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Why did Jesus use miracles in his ministry?

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  • They were a supplement to his teachings
  • To show the destruction of Satan’s kingdom and the establishment of God's kingdom
  • To show that Jesus has power over evil
  • They show that Jesus came to liberate human kind from suffering and death
  • Those who witnessed the miracles by Jesus believed in Him/had faith in him.
  • They show that Jesus is the giver of life
  • He had a lot of compassion for less advantage such as the hungry, sick and poor.
  • To indicate that the power and presence of God was with him.
  • To show that Jesus was a universal savior. He healed both Jews and Gentiles.
  • Miracles indicate Jesus is the giver of life and resurrection.
  • They are manifestations of God’s love and concern for all people.
  • They are an integral part of Jesus teaching and provided an alternative method of preaching.
  • Were performed as a fulfillment of the prophecies about him.
  • They were responses of faith from those suffering to show he had power to destroy the kingdom of the devil and establish God’s kingdom.
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Because it was a will to communicate

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1.So as to bring people to the kingdom of God
2.to fullfil the prophecies told by the prophets in the old testament

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They drew crowds to him

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