
    1. Hashim will come to confirm that he promised to bring the present
    2. Hashim will come and likewise bring the present he promised.
    3. Hashim will come and probably bring the present he promised.
    4. If Hashim brings the present, the promise will be done.
  2. The teacher said that participation in sports is not optional.
    1. The teacher affirmed that it was necessary to be in sports.
    2. The teacher said that taking part in sports is compulsory.
    3. "It's advisable to participate in sports." the teacher said.
    4. It is a good thing to be involved in sports according to the teacher.

For question 18, choose the correct answer

  1. On the way home, Njeri saw a bird.
    1. yellow, little, lovely, short-beaked
    2. lovely, yellow, short-beaked, little
    3. lovely, short-beaked, little, yellow
    4. little, short-beakd, yellow, lovely

For questions 19-20, choose the correct phrasal verb to fill in the blank spaces

  1. The candidates were deceived by the stranger.
    1. Taken over
    2. Taken up
    3. Taken in
    4. Taken back
  2. After the accident, the motorist came around after six hours.
    1. gained strength
    2. gained eye sight
    3. gained unconcious
    4. gained concious

Complete the sentence correctly

  1. Only after the invigilator has collected the question papers
    1. then will the candidates leave the exam room.
    2. and the candidates leave the exam room.
    3. despite the candidtes leave the exam.
    4. will the candidates leave the exam room.

For questions 22-23, choose the sentence that is grammatically correct

    1. Walking into the room, the light was very dim.
    2. Walking into the room, I was very dim.
    3. Walking into the room, I found it very dim.
    4. Walking into the room, the room was very dim.
    1. Driven by desire, he peeped through the keybole to see the person crying.
    2. Driven by desire, the keyhole was peeped through to see the person crying.
    3. Driven by desire the crying person was seen through the keyhole
    4. Driven by desire made him peep through the keyhole to see the crying person.

Fill in correctly

  1. His sight was______ read. that he could not read
    1. very bad
    2. such bad
    3. so bad
    4. too bad

Complete with a question tag.

  1. She often sings in the choir._____
    1. Isn't it?
    2. Does she?
    3. Doesn't she?
    4. Is it?

Read the passage below carefully and then answer questions 26 to 38

There was a scuffle, women and children screamed as Hamo was around the fire. They were afraid of him. The man kept quiet when the commotion died, an old man asked, "do you speak the truth man?” The son nodded. Men and women shouted, where is the man? Kill him, he is not an animal!"

There was nothing said outside that Hamo did not hear. In the hut, the children he had killed haunted him. He lay his head on the rough wall of the hut and wept.

Outside the hut the angry villagers continued shouting, stone him now! Let his blood be upon his own head." One of the old man got up and calmed the people.

"We cannot stone him now," Hamo whispered. "Take me away quickly from this torture and shame. Let me die and be finished with." Hamo could tell from the angry shouting of the people, and the shrill eries that he was banished from society nay from life itself, He fumbled in his leather bag suspended around his waist tofind his hunting knife but it was not there. It had been taken away from him.

The multering and shouting continued outside. There was weeping too but Hamo was now hearing them from far as if a powerful wave was carrying him further and further away from his people. At dawn, the villagers got up from the fire place to gather stones from nearby fields. The sun was not ur yet but there was enough light to see.

Everyone in the clan had to throw a stone at the man eater. It was badnot to throw a stone for it was claimed wicked spirit would rest upon the man who did not drive him a way.

When the first rays of the sun appeared, the villagers had gathered enough stones to cover several bodies. They sorrounded the hut and stood in silence, waiting to jeer and spit at him when he comes out. Sawc and three old men tore the papyrus door open and called Hamo tocome out but there was no reply. They rushed into the hut to drag him out to the people who were now demand, "Come out! Comeout!

At first, it was too dark to see but soon, their eyes got used to the darkness. They then saw the body of Hamo hanged on a short rope that had hanged from the thatched roof.

  1. From the first paragraph, we can say that
    1. men were screaming themselves from the house
    2. the scuffle subsided
    3. the commotion was killed
    4. the people were calm
  2. "Let his blood be upon his head." This means that
    1. they wanted to pour blood on his body
    2. they wouldn't be the ones to blame for his death
    3. he will be bathed with blood on his head
    4. they would be guilty of murder
  3. Why was it important to throw stones at Hamo?
    1. Because he was a murderer
    2. He had killed all the children and was not sorry about it
    3. His wicked spirit would rest on a man who did not
    4. He was so strong that a few would not have managed to kill him
  4. According to the passage, we can tell that Hamo was
    1. fearless, bright, friendly
    2. sympathetic, bright, ruthless
    3. ruthless, heartless, greedy
    4. heartless, friendly, sympathetic
  5. How do we know that Hamo wanted to die. He
    1. said it is whispers
    2. was unhappy when he missed the hunting knife
    3. didn't mind being stoned to feel like those he had killed
    4. committed suicide
  6. Which one of the following is not false?
    1. There was shouting and scre..ming
    2. Somebody was killed in the story
    3. Women and children were not upset
    4. Hamo was stoned to death because of the villager's fear
  7. Which word can be used instead of fumble without changing the meaning?
    1. Fidget
    2. Fanning
    3. Nervous
    4. Jumping
  8. "They sorrounded the hut and stood in silence" Why were they silent?
    1. They knew Hamo was dead
    2. They couldn't see because it was too dark
    3. They were waiting for Hamo to come out of the house
    4. They accepted the darkness
  9. The villager's anger was mainly fueled by
    1. the urge to kill Hamo
    2. bitterness
    3. revenge
    4. urgency to kill
  10. Why do you think people were weeping?
    1. They were angry
    2. They were mourning
    3. They wanted to kill Hamo
    4. There was muttering and shouting
  11. When the villagers came for him, Hamo had
    1. been killed
    2. hidden himself
    3. hanged himself
    4. been hanged by a rope
  12. The phrase, "we cannot depart from this custom" means
    1. we are part and parcel of the custom
    2. the status can't remain
    3. custom should change with time
    4. stoning can not be a fair custom
  13. The most suitable title for this passage would be
    1. ruthless villagers
    2. sweet revenge
    3. rampage
    4. murder

