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Give one role of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere of Tanzania in the development of nationalism in Mozambique.

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  1. He offered them political recognition and support.  
  2. He allowed them to open their offices in Tanzania.
  3. Nyerere was instrumental in uniting the different factions of the liberation movement/FRELIMO.
  4. He opened the border for asylum seekers from Mozambique.
  5. He allowed FRELIMO fighters to train on Tanzania soil.
  6. He was vocal in condemning colonialism in Mozambique in various forums like
    UN, OAU and Commonwealth.
  7. He supplied the fighters with arms and gave them military aid.
  8. He allowed Tanzania border with Mozambique to be used as bases to launch
    attacks on enemy installations.
  9. He allowed the movement to have total freedom to establish organize bases on Tanzanian soil
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