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Countries in Eastern Africa - Social Studies CBC Grade 6 Notes

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Position and Size of Countries in Eastern Africa

Countries in Eastern Africa

  • Eastern Africa is the region located in the eastern region of Africa.
  • It is made up of eleven independent countries namely:
    1. Sudan
    2. Ethiopia
    3. Tanzania
    4. Somalia
    5. South Sudan
    6. Kenya
    7. Uganda
    8. Eritrea
    9. Burundi
    10. Rwanda
    11. Djibouti


  • Sudan is the largest country in eastern Africa
  • South Sudan became independent in JULY 2011
  • Djibouti is the smallest country in eastern Africa
  • Countries without a coastline are called landlocked e.g. Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda,
  • Ethiopia and South Sudan.


Position Of Countries Of Eastern African

  • Using a compass you can locate position of a country in relation to her neighbours.
  • Kenya lies to the -:
    • North east of Tanzania
    • South of Ethiopia
    • South east of South Sudan,
    • East of Uganda
    • West of Somalia
    • Immediate neighbours of Kenya are Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

Size Of The Countries Of Eastern Africa

COUNTRY SIZE in square kilometres (km2)
Sudan   1.886 million km2
Tanzania    945,087 km2
Somalia    637,655 km2
South Sudan    644,329 km2
Kenya   580,367 km2
Uganda    241,037km2
Eritrea   117, 598 km2
Burundi   27,834 km2
Rwanda    26, 338 km2
Djibouti    23,200 km2
Ethiopia    1.104 million km2

Locating Places On A Map Using Latitudes And Longitudes

  • Eastern Africa lies within latitudes 22 ̊N AND 12 ̊S and between longitudes 22 ̊E and 51 ̊E/52 ̊E.


  • These are imaginary lines that runs from west to east
  • They are also called parallels
  • The main line of latitude is equator at 0 ̊
  • Equator divides the earth into two equal halves called hemisphere.


Characteristics Of Latitudes
  • They are parallel
  • They are of different lengths
  • They affect climate
  • They are measured in degrees from the equator
  • They are 180 lines of latitudes in total
  • Latitudes lines are;
    • Equator at 00
    • The tropic of cancer 23 ½º N
    • The arctic circle 66 ½ ̊N
    • The tropic of Capricorn 23 ½º S
    • The Antarctic circle 66 ½º S


  • These are imaginary lines that run from North Pole to south pole of the earth
  • They are also called meridians or horizontals
  • Main line of longitude is Greenwich meridian at 0 ̊
  • Greenwich meridian is also called prime meridian
  • Prime meridian passes through the Greenwich town in London and Accra in Ghana


Characteristics Of Longitudes
  • They run from north to south
  • They are not parallel
  • They meet at the poles they affect time
  • They are of the same length
  • They are measured in degrees east por west of prime meridian
  • They are 360 ̊ lines of longitudes in total.
  Town  Location 
 1  Nairobi   1.3º S, 36.8ºE
 2  Dodoma   6.5738 S, 6.2631º E
 3  Kampala   0.3634º N, 32.6051º E
 4  Mogadishu  2.0º N, 45.3º E
 5  Kigali   1.9441º S, 30.06º E
 6  Bujumbura  3.36º S , 29.3599º E
 7  Asmara   15.3381º N, 39.9318º S
8  Khartoum  15.30º N, 32.31º E
9  Djibouti   11.8251º N, 42.5903º E
10  Juba  0.2240º N, 41.6012º E
11  Addis ababa   8.9806º N, 7578º E

003Latitudes EA 

Unity among eastern African countries can be promote through trade

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