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English Questions and Answers - Class 8 Mid Term Exams Term 1 2023 Set 4

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Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 1 to15. For each blank- space, choose the best answer from the choices given.

There are many cases of youngsters.__1__ are usually left alone at home. Their parents have __2__ jobs that take most of their time. Such children get used to staying with no one to __3__ them. __4__ does anyone help them manage their time. Therefore they __5__
engaging in activities in which they can easily harm __6__.

There are some whose parents __7__ house helps to __8__ for their children. These house helps more __9__  than not are underage girls who have, __10__ capacity to raise children. Eventually this __11__ not to be a solution.

However, a solution seems to, __12__ found with the establishment of student care centres. They are open to students of all __13__. They provide guided activities that ensure that students are engaged with not only educational fun activities __14__ fun activities like games and sports. For a monthly charge, both working couples and single parents can __15__ their kids in these centres.

   A   B   C   D 
 1.   whom   which   who   whose 
 2.  demanding   difficult   long  easy
 3.  look for  watch over   watch out   look out 
 4.  Either  Nor  Neither  Or
 5.  risk  want  wish  fear
 6.  theirselves  himself  themselves   herself
 7.  find  hire  choose  rent
 8.  care  take care  look after  mind
 9.  time  often  rarely  always
 10.   a little  much  some  no
 11.  comes  proves  shows  makes
 12.  been  be  have been  was being 
 13.  lives  types  places  ages
 14.  together with   but also  also  as well
 15.  enrol  take  send  record


In questions 16 to 18, choose the best alternative to complete the sentences.  

  1. He would have sent me a card
    1. if I would have informed him.
    2. had I informed him.
    3. unless I informed him.
    4. if I informed him.
  2. He would rather work indoors,
    1. wouldn't he?
    2. won't he?
    3. would he?
    4. didn't he?
  3. What ______________________ at the moment?
    1. are you doing
    2. did you do
    3. will you do
    4. have you done

In questions 19 and 20, choose the plural form of the underlined sentences.  

  1. A piece of furniture was stolen from the store. Pieces of
    1. furnitures was stolen from the stores.
    2. furniture were stolen from the stores.
    3. furnitures were stolen from the stores.
    4. furnitures were stolen from the store.
  2. The traveller had a heavy luggage and a fishing equipment. The
    1. travellers had heavy luggages and fishing equipment.
    2. traveller had heavy luggages and fishing equipments.
    3. travellers had heavy luggages and fishing equipments.
    4. travellers had heavy luggage and fishing equipment.

In questions 21 and 22, select the odd one out.  

    1. vest.
    2. clothes.
    3. blouse.
    4. shorts.
    1. beans. 
    2. peas.
    3. maize.
    4. cereals.

In questions 23 to 25, select the best alternative to fill the blank spaces.     

  1. The _____________________ passengers were taken to the hospital after the accident.
    1. wounded
    2. injured
    3. hurt
    4. knocked
  2. Some traditional ______________________ have been outlawed.
    1. practices
    2. practice
    3. practise
    4. practises
  3. The clothes were ________________________ in the sun to dry.
    1. hanged
    2. hung
    3. hunged
    4. hunging

Read the passage below and answer questions 26 to 38.

Last night, I attended a concert that will forever be etched in my memory. The concert featured the one and only Taylor Swift, and it was held at the grandiose Staples Centre in Los Angeles. The arena was teeming with ecstatic fans of all ages, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the pop queen.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd erupted in a deafening roar. The stage was bathed in a spectrum of colours, revealing the shape of the one and only Taylor Swift as she emerged from the shadows. She was dressed in a dazzling silver jumpsuit that sparkled under the spotlights, showing confidence and unrestrained energy. She opened the show with her hit song "Shake it off" and the crowd sang along with her in perfect harmony, their voices blending together to create a symphony of excitement.

The concert was a journey through time, featuring a perfect blend of Taylor Swift's old and new songs. Each time she sang a song from her newest album, the crowd erupted in a frenzy, jumping and dancing along with her. She had a few guest appearances, including one of her close friends who sang with her on stage. Together, they ignited the crowd with their harmony, moves and melodious voices.

