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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 4 End Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 1

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  1. A bell was rung and pupils who were in different places in school compound responded by running back to class. Which of the following is the reason why they were able to hear the bell sound?
    1. Sound travels only in one direction.
    2. Sound travels in all directions.
    3. The pupils are used to the bell sound.
    4. The sound of the bell was loud.
  2. Grade four learners were discussing about the effects of force. Which among the following is not the effect of force in our day to day activities?
    1. Can change the shape of an object.
    2. Can make a stationary object to move.
    3. Can change the direction of a moving object.
    4. Can change mass of an object.
  3. Three of the following are ways through which one can make a floating object to sink in water. Which one of the following cannot?
    1. Changing shape of the object,
    2. Increasing its size.
    3. Adding sinkers to the floaters.
    4. Adding more loads to the floaters.
  4. The flow chart below was used by a grade four teacher in classifying animals.


    Which two animals were wrongly classified?
    1. Millipedes and frogs.
    2. Snakes and ticks.
    3. Giraffes and ticks.
    4. Snakes and mites.
  5. Three of the following are parts of the human digestive system. Which one is not?
    1. Mouth
    2. Trachea
    3. Rectum
    4. Stomach
  6. Grade four learners were asked to state different functions of different parts of the human digestive system. In which one of the following parts is water absorbed from undigested food materials?
    1. Oesophagus
    2. Rectum
    3. Large intestine
    4. Small intestine
  7. During a Science and Technology lesson, grade four learners were discussing about water pollutants. The teacher asked learners to state the pollutants. Who among the following learners gave a wrong response?
    1. Nadia  - Waste from industries.
    2. Loise   - Oxygen from plants.
    3. Edwin  - Animal waste.
    4. Geoffrey - Soil
  8. Learners from Makongeni primary school went for an educational trip to a neighbouring county. Which among the following digital devices is the most suitable for the learners to take pictures and also to record?
    1. Phones
    2. Desk top computers
    3. Radio
    4. Watches
  9. Grade four learners were provided with water and containers of different shapes to use in an experiment as the one shown below.
    If the containers can hold the same amount of water, what characteristic were the learners most likely to be investigating?
    1. Liquids have mass.
    2. Liquids have volume.
    3. Liquids occupy space.
    4. Liquids take shape of the containers.
  10. The diagram below represents a type of human tooth. What is the function of the tooth?
    1. Cutting and biting
    2. Holding food
    3. Biting and chewing
    4. Chewing and grinding
  11. When discussing about the characteristics of plants as living things, grade four learners were able to discover that plants take in nutrients. From this discovery it shows that plants
    1. breathe
    2. move
    3. feed
    4. reproduce
  12. The following are parts of a desktop computer. Which among the following parts is used to point items on the monitor when typing?
    1. Central Processing Unit
    2. Cables
    3. Keyboard
    4. Mouse
  13. The following are characteristics of a certain state of matter.
    1. Have definite mass.
    2. Have definite volume
    3.  Indefinite shape.
      Which among the following pairs have the characteristics above?
      1. Juice, water
      2. Ink, dust
      3. Rubber, stone
      4. Air, smoke
  14. Letters A to Z are represented by numbers 1 to 26. Which of the following will be used to represent the word FEED in coding?
    1. 1234
    2. 6554
    3. 6545
    4. 4556
  15. Grade four learners were to participate in clean up activities in their school compound which has a lot of stagnant water. Which among the following is the protective gear they all need to protect their hands?
    1. Apron
    2. Gloves
    3. Dust coat
    4. Face mask


