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English Questions and Answers - Class 8 Mid Term Exams Term 1 2023 Set 2

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The passage below contains blank spaces numbered 1 to 15. For each blank space, select the best alternative from the choices given.

Healthy eating is considered a great way of keeping sickness at bay, people who eat a balanced diet everyday and exercise ___1___ are less likely to fall ill. Those who do not care about how they live ___2___fall ill. People who are obese are fat in ___3___ .way that is not healthy. Obesity, is the result ___4___ bad eating habits and lack of exercise. It ___5___ result in major diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Such diseases are referred to as ___6___ diseases and they can be avoided. 

Doctors today are very concerned about ___7___ lifestyles and have launched campaigns to create awareness of this life-threatening problem. In ___8___ big shopping centres, one is likely to find tents in which medical personnel counsel individuals are on healthy eating habits. The bottom line is to ___9___healthy.

There are ___10____ ways of staying healthy. These include knowing which foods are good for you and ensuring that you  ___11___ right. Besides, you should also take in the ___12___ portions of food.  In doing so, you avoid ___13___. Apart from the diet, exercises ___14___  as yoga and jogging are recommended. Your health is your ___15___  and so you should take care of it.

   A   B   C   D 
 1.   sometimes   generallly   regularly   rarely 
 2.  don't  sometimes   rarely  often
 3. the  a  some  that
 4.  in  of  by  to
 5.  may  must  should  would 
 6.  life  lifestyle  livelihood   live
 7.  people's  person  person's  people 
 8.  other  many  much  more
 9.  stay  learn  train  research 
 10.   new  several  some  few
 11.  study  eat  play  sleep 
 12.  little  basic  right  good
 13.  overfeeding   fat  nutrients  underfeeding 
 14.  like  such  include  involve
 15.  future  diet  wealth  life


İn questions 16 to 18, choose the word that best completes the sentence.   

  1. We congratulated them ______________________ winning the relays.
    1. of
    2. with
    3. on
    4. for
  2. We ______________________ him to pass very well.
    1. exempt
    2. except
    3. accept
    4. expect
  3. The pupils sat _______________________ the shade.
    1. under
    2. in
    3. below
    4. on

In questions 19 to 21, use the correct question tag to complete the sentence.

  1. They will leave tomorrow morning _______________________?
    1. will they
    2. won't they
    3. isn't it
    4. are they
  2. They don't have to finish all the work today, _______________________
    1. do they?
    2. don't they?
    3. will they?
    4. must they?
  3. The children might go for swimming
    1. won't they?
    2. will they?
    3. mightn't they?
    4. might they?

For questions 22 and 23, choose the word that can be used to replace the underlined phrase.

  1. The gang made off with a computer and unknown amount of money.
    1. ran
    2. stole
    3. carried
    4. robbed
  2. She said that the boy takes after his father.
    1. matches
    2. imitates
    3. follows
    4. resembles

In questions 24 and 25, choose the best alternative to complete the sentence.

  1. Mueni or Kioko _______________________ to call the head teacher this afternoon.
    1. are going
    2. is going
    3. were going
    4. was going
  2. He is selling his car but no body __________________________ offered to buy it.
    1. have
    2. has
    3. will
    4. is

Read the passage carefully and then answer questions 26 to 38.

It was very hot and the place was dusty. Munyaka's little hands tightly held onto the hammer, the tool that the child had come to regard as his companion. With short bangs, he broke the huge boulder apart and proceeded to hit each of the pieces into thousands of pebbles. He had to fill a wheelbarrow, for which Mr. Fundi paid him only fifty shillings.

Mr. Fungi who claimed to have built half the houses in Karina estate, was a cunning and mean person. He was arrogant and he had about ten small boys working on his building project. He paid the boys poorly.

"You there! Stop dreaming and work!" he bellowed, saliva flying at Munyaka's face.

Munyaka was started. He briefly looked up, his eyes a mirror of the misery around him. A tear rolled down his ashers face. He continued hitting the rocks harder and faster. Small pebbles flew into the air, hitting his legs and occasionally his face. This disturb him and he felt as if everyone and everything was against him.

"Why? Oh why?" Wondered Munyaka. "Why is life so unfair to me? Other boys of my age go to school every morning and many even have shoes!" What kind of relatives do such boys have?"

