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Study the photograph provided and use it to answer the questions 



  1. Name the activity in the photograph.
  2. Citing evidence, state the time of the day when this photograph was taken.
  3. State three physical conditions that favour the growing of the crop in the photograph in Kenya. 

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  1. Harvesting of wheat.
    • During midday
    • Bright /clear sky
    • Short shadows at the bottom of objects
    • The areas receive moderate rainfall/305-1015mm which is sufficient for wheat growing.
    • Moderate temperatures between 15-200C to allow maturity of the crop/wheat.
    • A warm dry sunny period for ripening and harvesting.
    • Deep well drained volcanic soils to provide anchorage for the wheat stalks.
    • Gently sloping slopes for proper drainage and mechanization.
    • Wheat growing areas are of high altitude to provide cool conditions.
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