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Home Science & Physical Health Education Questions And Answers - CBC Grade 4 End of Term 3 Exam SET 1 2022

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Instructions This section contains 11 questions. Answer as per the instructions provided.

  1. Name the following needlework tools. (2 marks)
    1. 1 a kjhuaygduad
    2. 1 b juagyugduygad
  2. What is a general grocery? (1 mark) 
  3. Name three food groups. (3 marks)
  4. Njeri was asked by her sibling to explain what a balanced meal is. What was the appropriate response! (1 mark)
    (A meal with foods from the three groups, A meal with a lot of proteins, A sweet meal) 
  5. Name two sources of milk. (2 marks)
  6. Milk gives us energy and .........................( 1 mark)
  7. Draw two fragile kitchen utensils. (2 marks)
  8. State three methods of cooking food. (3 marks)
  9. Give two ways in which paraffin is used at home. (2 marks)
  10. Washing hands is one of the practices of preventing illnesses.
    1. Name the materials needed in washing hands. (4 marks)
    2. With the help of the teacher, show how you should wash your hands. (2 marks) 
    3. State two other ways of preventing illnesses. (2 marks)
  11. Milk can be preserved in many ways. Boiling is one of the methods.
    Describe how you can boil milk in order to preserve it. Use real items such as milk, sufuria, source of heat and a jug (5 marks)

The teacher to tick the level of the learner.
This paper consists of two sections, A&B

Answer all the questions by writing the correct answer in the spaces provided.

  1. Name any two parts of the foot used to pass a soccer ball. (2 marks)
  2. Name two items that can be used in hand juggling.(2 marks)
  3. Name any safety measure to be observed when performing a headstand.(1 mark) 
  4. Name one material you can use to make an improvised soccer ball.(1 mark)
  5. Name two squares used in the game of rounders (2 marks)
  6. Name two swimming techniques. (2 marks)

TASK 2: Two-handed catching (5MKS)

Instructions to the teacher 

  1. Ensure learners wear proper sports attire. 
  2. Instruct learners not throw the ball directly on the face of each other. 
  3. Observe and assess each individual learner. Record their performance in the grid below.
Steps   Skill description  scores   Learner's scores  
Body position  Placing the body on the path of the oncoming ball.   1  
Reach and catch  Reaching and catching the ball with hands only.  1  
Eye focus  Eyes focusing on the ball throughout.  1  
Relaxing fingers, elbow bending, and Ball catching  Relaxing fingers cupping hands to receive the ball  1  
   Bending elbows to reduce impact, bending knees to catch the ball  1  

TASK 3: Kneeling overhead throw (5mks)
Instructions to the teacher.

  1. Ensure the ball is a soft ball.
  2. The field should be free from any dangerous objects. 
  3. Observe each learner and record his or her scores in the grid below.
Steps   Skill description  Scores Learner's scores
Ball Holding  holding the ball with both hands with the index fingers and thumbs as close as possible.    
Ball over  Bringing the ball over the head, behind the ears with arms loose and elbows bent.    
Kneeling  Kneeling with knees shoulder-width apart.    
Ball focus,  release and throwing   Facing a partner or a teacher, thrust the ball forward, releasing the ball passed over the head, without twisting while throwing the ball with both hands equally.    

Marking Scheme


    1. pins
    2. Scissors 
  2. a shop that sells food items and small household goods
  3. energy giving protective and body building foods
  4. a meal with foods from the three groups
  5. shops, dairy farmers, milk vendors
  6. Makes teeth and bones strong 
  7. Items to be fragile such as glasses, thermo flasks 
  8. Boiling, shallow frying, roasting, baking, deep frying 
  9. Cook and provide light
    1. Naming materials needed to wash hands
      1. Following Instructions 2 
      2. Washing hands appropriately 2
      3. Tidying the hands 1
    3. Stating methods of preventing illnesses (using handkerchief covering the mouth while coughing) 
    4. Assess


    1. Inside of the Instep 
    2. Instep
    3. Outside of the Instep
  2. Marbles, small stones, scor small balls, bottle tops, handkerchlef, seads or grains of cereals (accept any relevant responses)
  3. The ground should be free from any dangerous objects, surfaces should be soft surfaces, make a triangle with two hands and the head for safety do not land on other learners.
  4. Nylon papers, newspapers, socks, old clothes, shopping bags, 
  5. Bowler's square /bowling square, batter's square, batting square 
  6. Front crawl swimming, crouch surface dive, i standing surface dive, breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, butterfly stroke
    For number 7 and 8 Assess

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