He remembered vaguely the good old days when both his parents were alive. There was everything in his home. There was plenty of food and alot of time to play. Then one evening, he saw people pouring into his home. Their faces were downcast and they looked very sad. He tried to catch what they were saying but no one spoke loud enough for him to hear. When he tried to ask why his parents were not at home, someone told him quite casually that they had been involved in a road accident and were in hospital. Munyaka had no other opportunity to ask questions because the same evening he was taken away to live with an uncle.

Later on, Munyaka was told that both his parents had not survived the accident. Munyaka's life went from bad to worse and his uncle became his tormentor. Munyaka would go for days without food and many times he was sent without food and many times he was sent to work on the field to earn his food. When life became unbearable at his uncle's home, Munyaka ran away to work in the quarry like some other boys that he had seen.

Munyaka did not know which was better going back to his unkind uncle or working for the cruel Mr. Fundi. He did not have to wonder for long. The next day, a kind-looking woman accompanied by a children's officer visited the quarry. After talking in low tones with Mr. Fundi, they walked to Munyaka.

"Munyaka, I am your aunt-your mother's sister, Rehema," the woman said, looking at Munyaka kindly." I am going to take you home and look after you. You will never again be a slave to anybody!"

  1. Munyaka regarded the hammer as his companion because
    1. it was the only thing he owned
    2. his friends were too busy to talk to
    3. he had it all the time
    4. he used it to earn his living
  2. From the first paragraph, we can say that Munyaka was miserable
    1. and lonely
    2. and exploited
    3. but cunning
    4. and impatient
  3. How can we tell that Mr. Fundi was a mean person?
    1. He had built many houses in Karina Estate
    2. He had employed about ten small boys
    3. He scared his workers
    4. He paid the boys poorly
  4. The word 'arrogant' has been used in the passage. Which of the following words is its opposite?
    1. Truthful
    2. Helpful
    3. Humble
    4. Industrious
  5. Mr. Fundi had ______________________ him. boys working for him.
    1. ten small
    2. approximately ten small
    3. ten tall
    4. over ten small
  6. Why did Munyaka think that life was unfair to him?
    1. He was not able to dream
    2. Small pebbles hit his legs and face
    3. He was not able to go to school 
    4. Mr. Fundi liked spitting at him
  7. How do we know that Munyaka would have liked to go to school?
    1. He thought about school children
    2. He longed to have shoes like other boys
    3. He remembered the good old days
    4. School children had plenty of food
  8. When Munyaka went to live with his uncle
    1. looked after him
    2. played the role of his parents
    3. sent him to work at a quarry 
    4. treated him like a slave
  9. Munyaka's parents did not survive the accident. This means that
    1. they died as a result of the accident
    2. they lived for only a short time
    3. they were only survived by Munyaka
    4. everyone died in the accident
  10. The word vaguely as used in the passage could also mean
    1. absent-mindedly
    2. in a way that is not clear
    3. astonishingly
    4. in a way that is doubtful
  11. From the story of Munyaka, we can conclude that
    1. Munyaka liked working in the quarry
    2. some people are very unkind to orphans 
    3. children without parens work very hard 
    4. children cannot live with their uncles
  12. The story of Munyaka tells us about
    1. the work in a quarry
    2. cruel uncles and neighbours
    3. how important work is
    4. some problems child labourers face
  13. What would be the best title for this passage?
    1. Mr. Fundi the arrogant man
    2. Munyaka's misfortunes
    3. The cruel relatives
    4. Munyaka and his aunt

Read the passage below and use it to answer questions 39 to 50.

Lifestyle diseases is a term used to describe diseases that have some relationship with the way people live on a daily basis. These diseases are also referred to as chronic diseases because they exist for a long duration and progress slowly, lifestyle diseases include cadivascular diseases or diseases that affect the heart or bloodvessels. They include diabetes, hypertension, some cancer, chronic backache, chronic lung disease and arthritis. These are diseases that affect many people and are a major cause of death.

These diseases sometimes come about because of the lifestyle that we choose. Excessive use of alcohol, smoking and drug abuse for example, can bring about some of the lifestyle diseases. If one engages in over eating unhealthy foods and fails to engage in regular exercise and other physical activities, one increases their likelihood of developing a lifestyle disease.

