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Vegetation In Eastern Africa - Social Studies CBC Grade 6 Notes

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  • Vegetation refers to plants that grow in a place.
  • It consists of trees, bushes, grass and shrubs.
  • The vegetation that grows on its own is called natural vegetation
  • The vegetation that is planted is called planted vegetation
  • Types of vegetation in eastern Africa
    1. Tropical rainforest vegetation
    2. Savannah woodland
    3. Savannah grassland
    4. Mountain vegetation
    5. Swamp vegetation
    6. Desert vegetation
    7. Semi-desert
    8. Mangrove vegetation

Map Of Eastern African Showing The Main Types Of Vegetation


Characteristics Of The Main Types Of Vegetation In Eastern Africa

Tropical Rainforest Vegetation

  • Also called equatorial vegetation
  • Found in equatorial climatic region

Characteristics Tropical Rainforest Vegetation

  • Tall trees that form canopies
  • Vegetation is evergreen
  • Trees have straight trunks
  • Trees have broad leaves
  • Trees have buttress roots
  • Forests are thick and dense
  • Trees are mainly hardwoode.g.oak, teak, mvule, mahogany, ebony, camphor,obeche, iroko, heartwood, ironwood, rosewood, sapele, limba, okoune

Savannah Woodland Vegetation

  • Comes immediately after tropical rainforests
  • Mainly consist of trees

Characteristics Savannah Woodland Vegetation

  • Trees are of medium height
  • Trees are widely spaced ( scattered)
  • Trees are deciduous
  • Tall grass between the trees
  • Tree tops are umbrella shaped
  • Common trees are acacia and baobab
  • Trees are deep rooted and have thick barks

Savannah Grassland Vegetation

  • Mainly consist of grass and few scattered trees

Characteristics Savannah Grassland Vegetation

  • Drought resistant vegetation
  • Grass may grow upto 2m
  • Tall elephant grass
  • Few scattered trees
  • Trees have thick barks
  • Trees have thorny leaves
  • Main trees are baobab, acacia, cacti, euphorbia

Swamp Vegetation

  • Common in swampy regions, along rivers and shores of small lakes
  • Mainly grows in poorly drained areas.
  • Main vegetation are; Papyrus reeds, Water lilies
  • Found in South sudan bahr-el-ghazal-sudd swamp, kyoga in Uganda, malagarasi swamp in Tanzania, amboseli swamp in Kenya

Mangrove Vegetation

  • Grows in the muddy salty waters along shores of Indian ocean
  • The mangrove trees they have breathing roots (aerial roots)
  • Trees are mainly hardwood ever green and medium height
  • Is found along the shores of Indian ocean and mouths of r.ruvuma, r.juba

Mountain Vegetation

  • Grows on the slopes of mountains
  • Is widespread on the windward sides of the mountains
  • Vegetation changes as altitude increases
  • Vegetation is mainly influenced by the altitude
  • Is also called alpine or montane vegetation from top to bottom the vegetation ranges from bare rocks, health and moorland , bamboo, rain forest and savannah.

Semi-desert Vegetation

  • Found in areas with rainfall between 250mm-500mm

Characteristics Semi-desert Vegetation

  • Short scanty thorny bushes
  • Short tough and scattered patches of grass
  • Vegetation is drought resistant with modified for thorns
  • Common plants cactus, baobab and euphorbia

Desert Vegetation

  • Found in areas with rainfall less than 250mm

Characteristics Desert vegetation

  • Stunted plants
  • Plants have thorny or needle-like leaves ( catus is the most common plant)
  • Large section of Ground is bare
  • Plants have thick fleshy stems
  • Plants are deep rooted
  • Spiky scanty grass
  • Found in true deserts e.g. Kaisut and chalbi and taru deserts

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