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identify six groups of people who can be described as unfortune  in St Luke's gospel

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  1. The Poor: Luke frequently highlights the plight of the poor and the oppressed, such as in the parables of the Good Samaritan and the Rich Fool.
  2. Widows: Widows were especially vulnerable in ancient societies and Luke highlights their plight in several passages.
  3. The Sick: Luke emphasizes Jesus' compassion towards the sick, such as when he heals the ten lepers.
  4. Sinners: Luke portrays Jesus as reaching out to sinners and tax collectors, who were generally considered outcasts by the religious establishment.
  5. Children: Luke emphasizes the importance of children and Jesus' love for them, as in the story of the children being brought to Jesus.
  6. Women: Luke portrays women as important in the ministry of Jesus and highlights their role in the early Christian community, such as Mary and Martha, the woman at the well, and the women who followed Jesus.
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