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Integrated Science Questions and Answers - Grade 4 Mid Term 2 Exam 2023 Set 3

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  1. Mrs. Karimu taught grade 4 learners on the importance of matter. What is matter?
    1. The definite volume of a substance.
    2. Anything that has mass and occupies space.
    3. All solids with an exception of metals. 
    4. Filled containers.
  2. Living things are organisms or things that have life. All the following are living things except
    1. Mammals
    2. Mattress
    3. Animals
    4. Reptiles.
  3. What is the term given to animals with a backbone?
    1. Vertebrates
    2. Invertebrates.
    3. Backboned animals.
    4. Mammals.
  4. The following is a picture of a parasite that sucks cow's blood. Which statement is true about the animal?
    1. It has two body parts.
    2. It has two pairs of legs.
    3. It has wings.
    4. It lives inside the animals' body.
  5. Kahindi drew the digestive system on a chart. He labelled the parts as follows
    Which part is not matched with its correct name?
    1. A-Liver
    2. F-Rectum
    3. D-Stomach
    4. B-Colon
  6. Maurice stated that food is chewed in the mouth and formed into boluses. What is a bolus?
    1. The dental part of the mouth.
    2. The passage of food from the mouth.
    3. Small balls formed after chewing.
    4. The saliva in the mouth.
  7. Hannah is happy that her six month old brother is developing teeth. Which name is given for the first set of teeth?
    1. Milk teeth
    2. Tea teeth
    3. Canines
    4. Molars.
  8. The oesophagus passes food from the mouth to the stomach. An oesophagus is also known as
    1. lungs
    2. trachea
    3. gullet
    4. ileum.
  9. The dentist at Kamano Island taught grade four learners to take care of their teeth. Which one of the following is not a way of caring for teeth?
    1. Brushing twice a day.
    2. Eating hard foods like cassava:
    3. Using a dental floss to remove stuck particles.
    4. Eating sugary foods daily.
  10. The Science and Technology club noted the problem of air pollution in the Miyale community. Which of the following factors is not a cause of air pollution?
    1. Vehicle fumes.
    2. Proper ventilation.
    3. Burning plastics.
    4. Smelly drainages.
  11. Kate has a computer at home and uses it for research. Which one of the following is a part of a computer?
    1. Router
    2. Keyboard
    3. Modem
    4. Wi-Fi
  12. Plants are living things that have various characteristics. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of plants? They B
    1. move
    2. die
    3. reproduce
    4. have a backbone.
  13. Miano tasted wood ash and found out that it is bitter. What sensory organ did he use to taste?
    1. Eyes
    2. Tongue
    3. Skin
    4. Nose.
  14. Atieno ate cassava during break time. What part of the cassava did she eat?
    1. Seed
    2. Fruit
    3. Leaves
    4. Root.
  15. Every living thing lives in a certain surrounding. What is the term given to the surrounding of living things?
    1. Habitat
    2. Environment
    3. Area
    4. Ecology.


  1. What type of start is shown in the picture below?
    1. Standing start
    2. Sprint start
    3. Elongated start
    4. Jump start.
  2. The following is the procedure for performing standing long jump. Which of the steps comes first?
    1. Bring the arms back behind you and bend the hips and knees.
    2. Place both feet shoulder-width apart.
    3. Stretch up with the arms and rise up onto the balls of the feet with hips extended.
    4. Once airborne, extend the hips up and out and throw the feet forward.
  3. Grade four learners were discussing the importance of teamwork. Which of the following is one of the points they discussed?
    1. Helps to maintain good relationship between players.
    2. Help the team to score goals.
    3. Make the team competitive with each other.
    4. Makes the team win.
  4. Football players of Urithi Primary School were seen engaging in warm up activities. Why is it important? It
    1. helps reduce muscle soreness
    2. makes them look tough
    3. helps them win
    4. helps them become strong.
  5. The picture below shows an activity performed by a learner. What is the name of the activity?
    1. Long jump
    2. Javelin
    3. High jump
    4. Netball.
  6. The following are materials that can be used to improvise a soccer ball. Which one is not among them?
    1. Waste paper.
    2. Sisal string.
    3. Pieces of old cloth.
    4. Sand.
  7. Your class has been selected to participate in a game of soccer. How many players do you need in the game?
    1. Eleven
    2. Five
    3. Ten
    4. Seven..
  8. The equipment shown below is used in a particular sport. Which sport is it?
    1. Soccer
    2. Rounders
    3. Volleyball
    4. Swimming.
  9. The following are benefits of skipping rope every day except
    1. it helps in weight loss
    2. it improves the heart rate
    3. it helps cure diseases
    4. it improves blood circulation
  10. During a game, Wachira knelt and held the ball with both hands above his head. Which technique did he use?
    1. Overhead pass.
    2. Kneeling double hand throw.
    3. Kneeling overhead throw.
    4. Underarm pass.
  11. There are various types of passes used when playing ball. Which one is not used in football?
    1. Instep pass.
    2. Inside of the foot pass.
    3. Outside the foot pass.
    4. Chest pass.
  12. Robert uses a technique in rounders where he strikes the ball with a bat. This technique is called
    1. fielding
    2. rounding
    3. striking
    4. batting.
  13. Learners were told that using the right technique in rope skipping is very important. Why is that? It
    1. makes you popular
    2. helps you to win the game
    3. minimizes chances of injury 
    4. helps you not to get tired.
  14. Betty read the steps for a two-handed catching of the ball while playing as shown below. Which one comes first?
    1. Move towards the ball.
    2. Keep your eyes on the ball.
    3. Control the ball with fingers and thumb.
    4. Stretch arms with fingers spread to meet and snatch the ball.
  15. Hand juggling is an interesting game for children. Which items are dangerous to use for juggling?
    1. Scarves
    2. Small balls
    3. Nails
    4. Handkerchiefs.


