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Describe the raising of the widow’s son at Nain. Luke 7:11-17.

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  • Jesus went to a city called Nain together with his disciples, and a great crowd went with him.
  • As he drew near the gate, he met people carrying a dead man.
  • The dead man was the only son of the widow.
  • The widow was accompanied by a large crowd.
  • When the lord saw her, he had compassion on her.
  • He told the widow to stop weeping.
  • Jesus touched the bier/coffin and the bearers stood still.
  • He ordered the dead man to arise.
  • The dead man sat up and began to speak.
  • Jesus gave the man to his mother.
  • Fear seized them all.
  • They glorified God, saying a great prophet had risen among them.
  • The report concerning him spread through the whole of Judea and all the surrounding country.
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