One of the commonest lifestyle diseases is diabetes. When one has diabetes, he or she has too much sugar in the blood. A combination of factors are responsible for causing diabetes. One factor has to do with genes in the body. There is not much that one can do about that. Another cause is obesity or having too much weight, especially around the middle body. Other factors that can increase chances of getting diabetes include doing little or no exercise, smoking, too much stress and inadequate sleep. Some symptoms of diabetes are feeling thirsty, passing urine too often and having blurred vision.

Another common lifestyle diseases is high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. This is a disease that often does not have symptoms that are noticeable. However if high blood pressure is not treated, chances of getting other serious problems like heart attacks and stokes are high. It is not clear what causes high blood pressure but chances become higher for people who are overweight people who eat too much salt and do not eat enough fruit and vegetables; those who do not exercise; those who do not get enough sleep smoke and take large amounts of alcohol.

Some cancers are also in this group of lifestyle disease. Drinking alcohol, for example is linked to a higher risk of getting liver cancer and breast cancer. Of the less talked about lifestyle diseases is the ear problem. People can have ear problems as a result of regular exposure to too much noise from loud music or excessive use of earphones. Such people can have buzzing or ringing ears.

There are a number of things that one can do to reduce the chances of developing lifestyle diseases or prevent them from getting worse. One can for example, make efforts to lose weight, to reduce salt intake and to eat more healthy sugar and foods like vegetables and fruits. One can avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Finally one can purpose to engage in regular exercise.

  1. Lifestyle diseases
    1. affect people on a daily basis
    2. are associated with the way people live
    3. are associated with regular exercises
    4. affect a small number of people
  2. In the first paragraph, the writer states that lifestyle diseases.
    1. sometimes progress slowly 
    2. include only heart diseases
    3. are a major cause of death
    4. affect certain people only
  3. These diseases sometimes come about because of the lifestyle that we choose. These means that
    1. we can control our lifestyles
    2. we don't have to be ill
    3. choices have consequences
    4. we can control diseases
  4. Not engaging in regular exercise
    1. has some health benefits
    2. makes us immune to diseases
    3. prevents all diseases.
    4. exposes us to diseases.
  5. The word 'excessive' is used to mean
    1. uncontrolled
    2. unnecessary
    3. avoidable
    4. preventable
  6. One can be said to have diabetes when they
    1. have too much sugar in the blood 
    2. pass too much urine frequently
    3. have difficulties in sleeping
    4. are born in diabetic families
  7. What according to the passage, makes hypertension a dangerous disease?
    1. Sometimes it has not symptoms
    2. The disease is not treatable
    3. It is caused by too much salt intake
    4. The heart is weakened by the disease
  8. According to the passage
    1. people should only eat fruits and vegetables
    2. lack of sleep cannot necessarily affect anyone
    3. there is no known cause of hypertension
    4. people with hypertension have blurred vision
  9. Some people have buzzing or ringing ears because they
    1. listen to loud music regularly
    2. have several lifestyle diseases
    3. smoke and drink alcohol heavily
    4. become obese and avoid exercise
  10. The following can help people reduce chances of developing lifestyle diseases except
    1. getting enough sleep
    2. losing weigh
    3. eating healthy foods
    4. drinking alcohol
  11. According to the passage why is regular exercise important
    1. it helps people to avoid smoking and excessive drinking
    2. it prevents overheating
    3. it reduces the risk of developing lifestyle diseases
    4. it prevents buzzing or ringing ears
  12. The best title for this passage is
    1. keeping lifestyle diseases at bay
    2. symptoms of lifestyle diseases 
    3. engaging in physical activities
    4. diabetes and hypertension


You have 40 minutes to write your composition.

Below is the beginning of a composition. With your own words finish it making it as interesting as possible.

As I neared my home, I could hear people singing and ululating happily...................................................


  1. C
  2. D
  3. B
  4. B
  5. A
  6. B
  7. A
  8. B
  9. A
  10. B
  11. B
  12. C
  13. A
  14. B
  15. C
  16. B
  17. D
  18. B
  19. B
  20. A
  21. C
  22. B
  23. D
  24. B
  25. B
  26. C
  27. B
  28. D
  29. C
  30. B
  31. C
  32. A
  33. D
  34. A
  35. B
  36. B
  37. D
  38. B
  39. B
  40. C
  41. A
  42. D
  43. A
  44. A
  45. A
  46. C
  47. A
  48. D
  49. C
  50. A
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