Throughout the concert, Taylor Swift had a magnetic stage presence, engaging with the crowd, sharing stories about the inspiration behind some of her songs, and even inviting a few lucky fans on stage to sing and dance with her. The crowd was in awe as they got to experience that magical moment with her.

The concert was a feast for the senses, with an enormous screen behind the stage displaying a mesmerizing array of visuals and videos that perfectly matched the songs being played. The stage was adorned with a spectacular array of bright lights and pyrotechnics that added an extra layer of drama and excitement to the performance.

As the concert came to a close, Taylor Swift closed the show with her hit song "Love Story" and the crowd sang along with her, their voices rising to the rafters. The air was filled with a cascade of confetti, creating a magical and unforgettable moment. It was a night of pure magic, and I couldn't help but feel awestruck by Taylor Swift's undeniable talent and electrifying stage presence.

  1. The concert can be described using all the following words except
    1. historical.
    2. memorable.
    3. unforgettable.
    4. historic.
  2. The word 'ecstatic' can be replaced with all the following words except
    1. overjoyed. 
    2. rowdy. 
    3. thrilled.
    4. jubilant.
  3. Why did the crowd erupt into a loud noise?
    1. The stage was brightly decorsted. 
    2. The singer had arrived on stage. 
    3. The music had already started. 
    4. They saw Taylor Swift in the darkness.
  4. Which of the following statements is true?
    1. "Shake it off" was the first song sang.
    2. The crowd didn't know the singer's songs.
    3. The fans sang before the singer. 
    4. The crowd sang with confidence.
  5. Why was the concert a journey through time?
    1. A mix of new and old songs were performed.
    2. Taylor sang songs done by other singers.
    3. The crowd was singing along with her.
    4. She took a lot of time singing her songs.
  6. We can conclude that
    1. Taylor's new song was unknown.
    2. Taylor's new song was very popular.
    3. "Love story" was an old song.
    4. Taylor's old songs were not popular at all.
  7. Taylor Swift and her close friend endeared themselves to the crowd by all the following except
    1. their moves.
    2. their sweet voices.
    3. creating a good harmony. 
    4. their friendship..
  8. Taylor's performance was made magnetic by
    1. engaging with the crowd. 
    2. inviting the crowd in stage.
    3. leaving the stage to dance with the crowd.
    4. composing new songs in stage.
  9. Why do you think some fans were described as "lucky"? They
    1. won the dancing competition. 
    2. heard the inspiration in the songs.
    3. got an opportunity many did not.
    4. saw Taylor dancing on stage.
  10. The stage was decorated with 
    1. balloons and pyrotechnics.
    2. bright lights and pyrotechnics. 
    3. balloons and confetti.
    4. posters and ribbons.
  11. The big screen behind the stage showed
    1. fascinating visuals and videos of the songs played.
    2. past videos of Taylor Swift.
    3. visuals and videos of Taylor's new songs.
    4. the events of the concert as they happened.
  12. We can say the crowd sang the song 'Love Story'
    1. emotionally.
    2. loudly.
    3. softly.
    4. melodiously.
  13. What makes us believe that the writer enjoyed the concert? He
    1. was awestruck by Taylor's beauty and personality.
    2. sang and danced along with Taylor Swift.
    3. was fascinated by Taylor's stage presence and talent.
    4. felt bad when the concert drew to an end.

Read the passage below and answer questions 39 to 50.   

Pleasure is something that is enjoyed by all living beings, but it is through our sense organs that we humans truly experience it. The sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste each bring their own unique pleasures. Senses are important when it comes to enjoying food, as we are able to appreciate the flavours and aromas that make our meals so enjoyable. Otherwise food would be monotonous, nothing to look forward to. The natural beauty of the world, such as ice-capped mountains and thundering waterfalls, can also bring great pleasure to our senses.

