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Mention five responsibilities of children towards their parents.

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  1. Kindness to the Parents: One of the duties the children were commanded by Allah towards their parents is to treat them with utmost kindness. The children are not allowed to treat them unkindly.
  2. Respect to the Parents: It is expected of the children to respect their parents and at no time is the children allowed to disrespect their parents even if they are non-Muslims.
  3. Obedience to the Parents: The children are enjoined to always obey the order of their parents. The only exception is when their commandment is in violation of Allah’s commandment. In such a case, the children is not allowed to obey such commandment. However, they must be treated with kindness and respect.
  4. Making Provision for the Parents: The children is expected to take proper care of their parents; particularly when they are at old age and they could not do things for themselves.
  5. Supplicate for the Parents: One of the duties of the children to their parents is to seek for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy for them; particularly after their death.
  6. Paying their debts and religious obligations: For the poor deceased parents, it is expected of the children to pay their monetary debts and those of the religious obligations they were unable to observe (particularly by the first male child).
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