  1. Grade four leaners discussed and wrote down a list of common illnesses in our community. Which one is not true?
    1. Stomachache
    2. Flu
    3. Malaria
    4. Leprosy.
  2. Valeria found her classmate behind the classroom vomiting and clutching his tummy while crying. What must she do?
    1. Take him home.
    2. Give him medicine.
    3. Leave him there.
    4. Tell the class teacher.
  3. The doctor told Zack to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. What role do they play in the body? They
    1. protect us from diseases
    2. give us energy
    3. increase our weight
    4. help us grow taller.
  4. The list below shows nutrients. Which one is a body building nutrient?
    1. Proteins
    2. Carbohydrates
    3. Vitamins
    4. Minerals.
  5. The following are statements which describe good table manners. Which one is not?
    1. Always eat with your mouth closed.
    2. Wash your hands before eating.
    3. Take the biggest portion of everything on the table.
    4. Maintain an upright posture at the table.
  6. Villagers at Ulemo village have a problem with jigger infestation. The following are precautions they should take except
    1. keep the surroundings clean
    2. relocate to the city
    3. always wear shoes
    4. wash feet regularly with soap and water.
  7. We have learned that parasites are organisms that live and depend on animals and humans. Which of the following is an internal parasite?
    1. Lice
    2. Bedbugs
    3. Worms
    4. Jiggers.
  8. The following points show the importance of a shopping list except that it helps
    1. save money by buying only what one needs 
    2. to save time as one knows exactly what to buy
    3. one to know the amount of money you need to buy items
    4. one to change the prices of items.
  9. Kameno village members always fetch water for use from the river. How can they make it safe for drinking?
    1. Putting disinfectant in it.
    2. Adding salt.
    3. Sieving.
    4. Boiling.
  10. The list below shows types of medicine. Which one is not taken orally?
    1. Tablets
    2. Capsules
    3. Ointment
    4. Syrup.


  1. During a visit to a maize plantation, learners were asked to name small animals that can destroy the maize. Which answer was correct?
    1. Lions
    2. Ants
    3. Squirrel
    4. Tigers.

Use the diagram below to answer questions 42 and 43.


  1. State the name of the type of irrigation shown above?
    1. Drip irrigation
    2. Sprinkler irrigation
    3. Furrow irrigation
    4. Flood irrigation.
  2. The above type of irrigation can be used to irrigate crops in which of the following areas?
    1. Forest
    2. Seed bed
    3. Under water
    4.  Swamps.
  3. Making compost manure requires all of the following except
    1. plastics
    2. soil
    3. water
    4. animal waste.
  4. A farmer prepared the following structure in his farm. What is the use of the structure to the crops?
    1. Covering 
    2. Shading
    3. Mulching
    4. Protection.
  5. When preparing compost manure grade 4 learners were asked to state materials they needed. Which one of these materials not required?
    1. Ashes
    2. Kitchen waste
    3. Cut grass
    4. Sand.
  6. A certain soil type has the smallest particles and retains the highest amount of water. Which type of soil is it?
    1. Loam
    2. Clay
    3. Sand
    4. Ash.
  7. Grade four learners were asked to give the importance of compost manure. Which one is true among the following?
    1. Provides water to plants
    2. It gives the environment fresh air.
    3. It's a source of nutrients to plants.
    4. Provides food to animals.
  8. A farmer saw the following animal in her compound. Which of the following crops can be damaged by the animal?
    1. Maize
    2. Cabbage
    3. Tomatoes
    4. Bananas.
  9. Grade 4 learners visited a clay work farm in Kiambu. Which of the following items are products that can be made in the company?
    1. Spoons
    2. Cooking stick
    3. Pots
    4. Buckets.


  1. B
  2. B
  3. A
  4. A
  5. B
  6. C
  7. A
  8. C
  9. D
  10. B
  11. B
  12. D
  13. B
  14. D
  15. B
  16. A
  17. B
  18. A
  19. A
  20. B
  21. D
  22. A
  23. B
  24. C
  25. C
  26. D
  27. D
  28. C
  29. B
  30. C
  31. D
  32. D
  33. A
  34. A
  35. C
  36. B
  37. C
  38. D
  39. D
  40. C
  41. C
  42. A
  43. B
  44. A
  45. B
  46. D
  47. B
  48. C
  49. A
  50. C
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