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English Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 1

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Read the following dialogue and answer questions 1-5.

Shopkeeper:       : You are welcome. How can I help you?

Customer            : Thank you. I am looking for a flexible ruler and a sharpener. Do you have them?

Shopkeeper        : Yes. Here we have flexible rulers and sharpeners of many different colours. Feel free to choose your colour.

Customer            : My favourite colour is blue. But how much do they cost?

Shopkeeper        : They are not expensive. Seventy-five shillings only. But it's worth the money. They are of very good quality.

Customer            : Okey. Let me have them. Here is the money.

Shopkeeper        : Thank you for buying from us.

Customer            : You are most welcome. I enjoyed your services.

  1. The polite words used by the seller from the dialogue were
    1. how can I help you?
    2. feel free to choose your colour.
    3. you are welcome.
    4. thank you.
  2. What was the customer looking for in the shop?
    1. Books and pencils.
    2. A rubber and a ruler.
    3. A new school uniform.
    4. A ruler and a sharpener
  3. How much did the items bought by the customer cost?
    1. Seventy shillings
    2. Fifty shillings
    3. Seventy-five shillings
    4. Fifty-seven shillings
  4. Which colour did the customer decide to buy?
    1. Blue
    2. Yellow
    3. Red
    4. Green
  5. From the dialogue, we can tell that the customer was
    1. disappointed
    2. satisfied
    3. annoyed
    4. confused

Read the passage below and use it to answer questions 6 to 9.

That Saturday afternoon the sun was very hot. Mufasa and his friend Mboya decided to go down the valley to have a swim in river Tiribo. Mufasa was much more experienced swimmer than Mboya. He did not think twice but took off his clothes and dived into the cool water.

Mboya followed later when Mufasa insisted. "Don't be a coward, Mboya, the river is not deep and the water is super cool," Mufasa said while splashing in the water happily.

They were busy swimming when Mufasa noticed something that looked like a moving stone. The boys quickly realized that it was a crocodile. They hurriedly got out of the water and dressed up. They were lucky to have narrowly escaped the jaws of the dangerous animal.

  1. Mufasa and Mboya went down to river Tiribo because
    1. the river was shallow.
    2. the afternoon weather was hot
    3. the valley was near and safe.
    4. the two boys were very good swimmers.
  2. Why did Mufasa not think twice but took off his clothes and jumped into the water?
    1. He was braver then Mboya.
    2. He was feeling hotter than Mboya.
    3. He was an experienced swimmer.
    4. He was older than Mboya.
  3. According to Mufasa,
    1. river Tiribo was not shallow.
    2. his friend, Mboya was brave.
    3. the water was quite warm.
    4. Mboya did not have courage.
  4. How did the two boys escape death?
    1. They saw a moving stone and ran away.
    2. They realized a crocodile about to attack.
    3. They jumped out of the crocodile's jaws.
    4. They swam towards the moving stone.

Read the passage below and use it to answer questions 10 to 12.

Teeth are very important part of our body. They need to be taken care of well because they help us chew our food. Remember we cannot live without food. We must take good care of our teeth by avoiding eating too many sugary things such as sweets and biscuits. Very hard food such as nuts must be avoided because they can injure our teeth.

Brushing our teeth at least twice a day is very important too. Dentists advise brushing of our teeth in the morning and before going to bed. This helps a lot in preventing decay and bad breath. All we need is a good toothbrush and to rinse our mouth after eating anything. It is also good to visit the dentist at least once a year for a complete dental check-up.

  1. How are the teeth useful to us?
    1. They are part of our body.
    2. They help us chew our food.
    3. They help us to live.
    4. They help us crush hard food.
  2. To prevent teeth decay and bad breath, we are advised by dentists to
    1. brush our teeth before going to bed only.
    2. brush our teeth in the morning only.
    3. brush our teeth two or more times a day.
    4. avoid sugary things that can injure our teeth.
  3. What is not important part of taking care of your teeth?
    1. Going for dental check-up once a year.
    2. Rinsing our mouth after eating.
    3. Brushing our teeth using a good brush.
    4. Visiting the dentist once a month.

