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Identify the challenges faced by Jesus during His ministry

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  1. He was denied by Peter.
  2. He was falsely accused of blasphemy and treason.
  3. He was sentenced by death although He was innocent.
  4. He was whipped by Pilate.
  5. He was forced to carry His own cross.
  6. He was mocked and humiliated when He was on the cross.
  7. It was difficult for Him to convince His disciples of His Messianic role.
  8. He was rejected by His own people.
  9. He received death threats in Nazareth and from King Herod.
  10. He was accused of breaking the Law of Moses.
  11. He was accused of being a friend of  tax collectors and sinners.
  12. He was accused of being the prince of demons (Beelzebul).
  13. He was tempted by the devil.
  14. He was betrayed by Judas.
  15. He was arrested and tried unfairly.
  16. He was deserted by His disciples after His arrest.
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.He was denied to enter the temple
. rejection by His own people
.He was tempted by Satan
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