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Explain eight views of Ibn Khaldun on education.

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  1. Quran is the basis of Islam and source of Islamic knowledge hence should be studied with understanding.
  2. Aim of education is to develop firm religious belief and good morals in children.
  3. Teachers should acquire knowledge and master the art of teaching.
  4. Teachers should know the psychology of pupils and their levels of ability.
  5. Memorisation without understanding as a form of teaching should be discouraged.
  6. Students should be encourages to engage in debate and arguments ina scientific way.
  7. Teachers should make necessary preparations for the lesson.
  8. Education of youngsters should be based on generalization of knowledge at the beginning and specification should come later.
  9. Secular education is important.
  10. Recommended continuity in learning.
  11. Quran should only be taught when the child acquires a certain degree of intelligence, other religious subjects should be taught early.
  12. Punishments as an incentive to learning should be a last resort to the teacher.
  13. Teaching in the earlier stages should be in mother tongue.
  14. Arts and craft should be included in the curriculum and should be perfected.
  15. Advocated for teaching of languages which are found in modern education.
  16. Advocated for progressive and modern system of education.
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