Read the passage below and use it to answer questions 13 to 15.


Long ago, animals and human beings had no difference. They did not only talk but also cultivated crops. The tortoise was known for his skills in growing the best tomatoes. His tomatoes were so many that he could feed both animals and human beings. This made him wealthy and much respected.

The squirrel, however, was lazy and cunning. He would visit tortoise's farm in the middle of the night and harvest some tomatoes. This disturbed the tortoise so much that he decided to lay a trap.

As usual, the squirrel sneaked into the tomatoes farm carrying a huge basket. Little did he know that his days were numbered. Snap! Squirrel stepped on the trap. His front legs were caught and he helplessly hanged the air. Early in the morning, the owner of the farm found the thief.
He was given a hard beating and forced to dig a whole acre to pay for his behaviour.


  1. Tortoise was able to grow many tomatoes because
    1. he was different from human beings.
    2. he was skilled in growing tomatoes.
    3. he was rich and much respected.
    4. he was known by both animals and human beings.
  2. Why do you think squirrel's days were numbered?
    1. He was lazy and cunning.
    2. He used to steal in the middle of the night.
    3. Tortoise had already set a trap to catch him.
    4. He was carrying a very huge basket.
  3. The punishment given to the squirrel did not include
    1. digging the tortoise's land.
    2. receiving a hard beating.
    3. getting caught by the trap until morning.
    4. filling his huge basket with tomatoes.

Read the passage below keenly. It contains blank spaces numbered 16 to 20. Fill in the spaces using the best alternative from the choices given.

                 A man who was selling __16___ decided to rest under a huge tree. He was so tired that he __17___ asleep immediately. On that tree, there were dozens of monkeys. They climbed down and __18___ all the items the man had. When he woke up, he got angry __19___ confused. He took off his cap and angrily threw it down. All the monkeys did the same. What a ___20___ man!

 16   hurts  hearts   hats   huts 
 17  fallen  felll   fall   felt 
 18  stole  stealing   stolen   steal 
 19  or  from   but   and 
 20  foolish  clever   funny   confused 


For questions 21 to 25, fill in the blank spaces with the correct alternative from the choices given.

  1. The compound will be swept by you and ______
    1. I
    2. myself
    3. mine
    4. me
  2. My grandmother is feeling _____ today than yesterday.
    1. well
    2. better
    3. good
    4. best
  3. How ______ sugar do you need?
    1. many
    2. little
    3. much
    4. few
  4. The carpenter made a _____ wooden stool.
    1. big, round
    2. bigger, rounder
    3. rounder, bigger
    4. round, big
  5. Let _____ go out to play.
    1. they
    2. them
    3. themselves
    4. their

For questions 26 to 30, complete each sentence correctly.

  1. She could not see _____ in the dark.
    1. clear
    2. clearer
    3. clearly
    4. clearest
  2. He ran the _____ and won the race.
    1. fastest
    2.  faster
    3. fast
    4. quick
  3. Our class prefect is _____ honest boy.
    1. the
    2. a
    3. an
    4. some
  4. Will you take coffee ____ tea for breakfast?
    1. and
    2. or
    3. than
    4. but
  5. Hellen _____ not hear. She is totally deaf.
    1. may
    2. must
    3. will
    4. can


Write an interesting composition about:  



  1. C
  2. D
  3. C
  4. A
  5. B
  6. B
  7. C
  8. D
  9. B
  10. B
  11. C
  12. D
  13. B
  14. C
  15. D
  16. C
  17. B
  18. A
  19. D
  20. B
  21. D
  22. B
  23. C
  24. A
  25. B
  26. C
  27. A
  28. C
  29. B
  30. D


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