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Domestic Animals - CBC Grade 5 Agriculture Revision Notes

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  • Domestic animals are the animals that are kept at home. They include cow, donkey, chicken, duck, horse, rabbit, cat, dog etc.
  • Domestic animals are important to human life because:
  • They provide,
    1. meat for food, milk, eggs
    2. security,
    3. manual Labour 
    4. and may be sold to generate income.
    5. Some animals like cows, donkey, horses and rabbits produce wastes to make manure.

      domestic animals

Animal welfare

  • Domestic animals are of great use to us. They should be treated well and showed love.
  • To care for domestic animals,
    • They should be kept clean and
    • Given medication for good production.
    • Food and water should be provide pastes and
    • Parasites should be controlled and treated to ensure good health among domestic animals.
    • Water should be given to them and
    • They should be protected from extreme temperatures.

Uses of animals


  • Its kept for beauty / companionship
  • Provide safety against rats at home


  • Provides meat
  • Kept for beauty at home
  • Sold for money


  • Provides security at home
  • Used for transport
  • Provides companionship


  • Sold to give us money
  • Provides pork and bacon


  • Is a source of food
  • Kept for beauty in home aquariums


  • Used for sports
  • Used for transport
  • Used during war in the past
  • Sold to make money


  • Provides labour when ploughing land
  • Used for transporting goods and people
  • Provides fur


  • Gives us honey
  • Pollinate our fruit crops

  • All domestic animals are important to us. Some domestic animals provide beauty at home, others provide security while others provide us various food products such as meat, milk and honey.
  • Some domestic animals also provide us with transport.
  • Various communities in Kenya use some of the domestic animals during cultural ceremonies e.g. the Somali community use camels as payment for dowry during marriage ceremonies.
  • We should therefore love and take care of all the domestic animals. We should also encourage other people to treat them well
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