  1. Thinning is a practice for care of fruit tree seedlings. Which among the following statements best explains what thinning is?
    1. Uprooting excess seedlings.
    2. Removing any unwanted plant.
    3. Applying dry plants on nursery bed.
    4. Making shade over nursery bed.Grade four learners were provided with water and containers of different shapes to use in an experiment as the one shown below.
      If the containers can hold the same amount of water, what characteristic were the learners most likely to be investigating?
      A. Liquids have mass.
      B. Liquids have volume.
      C. Liquids occupy space.
      D. Liquids take shape of the containers.
  2. Which among the following methods of irrigation best conserves water in the farm?
    1. Use of buckets.
    2. Use of sprinklers.
    3. Use of watering can.
    4. Use of drip irrigation.
  3. Grade four learners were discussing about different uses of different types of soil. Which among the following learners gave the correct use of clay soil?
    1. Ashley   -  Growing maize.
    2. Makena -  Growing rice.
    3. Mark      -  Growing groundnuts.
    4. Adam     -  Making container gardens.
  4. When discussing on how to make compost manure, grade four learners were discussing about the materials used. Which among the following cannot be used in making compost manure?
    1. Garden soil
    2. Animal waste
    3. Ash
    4. Polythene papers
  5. The following are procedures taken when transplanting fruit seedlings. Which among the procedures will come last?
    1. Watering the seedling.
    2. Pressing soil around the seedling.
    3. Placing the seedling in the middle of the hole.
    4. Mixing soil with compost manure.
  6. Small wild animals can cause a lot of damages in the farm. Which among the following small animals will cause damage to the farmer by eating the chicken eggs?
    1. Moles
    2. Mongoose
    3. Squirrels
    4. Monkeys
  7. Animals kept at home have different importance. Which among the following animals gives mutton as its product?
    1. Cattle
    2. Pig
    3. Camel
    4. Goat
  8. Grade four learners were doing an agriculture experiment. They were asked to carry to class different types of soil. According to the soil brought, which has the largest particles?
    1. Silt soil
    2. Clay soil
    3. Loam soil
    4. Sand soil
  9. After discussing about domestic animals, grade four learners were asked to state different functions of animals. Which among the following animals will help the farmers in transporting heavy loads to the market?
    1. Horse
    2. Donkey
    3. Sheep
    4. Dog
  10. Three of the following are uses of water in the farm. Which one is not the use of water in the farm?
    1. Watering animals
    2. Watering plants.
    3. Cleaning farm equipment.
    4. Cooking.

HOME SCIENCE     (10 marks)

  1. Grade 4 learners were discussing the importance of preparing a shopping list. They gave the answers below.  Which one was wrong?
    1. It reduces wastage
    2. It saves time.
    3. It wastes money.
    4. One is able to have the money needed.
  2. Choose the one that is not a fuel used at home.
    1. Charcoal
    2. Firewood
    3. Gas
    4. Diesel
  3. Natasha was cleaning her leather shoes one evening. Which one of the following is a safety measure that she was supposed to observe
    1. Leave the floor dry.
    2. Leave the polish open.
    3. Play while cleaning the shoes.
    4. Use a sharp stick.
  4. Which of the following cleaning materials is wrongly matched with its use?
    1. Cloth     -   Dusting
    2. Duster   -  Cleaning
    3. Dustbin  -  Collecting waste
    4. Mop       -  Sweeping
  5. Name the game that is played using the play item below.
    1. Football
    2. Tug of war
    3. Hide and seek
    4.  Volleyball
  6. Jane went to a supermarket to buy yoghurt. She found two tins of the same size displayed as shown.
    Jane bought yoghurt A. Which factor did she consider?
    1. Expiry date
    2. Cost
    3. Neatness
    4. Freshness
  7. Which one of the following is an energy giving food?
    1. Chicken
    2. Mangoes
    3. Maize
    4. Cabbage
  8. Which one is not a source of milk in our locality?
    1. Dairy
    2. Milk packets in shops
    3. Plants
    4. Milk vendors
  9. Job bought a mango from the market and ate it immediately without washing it. Job could suffer from all the following illnesses except?
    1. vomiting
    2. stomachache
    3. sore throat
    4. diarrhoea
  10. Name the fuel that is used in the equipment shown in the picture below.
    1. Gas
    2. Paraffin
    3. Charcoal
    4. Electricity


