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English Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 3 End Term 2 Exams 2022 SET 1

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The teacher greets the learner (learner responds). The teacher asks the learner to sit. The teacher says, "I am teacher____I would want us to talk about play time and sports" 

  1. Which are your favourite sports? (learner responds)
  2. At what time do you go out to play while at school? (learner responds) 
  3. Tell me some dangerous sports activities. (learner responds)
  4. Name some items you use when playing outside (learner responds)
  5. How do we play with kites? (learner responds) 

Part 1: Reading Aloud Read this story aloud. 
School is a place where teaching and learning take place. A child who has been through school behaves well. You can easily tell the difference between those who have been to school and those who have not. (10 marks)

Part 2: Reading Comprehension
Read the story below and answer the questions that follow. 
Our country will make a very wise decision of electing various leaders to represent the citizens. This is called general election. This important activity takes place every five years. During such a time, our politicians are supposed to maintain peace as they campaign. It is everybody's prayer that this year's elections become peaceful. When there is peace in the country, the country develops economically.

  1. Our country will make a wise decision of __
  2. General election takes place after every __
  3. When they campaign, our politicians are supposed to maintain__
  4. Everybody wants this year's elections to be __
  5. When there is peace in the country, the country__

Select the correct word from the brackets to complete the sentences.

  1. Mueni and I __visit the museum. ( will, shall, does)
  2. All grade three teachers __have a meeting. (shall, will)
  3. Let us go to the field, ___we? (well, did, shall) 

Write the plural of the underlined words.

  1. Maina's foot hurt after a very long walk.
  2. Some mouse were running towards their hole. 
  3. The woman will hold their meeting here. : 

Use the correct wh-word to complete the statements, 

  1. __are the children crying?
  2. __was writing on the white board? 
  3. __is Mr. Maura's birthday?
  4. __book was picked outside? 

Re-write the following sentences, 

  1. My favourite food is ugali. 
  2. It tastes delicious when hot. 
  3. I like it served with cabbage. 
  4. My mother cooks it every evening. 
  5. I know how to cook ugali as well. 


Mark Qn1-10 as required

  1. electing various leaders
  2. five years
  3. peace
  4. peaceful
  5. develops economically
  6. will
  7. will
  8. shall
  9.  feet
  10. mice
  11. women
  12. why
  13. who
  14. when
  15. which

Mark Qns 26-30 as required

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