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State six achievements of Muawiya bin Abu Sufyan.

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  1. Muawiya is credited with the creation of specialized bureaus, known as diwans, to increase the centralization of the government. They included; Diwan al-Kharaj (the Board of Revenue), Diwan alRasa'il (the Board of Correspondence), Diwan al- Khatam (the Board of Registry), Diwan al-Bard (the Board of Postal services), Diwan al-Qudat (the Board of Justice) and Diwan al-Jund (the Military Board)
  2. The capital of the Muslim empire was transferred from Makkah and Madina to Damascus.
  3. He established a highly-trained army of Syrian soldiers which was used to expand Muslim authority east into Khorasan and west into North Africa
  4. Muawiya also led expeditions into Anatolia beginning in 672 C.E which resulted in an unsuccessful three-year seige of Constantinople (674-677 C.E).
  5. He retained the administrative structures left by the Byzantines and Persians but consolidated his authority by appointing kinsmen to key posts.
  6. He constructed a gigantic palace called the Green Palace of Damascus.
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