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English Questions - Class 8 Opener Exams Term 2 2023 Set 7

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Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces 1-15. Choose the best alternative from the choices given.

A festival is __1___event ___2__ by a community when celebrating some __3___ aspects of __4___tradition._____ it is marked to meet specific purposes especially in regard ______commemoration and thanksgiving.

There festivals may provide entertainment which is particularly important to __7___ communities. Either, there is a music festival which i is __8___ towards music that is__9____ presented with a theme __10___ as music genre, nationality or locality of musicians __11___holiday. They are commonly ___12___ and often inclusive of ___13__ attractions such as food and social activities. Many of these festivals are __14____or repeated in intervals. Some are organised as profit concerts ___15___ others.

1  the  a   an   some 
2  staged  organised  planned  made
3  great  unique  lifestyle  tradition
4  it's  it is  its  it
5  Often   Rarely  Frequently  Most
6  at   for  in  to
7  local  international  some  any
8  based  directed  oriented  based to
9  all  as   sometimes   ever
10  that  such   so   very 
11  and  all   or   either 
12   indoors   outdoors   gradually   slowly 
13   another  nor   either   other 
14    monthly   annual   annually   daily 
15  unlike  like  not  no


For questions 16-18, choose the alternative that could best replace the underlined words.

  1.  The teacher could not put up with Nelson's behaviour.
    1. bear with
    2.  tolerate
    3. put up
    4. get along
  2. "Look into the matter," said the chief.
    1. Investigate
    2. Look for
    3. Look after
    4. Look out
  3. The student will compensate for time he wasted.
    1. make up
    2. make out
    3. make up for
    4. make off

For questions 19 and 20, choose the correct question tags.

  1. You mustn't be late often, ________?
    1. will you
    2. won't you
    3. must you
    4. would you
  2. He was not sick, _______?
    1. was he
    2. is he
    3. wasn't he
    4. isn't he

For questions 21 and 22, choose the best alternative.

  1. We sincerely sympathized
    1. to him for his misfortunes
    2. with him for his misfortunes
    3. for him for his misfortunes
    4. from him for his misfortunes
  2. As she was late, she ______ not catch the bus.
    1. could
    2. should
    3. would
    4. might

For questions 23 and 24, select the sentences that replaces the given sentences.

  1. She needn't join us.
    1. She should join us
    2. She ought to join us
    3. She have to join us
    4. She may join us
  2. My father asked, "Where are you going?"
    1. My father asked where are you going.
    2. My father asked where I am going.
    3. My father asked where were you.
    4. My father asked where I was going.

For question 25, choose the word that can best replace the underlined word.

  1. John is a hardworking boy. 
    1. industrious
    2. lazy
    3. disciplined
    4. bold

Read the passage below carefully and then answer questions 26-38.

Once upon a time all animals were friends. Each animal considered the other a brother or a sister. The bigger animals like elephants protected the small animals like squirrels.

Tall animals like Giraffe used their height to warn others whenever their enemy, man, was about to attack them. They lived in peace until lion, who was their king, issued a bad law. "All animals must kill their mothers." Lion ordered. The other animals were shocked. Lion did not even give a reason for his order. Some resisted but ruthless lion ordered them killed. At the end, of the day, all animals killed their mothers except hare.

That evening the whole land smelt of innocent blood. Later, it emerged that lion had issued the order because he had disagreed with his own mother. On seeing the foolishness of lion, hare had hid his mother deep in the forest.

Every evening, hare took food to his mother, in the hole. He milked his cows, which were almost as many as lion's and took the milk to his mother. With time, the animals almost forgot their sadness over their dead mothers.

But trouble began when other animals commented, that hare was always smart unlike lion. Hare had been preparing for a dancing competition for all the animals. His fur was cropped and his whiskers were trimmed neater than those of the royal family.

Soon, even lion noticed hare's smartness. He asked Hare to reveal who had shaven him that well but hare refused.

That night, lion decided to part ways with hare. He woke up very early in the morning and divided the cows into two groups. He took all the fat animals and left all the thin ones for hare.

When hare woke up and saw what lion had done, he just laughed. Other animals who got to know what was happening did not understand why hare was laughing. "Lion has chosen only bulls for himself, how are they going to multiply?" Hare asked, laughing.

In good time, hare's cattle gave birth, to many calves. He had more milk than he could consume with his mother and friends. Coupled with the fact that hare was always smart, lion was green with envy. He began investigating why hare was always smart.

One evening, lion followed hare and discovered his mother's hiding place. After hare had fed his mother and gone back, lion pounced on hare's mother and killed her. The next day, hare came to feed his mother but only found her bones. He knew exactly who had done it and swore to revenge.

That evening, hare returned to the village and surprised lion by promising a party in his honour. He showed lion a fat cow, saying he would kill her for him. Hare's only request was for lion to open his mouth widely as he came, home that evening. He convinced lion that he intended to give him an appetizer, a cow's heart.

When lion came home that evening, his mouth was agape expecting the appetizer. But instead of a cow's heart, Hare dropped a red-hot stone in lion's mouth. Lion screamed for something to cool his tongue but hare poured in hot water.

Other animals watched from a distance as hare got his revenge "If you kill someone, you will also have to be killed!" Hare told lion as he slowly died of burning pains.