Read the passage below carefully and then answer questions 39 to 50

Population control has become a burning issue in developing countries. Most countries realise that if they became overpopulated, the consequences will be grave. In Kenya, the government, the church and individuals have always stressed the need to have a population that we can easily manage.

This is because the negative effects of overpopulation are far reaching. If there is there is overpopulation, there will not be enough land, for people to cultivate. They will therefore start cultivat- ing the marginal lands and this could lead to the spread of deserts.

Lack of enough land for farming will also lead to shortage of food, resulting in starvation and illness like marasmus and kwashiorkor.

In addition, scarcity of land may force people to move from rural urban areas in search of alterna- tive means of earning a living. With these migrations, towns become so overcrowded that people are forced to live in slums. When they fail to get jobs, they become frustrated and some may turn to crime.

Moreover a country with high population finds it diftcult to cope with the health problems of its people. The medical facilities will not be adequate. This means that the sick will not be attended to in time, infant mortality will be high and life expectancy will be low.

Besides, a family with many children finds it difficult to feed, clothe and educate them.

It is important, therefore that people embrace family planning methods in order to cut down on the high rate of population growth.

  1. From the first paragraph, why shouldn't countries allow themselves to become overpopulated?
    1. Overpopulation is not a blessing.
    2. Population control is a burning issue
    3. Overpopulation has serious negative effects
    4. Different bodies emphasize population control
  2. What causes the spread of deserts?
    1. Springing up of slums
    2. Cultivations of marginal lands
    3. Lack of employment opportunities
    4. Having large families
  3. Which of the following can best replace the word grave as used in the passage?
    1. Many
    2. Deadly
    3. Obvious
    4. Serious
  4. The issue of land is council in Kenya because
    1. the population is growing fast
    2. we need to control rural-urban migration
    3. our economy depends on argricultural
    4. we must not cultivate marginal lands
  5. Why according to the passage, do slums develop?
    1. To house the unemployed
    2. To provide housing for urban dwellers
    3. To provide housing to those without
    4. To house the rural-urban migrants
  6. Which of the following is an effect of inadequate medical facilities?
    1. People will not live for long
    2. Most infants will di
    3. The sick will not be treated
    4. More hospitals will be built.
  7. According to the passage, which of the following is not true about high population?
    1. It leads to construction of more houses
    2. It causes train on school resources
    3. It leads to lack of proper medical care
    4. It causes conflicts in the family
  8. The expression cut down on as used in the passage means
    1. reduce
    2. restrain
    3. decline
    4. stop
  9. Having many children in a family is a problem because it
    1. makes them perform poorly in school
    2. makes them become criminals
    3. causes health problems at home
    4. lessens ability to provide basic needs
  10. Which of the following is not an effect of overpopulation according to the passage?
    1. People have no land to cultivate
    2. People suffer unemployment
    3. Many people move to urban areas
    4. Many people may become criminals
  11. Which of the following is true according to the passage?
    1. Population control is a big concern to the government
    2. The government wants a certain number of people
    3. Population control is the government's responsibility
    4. The government regulates the size of families
  12. Which one of the following is the most suitable title for the passage?
    1. Overpopulation in developing countries
    2. Effects of overpopulation
    3. Causes of overpopulation
    4. Control of overpopulation


You have 40 minutes to write your composition.

The following is the beginning of a composition. Complete it in your own words. Make it as. interesting as possible.

My mother woke me up from a very deep and heavy sleep. The time was a half past six and..................


  1. D
  2. D
  3. A
  4. C
  5. A
  6. D
  7. B
  8. B
  9. D
  10. B
  11. A
  12. D
  13. D
  14. A
  15. B
  16. B
  17. B
  18. C
  19. A
  20. D
  21. A
  22. A
  23. A
  24. C
  25. C
  26. B
  27. B
  28. C
  29. C
  30. D
  31. A
  32. A
  33. C
  34. C
  35. B
  36. C
  37. A
  38. D
  39. C
  40. B
  41. D
  42. C
  43. D
  44. A
  45. A
  46. A
  47. D
  48. A
  49. A
  50. B
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