  1. The diagram below shows an athletics track. Which race is not done on the track?
  2. Three of the following are done at the command "on your marks" during standing start except one. Which one?
    1. Drive your arms and legs forward.
    2. Place one foot forward pointing directly ahead.
    3. Place your other foot backward.
    4. Look at the ground ahead.
  3. The following are steps followed when improvising a soccer ball.
    1. When you are okey with the size tie the ball with a strong string.
    2. Cover the ball with a piece of material.
    3. Keep adding and wrapping the material until you are okay with the size.
    4. Put the required materials together.
    5. Collect the required materials.
    6. Neatly tie the handles of the bag.
    7. Ensure the ball is as round as possible.
      What is the correct order of the steps?
      1. (iv), (v), (ii), (vi), (iii), (i), (vii)
      2. (iv), (v), (ii), (iii), (vi), (vii), (i)
      3. (v), (ii), (iv), (iii), (vi), (vii), (i)
      4. (v), (iv), (iii), (ii), (vi), (vii), (i)
  4. is moving the ball to a teammate, in order to keep it away from opponents and putting the ball into a position for a shot on goal.
    1. Passing
    2. Tapping
    3. Shooting
    4. Catching
  5. The following will lead to a batsman to be declared 'batsman out' except one. Which one?
    1. Overtaking another batsman.
    2. Obstructing the fielders.
    3. Running outside a post.
    4. The ball is caught when the batsman hits it.
  6. The position in which someone holds their body when standing or performing a skill is called
    1. stance
    2. technique
    3. drill
    4. posture
  7. Which one of the following lifestyle diseases can be prevented by skipping a rope?
    1. Malaria
    2. Diabetes
    3. Obesity
    4. T.B.
  8. Kylina a grade 4 pupil from Mawingu Academy was performing a certain gymnastic skill as shown below. Which skill was he performing?
    1. Headstand
    2. Backward roll
    3. Handstand
    4. Forward roll
  9. What shape is formed by the hands and the top of the head when performing a headstand balance?
    1. Triangle
    2. Rectangle
    3. Square
    4. Circle
  10. Kienjeku, a pupil from Mavumbini primary school performed a certain gymnastic skill that involved a combination of four different skills. What do we call it?
    1. Four action sequence.
    2. Three action sequence.
    3. Two action sequence.
    4. One action sequence.
  11. Identify the type of swimming stroke shown below.
    1. Backstroke
    2. Breaststroke
    3. Sidestroke
    4. Front crawl
  12. Mr. Kilinda from Makongeni primary school asked pupils to state safety rules when swimming. Which among them gave an incorrect answer?Daudi : Swimming in proper costume.
    Amina : Do not dive in the deep end of the pool.
    Kata: Do not swim. immediately after taking meals.
    Juma: Ensure there is a life saver on alert
    1. Kata
    2. Juma
    3. Daudi
    4. Amina
  13. Which game is played with the equipment drawn below?

    1. Rounders
    2. Frist.ee
    3. Softball
    4. Dodge ball
  14. The field of play in a frisbee game is divided into how many courts?
    1. 4
    2. 5
    3. 3
    4. 2
  15. Which item below is not found in a first aid box?
    1. Cotton wool
    2. Nail
    3. Scissors
    4. Bandage


  1. B
  2. D
  3. B
  4. A
  5. B
  6. C
  7. B
  8. A
  9. D
  10. B
  11. C
  12. D
  13. A
  14. B
  15. B


  1. A
  2. D
  3. B
  4. D
  5. A
  6. B
  7. D
  8. D
  9. B
  10. D


  1. C
  2. D
  3. A
  4. D
  5. B
  6. B
  7. C
  8. C
  9. C
  10. A


  1. D
  2. A
  3. B
  4. A
  5. C
  6. D
  7. C
  8. A
  9. A
  10. A
  11. C
  12. D
  13. A
  14. C
  15. B





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