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Kenyan Folk Songs - Music CBC Grade 6 Notes

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Types of Kenyan Folk Songs

  • Folk songs are traditional songs performed during different occasions by different communities
  • They are performed by a common people of a region in a local language
  • There different types of folk songs:-
    1. Naming folk songs
    2. Worship folk songs
    3. Marriage folk songs
    4. Initiation folk songs
    5. Work fork songs
    6. Funeral folk songs
    7. Solo folk songs
  1. Naming folk songs
    • Are performed to celebrate the birth of a child.
    • They welcome a new member to the family and society at large.
    • Performed as a way of thanks giving to God for a new life.
    • Are sung to congratulate the parents for bringing a new life to the world.
    • They educate the parent on how to take care of the newborns.
    • Example- mwana wa mberi from luhya community
  2. Worship folk songs - Are performed during religious ceremonies in different places of worship
    • They are used to
      • Educate believers about god
      • Praise god
      • Entertain the worshippers
      • Encourage and give hope to the worshippers
      • Example- roho maler
  3.  Marriage folk songs - Marriage folk songs are performed during marriage ceremony.
    • Are sung to praise the bride and the groom.
    • Educate the newly married couple on values in marriage such as love faithfulness and hard work.
    • Are sung to entertain people during marriage ceremonies.
    • Example ekio nkiekio
  4.  Initiation folk songs - Are songs are sung during transaction from one stage of life to the next.
      • They educate the initiates on the morals they are expected to uphold.
      • They promote good behaviour among the young people.
      • They encourage the initiates to be brave.
      • Teach the initiates on traditions and expectations of the community.
      • They entertain people during the initiation ceremony.
  5.  Work folk songs - Are folk songs performed when people are doing different types of work such as farming, grazing cattle, building
    • Encourage and motivate workers
    • They also entertain the workers
    • Example- wakariru by gikuyu community
  6. Funeral folk songs - Performed when mourning the death of a loved one.
    • Help people to come together and celebrate the life of the dead.
    • They console the family who have lost a loved one.
    • They help people heal from the pain of losing a loved one.
  7. Solo folk songs - Are performed by one person
    • A solo folk song performance can be accompanied by
      • Dancing
      • Musical instruments
    • The performer can also wear appropriate costumes and decorate his or her body with adornments and ornaments

Diction In Folk Songs

  • Diction refers to the proper pronunciation of words when singing. To get good diction you should
    1. Pay attention to the vowels and consonants in the words
    2. Pronounce all the endings of the words in the folk songs
    3. Have good breath control during singing

Features Of Folk Songs

  • Mood
  • Climax
  • Structure
  • Vocal ornamentation
  • Message

Importance Of Performing Folk Songs From Diverse Communities In Kenya

  • It helps in cultural preservation
  • Promotes national unity
  •  It is a source of employment
  • Attracts tourist
  • Folk songs entertain the audience
  • Educate people on moral and values
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