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How is Resian assertive in Blossoms of the Savannah?

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  • When they are accosted with Taiyo by knobkerrie welding young man she hisses, “Leave my sister alone.” (p.19).
  • She strongly declares that she would rather live in the noisiest place than near a vagabond with intention of mutilating her (p.33).
  • She feels Joseph’s lessons are taking her to the Stone Age era (p.72).
  • She detests Joseph’s teachings on culture and insists she will be taught universal content at the university (p.73).
  • Mama Milanoi thinks of her as a hard nut to crack for she knew her rights (p.118).
  • She knows Oloisudori will not have a walkover on the issue of marriage (p.118).
  • She observes that Nasila culture must soon shed off F.G.M and assertively notes that there are no two ways about it” (p.128).
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