  1. From the passage in the first paragraph, we can say that
    1. bigger and smaller animals lived separately
    2. smaller animals were fed by bigger ones
    3. only bigger animals were brothers to the small ones
    4. the animals considered each other as brother or sister
  2. Which bad law was issued by the king?
    1. Big animals must kill their mothers
    2. All animals must kill one another
    3. All animals to kill their mother
    4. Bigger animals must protect smaller ones
  3. Coupled with the facts that............... means
    1. inspite of the facts that
    2. forgetting the fact that
    3. because of the fact that
    4. together with the fact that
  4. Which word means the same as innocent?
    1. Suspect
    2. Not guilty
    3. Convict
    4. Guilty
  5. On seeing the foolishness of lion, which sentence explains the lions foolishness?
    1. Ordering the killing of all mothers
    2. Killing all those who resisted
    3. Disagreeing with his own mother, then killing hare's mother
    4. Disagreeing with his own mother, then ordering killing of all mothers
  6. Which statement is true?
    1. Hare had fairly more cows than lion
    2. Lion had slightly more cows than hare
    3. Hare and lion had equal number of cows
    4. Hare had more cows than lion
  7. Trouble began when
    1. animals commented that hare was always smart
    2. hare cropped his fur and trimmed his whiskers
    3. hare took food to his mother in the forest
    4. hare prepared a dancing competition for all animals
  8. Which word means the opposite of reveal?
    1. Explain
    2. Narrate
    3. Conceal
    4. Recall
  9. How did lion find out that hare's mother was still alive?
    1. He followed hare and found where she was hidden
    2. Hare's fur and whiskers were always smart
    3. Hare was always going to feed his mother
    4. He pounced at the mother and killed her
  10. ______his mouth was agape ______
    The word agape means
    1. wide
    2. expectant
    3. red-hot
    4. wide open
  11. When lion cried for something to cool his tongue
    1. hare dropped a red hot stone in his mouth
    2. hare poured hot water in his mouth
    3. other animals watched at a distance
    4. his mouth was agape expecting the appetizer
  12. Which is the best title for this passage?
    1. When animals were brothers and sisters
    2. How hare hid his mother in the forest
    3. How hare got his revenge on ruthless lion
    4. All animals must kill their mothers

Read the passage below carefully and then answer questions 39 -50.

Unlike tigers, leopards are to a certain extent scavengers and become man-eaters by acquiring a taste for human flesh when unrestricted slaughter of game has deprived them of their natural food.

The dwellers in the Indian Hills are mainly Hindus and therefore cremate their dead. The cremation invariably takes place on the bank of a stream or river in order that the ashes may be washed down into the water. As most of the villages are situated high up on the hills, while the streams or rivers are in many cases kilometres away down the valleys, it will be realized that a funeral is considerably a burden on the man power of a small community. This is particularly the case when in addition to the carrying party, labour has to be provided to collect and carry the fuel needed for the cremation. In normal times, these rites are carried out very effectively but when disease in epidemic forms sweep through the hill, the inhabitants die faster that they can be disposed off. When this happens, a very simple rite, which consists of placing a live coal in the mouth of the deceased, is performed in the village and the body is taken to the edge of the hill and cast into the valley below.

Leopards in an area in which their food is scarce, finding these bodies, acquire a taste for human flesh and when the disease dies down and normal conditions are established, they naturally take to killing human beings since their food supply is cut off.

  1. .................leopards are to a certain extent scavengers ................means they are
    1. man eaters
    2. animals that eat fresh
    3. animals that eat dead animals
    4. animals feeding on meat
  2. Which one of the following can be leopard's natural food?
    1. Cows
    2. Vegetations
    3. Dead animals and corpses
    4. Meat
  3. According to the passage, what do you think is the religion of people mentioned in the passage?
    1. Indians
    2. Hindus
    3. Islam
    4. Christians
  4. To cremate means
    1. kill and burn
    2. burn a dead animal
    3. burn a corpse
    4. throw a dead body to a valley
  5. Why does cremation occur at the banks of a river?
    1. So as to wash ashes away
    2. So as to wash hands afterwards
    3. As a cleansing rite
    4. To be away from people
  6. Why does cremation take place according to the passage?
    1. Because few people are Hindus
    2. It is the best way to eradicate diseases
    3. It is the religious belief of the people
    4. There are no burial grounds
  7. Rites as used in the passage can mean
    1. a mysterious disease
    2. collection of fuels
    3. practices and customs
    4. steps followed to cremation
  8. Why did man eaters appear after major epidemics
    1. It marked the end of their food supply
    2. They had acquired a taste of human flesh
    3. They had been hiding from the epidemics
    4. The epidemic had weakened hunian beings
  9. According to the passage, what do you think natural foods are
    1. other leopards
    2. scavengers
    3. human beings
    4. wild animals
  10. The expression............ a live coal ......... mean
    1. real
    2. large
    3. cold
    4. burning
  11. Which statement is CORRECT according to the passage?
    1. Leopards are neither scavengers
    2. Hindus eat leopards flesh
    3. The natural food for leopards is wild animals
    4. Leopards mainly feed on dead human bodies
  12. What is the BEST summary of the passage?
    1. Tigers
    2. Cremation
    3. Epidemics
    4. Leopards turn into man


You have 40 minutes to write your composition

Write an interesting composition ending with these words:

........................................ Till that day. I have followed my uncle's advice like an epitaph on a bishop's cross

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