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Environmental and Religious Studies Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 3 End Term 2 Exams 2022 SET 1

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Match the sources of heat to their fuels. 

  1. Stove   charcoal 
  2. Jiko   firewood 
  3. Three stone stove  kerosene 
  4. We use heat for___(cleaning, drying, seeing)
  5. Heat can be___when handled carelessly. (poisonous, useful, dangerous) 
  6. ____can start fire in the house. (Soap, Petrol, Shampoo) 
  7. When there is a fire outbreak, we should move out of the house (together, slowly, quickly)
  8. Tick a road sign which means danger ahead. 
  9. A police station is a___ in the community. (bad, safe, cold) 
  10. Tick an item that can be used to keep a market place clean. 
  11. A person you don't know is called a___(visitor, guest, stranger) 
  12. _____is an example of cultural events in the community. (Fighting, Weddding, Rioting) 
  13. _____is a thorny plant. (Baobab, Eu phorbia, Acacia) 
  14. Colour an animal that provides food products. 
  15. The type of soil with the roughest texture is called (sand, clay, loam) 
  16. When the weather is rainy, we should stay (outside, indoors, outdoors) 
  17. Water can be made safe for use by (cooling, drinking, filtering) 







  1. Jesus walked on water. Therefore, Christian should learn about (walking, faith, obedience)
  2. The three Hebrew men refused to worship (God, a statue, Jesus)
  3. The hometown of Jesus Christ was (Nazareth, Bethlehem, Canaan)
  4. My___is a member of my extended family. (brother, cousin, father) 
  5. Adam and Eve were created by ___(the serpent, clay, God)
  6. We should always___God's commands. (disrespect, obey, disobey) 
  7. ____is a gospel book(Ezekiel, Malachi, Mark)
  8. Naaman was healed because he had___(money, faith, a disease) 


  1. Muslims fast during the holy month of (Dhulhijjah, Ramadhan. Shaaban) 
  2. There are___pillars of Islam. (six, seven, five) 
  3. Words and sayings of the prophet (SAW) are called (stories, hadith, proverbs) 
  4. On which day of the week will Qiyamah take place? (Monday, Friday, Sunday)
  5. Which surah talks about disbelievers? (Al-Lahab, Al-Kaafirun, Al-nasr)
  6. Complete the statement. Lam yalid wa lam (rahman, akbar, yuladu)
  7. The salat betwen fajr and Asr is (Isha, Maghrib, Dhuhr)
  8. All Muslims must practise  (hatred, obedience, dancing)


  1. Stove - kerosene
  2. Jiko - charcoal
  3. Three stone stove - firewood
  4. drying
  5. dangerous
  6. petrol
  7. quickly
  8. (last sign)
  9. safe
  10. (first item)
  11. stranger
  12. wedding
  13. acacia
  14. Mark as required
  15. sand
  16. indoors
  17. filtering
  1. faith
  2. a statue
  3. Bethlehem
  4. cousin
  5. God
  6. obey
  7. Mark
  8. faith
  1. Ramadhan
  2. five
  3. proverbs
  4. Friday
  5. Al-Kaafirun
  6. yuladu
  7. Maghrib
  8. obedience

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