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Integrated Learning Areas Questions and Answers - CBC Grade 3 End Term 2 Exams 2022 SET 1



  1. Below is Miss Matambara's fabric. 
    In order to decorate her fabric, Miss Matambara should use ___technique. (incising, applique, embedding) 
  2. Use crayons to decorate the 3D form below. 
  3. Bracelets can be made using___technique. (folding, modelling, knotting) 
  4. We can use ___to cut out pictures for photomontage. (nails, glass, razorblades)
  5. Draw a boy in the space provide. 
  6. We can practise plain weaving on a___(loom, thread, computer) 
  7. A___is a woven item. (sweater, gumboot, jug) 
  8. Look at the item drawn below. 
    The item above can be made using___(papers, clay, plastic) 


  1. Soccer players may practise___in the field.(diving, swimming, punting)
  2. A ____can be used for dribbling. (ball, rope, tin)
  3. In H.E.L.P in relation to swimming,E stands for (energy, electricity, escape) 
  4. Front crawl is an activity that can be practised in the (field, pool, church) 
  5. When leaping, we should always look (forward, up, sideways) 
  6. When playing different games, all rules must be (broken, disobeyed, obeyed) 


  1. Mboso made an instrument like the one shown below.
    The instrument Mboso made is called a (drum, piano, guitar)
  2. A___is a percussion instrument. (whistle, drum, horn)
  3. The line Nasi tujitoe kwa nguvu is found in the ___verse of the Kenya National Anthem. (first, second, third) 
  4. Lullabies are types of songs sung for (pupils, children, babies) 
  5. Good music makes us feel (happy, worried, sad) 
  6. The Kenya National Anthem can be sung in languages (two, three, four) 


  1. applique
  2. Mark as required
  3. knotting
  4. razor blades
  5. Mark as required
  6. loom
  7. sweater
  8. clay
  1. punting
  2. ball
  3. escape
  4. field
  5. forward
  6. obeyed
  1. guitar
  2. drum
  3. second
  4. babies
  5. happy
  6. two

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