However, there is a higher order of pleasure that can be derived from reading. While external things bring pleasure to our senses, reading brings pleasure to the mind. The more and widely one reads and develops the mind, the greater the pleasure that can be derived from reading. It is through reading that we can truly become a "full" person, as it allows us to expand our knowledge, imagination and understanding of the world.

Reading is the end product of writing, and without something written, there would be nothing to read. Therefore, good writing is essential for good reading. It is only humans that can write, that is, put their thoughts and ideas into a written form. Writing has been an important aspect of human existence and it is through writing that we are able to preserve our thoughts and ideas. The world of literature is vast and there is something for everyone to read.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of reading material available for all tastes. A scholar may read serious literature to expand their knowledge while another person may read a magazine or picture book to pass the time. The material chosen will depend on one's mood, reading background, time available and purpose. A teenager may enjoy romance stories, while an older person may prefer books on philosophy and religion. Some may prefer poetry, while others may prefer non-fiction.

Reading is a habit that can be enjoyed and cultivated. A personal library can be built to suit one's interests. There are a wide variety of kinds, such as poetry, novels, fiction, drama, and letters. Biographies and autobiographies also make up a large portion of literature. The greatest advantage of reading is that one can come across great minds, regardless of whether one agrees with what is being read or not. There is no harm in having an opinion on the writer, but it is not necessary to publish it. Reading can be enjoyed in a comfortable and quiet environment, with soft lighting and a comfortable seat.

In conclusion, reading is a habit that can be enjoyed and cultivated for a lifetime. It is through reading that we can expand our knowledge and imagination, and it can be uplifting. While reading is not everything in life, it can bring a sense of dignity and pleasure.

  1. According to the first paragraph,
    1. all living things have sense organs.
    2. all living things enjoy pleasure.
    3. pleasure is only enjoyed by humans.
    4. all living things experience pleasure.
  2. It is true to say that
    1. all sense organs have a similar pleasure.
    2. some sense organs are more unique.
    3. all sense organs bring about one pleasure.
    4. each sense organs causes a unique pleasure
  3. To enjoy food, which senses are particularly useful?
    1. Sight and taste.
    2. Smell and taste.
    3. Smell and touch.
    4. Sight and smell.
  4. The word 'monotonous' as used in that passage means the same as
    1. sour.
    2. colourless.
    3. boring.
    4. stale
  5. Reading is different from other sources of pleasure because it 
    1. brings pleasure to the mind. 
    2. is more enjoyable than other activities.
    3. makes one imagine things.
    4. brings pleasure to external senses.
  6. We can conclude that
    1. writing comes before reading. 
    2. reading comes before writing.
    3. reading and writing occur together.
    4. either reading or writing can come first.
  7. All the following are benen's of reading. Which one is not? One 
    1. expands imagination.
    2. broadens knowledge. 
    3. develops physically.
    4. understands the world.
  8. The word 'vast' means the same as all the following words except
    1. massive.
    2. extensive.
    3. immense.
    4. narrow.
  9. The choice of reading material depends on all the following except 
    1. mood.
    2. purpose.
    3. reading habits.
    4. available time.
  10. The most important benefit of reading is that one is able to
    1. agree with the writer's opinion.
    2. publish their own books.
    3. form an opinion of the writer. 
    4. come across great minds.
  11. Romantic stories read by teenagers can be classified as
    1. poetry.
    2. fiction.
    3. biography.
    4. letters.
  12. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?
    1. Kinds of reading materials.
    2. Benefits of pleasure.
    3. The pleasure of reading.
    4. How to develop reading habits.


  1. C
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A
  6. C
  7. B
  8. A
  9. B
  10. D
  11. B
  12. C
  13. D
  14. B
  15. A
  16. B
  17. A
  18. A
  19. B
  20. D
  21. B
  22. D
  23. B
  24. A
  25. B
  26. A
  27. B
  28. B
  29. C
  30. A
  31. B
  32. D
  33. A
  34. C
  35. B
  36. A
  37. B
  38. C
  39. B
  40. D
  41. B
  42. C
  43. A
  44. A
  45. C
  46. D
  47. C
  48. D
  49. B
  50. C

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