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Differentiate between Islamic shariah and secular laws.

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  • Sharia is from Allah/Divine Law while secular laws are Made by man/man made law.
  • Sharia is universal while secular laws are not universal. Every country has its own laws.
  • Sharia law Cannot be changed to suit situations while secular law is changed/reviewed to suit situations.
  • Shariah law is a form of worship while secular laws are mere laws to govern/regulate human behaviour and relationships
  • According to shariah one gets thawab both in this world and in the Hereafter while secular laws only gives dignity and honour in this world only.
  • Those who break Sharia can get away with it in this world but will be punished in the Hereafter while a person can break secular laws and get away with it. 
  • Shariah is not based on favouritism. It is applied to all people regardless of colour, race, class etc. Secular laws can discriminate against some people.
  • in shariah laws, people will be held accountable both in this world and Hereafter while in secular law people are only held accountable in this world/in this life only.
  • Shariah law is expanded by the prophetic tradition and Islamic Scholars using the Quran as a basis while secular law expanded by ordinary human beings i.e lawyers using man made constitution
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Islamic sheria is law made by Allah while secular law are law made by man or government

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