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Highlight the challenges experienced by the Muslims after Hijra to Madina.

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  1. A clan of Khazraj headed by Abdullah ibn Ubayy who had been expecting to take over as a king of Yathrib. He therefore pretended to revert to Islam together with his supporters (Munafiqun). They had not been happy with the prophet’s advancement and started causing mischief among the believers.
  2. The Jews staying in Madina also opposed the prophet when the verse came directing Muslims to change the Qibla from Jerusalem to Makka. (Read Q: 2:146). They secretly contacted the Makkan Pagans and started to work against the interest of the Muslims. They also rejected Prophet Mohammad because the messenger they had expected to come was to be from their tribe.
  3. The Quraish started sending troops to kill the prophet and his companions.
  4. Often, they interfered with business activities by looting the towns and destroyed the Arab trade in the region by paralyzing all business activities.
  5. They also sent raiding parties with the intention of destroying fruit trees, plantations and carrying away animals.
  6. The Makkans conspired with the Munafiqun to rebel against the prophet and Muslims.
  7. The Quraish went ahead to form alliances with other tribes with the aim of to dislodging Islam and the Muslims.
  8. The Quraish leaders spread negative information about the prophet i.e. they said that he was a seeker chased from his motherland in order to discourage people from embracing Islam
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Constants attack from the qureish
Shortage of food and water
Had no weapons for defense 
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