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Outline seven benefits of wasiyya.

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  1. It gives the deceased an opportunity to help the poor, the needy and other vulnerable people in the society.
  2. It eradicates favouritism among heirs.
  3. It inculcates discipline among the heirs while handling the property of the deceased.
  4. It prevents quarrels, wrangles and fights among family members.
  5. It accords the rights of business partners, workers and third parties.
  6. It encourages individual members in the society to be dutiful, responsible and exercise love and care since whoever does contrary to this may be exempted from the will.
  7. Those bequeathed get a chance to better their lives from the property left for them.
  8. A will creates a strong bond of relationship between the mu’swi (deceased) and the mu’swillahu. It can therefore be used in the appointment of a guardian for the children.
  9. It cements love and friendship among the family members.
  10. Controls against fraud or misappropriation of the estate
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