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Explain six factors that led to the development of African Nationalism in Ghana.

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  • Inadequate African representation in the Legislative council based discontent among the Ghanaians.
  • Loss of powers by the traditional African chiefs created discontent against the colonial government.
  • The need to guard against possible land alienation by the British united the Africans.
  • Introduction of taxation by the colonial government was resented by Ghanaians.
  • The meagre earnings by Africans from the sale of cocoa to Europeans created discontent among them.
  • The order by the colonial government that farmers uproot their crops due to prevalence of the “swollen shoot” disease upset them.
  • Then involvement of the ex-servicemen in the Second World War inspired them to fight for their independence.
  • The attainment of independence by India/Pakistan in 1947 encouraged the Ghanaians to demand for their right to govern themselves.
  • The existence of young educated Ghanaians who had understood the ideals of democracy/freedom who inspired the masses towards a worthy cause.
  • High rate of unemployment among the Africans created resentment/discontent.
  • The United Nations Charter’s declaration of the importance of political independence for all people inspired the Ghanaians and other leaders.
  • The charismatic leadership provided by Kwame Nkrumah united the people in their struggle against colonial domination.
  • The selective granting of trading licenses to Europeans traders while denying the same to the Africans created discontent. 
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