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Give two sources of information on contact between East Africa coast and outside world

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  • The Graeco- Roman Documentary which only makes indirect references to the east African coast.
  • The Swahili chronicles written by the people of the coast. E.g the Kilwa chronicle gives account of achievements of coastal rulers before the arrival of the Portuguese.
  • Periplus of the Erythrean Sea; by a Greek merchant in 1st Century AD describes the people and places along the coast and the Indian Ocean Trade. (Erythrean Sea Trade).
  • Geopgraphia by Claudius Ptolemy makes reference to east African coast and the trade along Somalia and Kenyan coasts.
  • Christian Topography of Cosmos Indico of the 6TH Century describes the trading activities on the coast of East Africa.
  • Renowned travelers like Al-Mosudi, Al Idrisi and Ibn Battuta wrote firsthand accounts about the places they visited and the people they met at the coast in the 10th Century AD.
  • The existing archaeological evidence in east Africa include the remains of pottery , iron tools, beads and coins which prove the presence of international trade
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Swahili chronicles and Ptolemy's geography

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Indian sources
Chinese sources
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Similarities between transport and communication

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