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Students carried out field study on rocks around their school.

  1. State two importance of stating the objectives for the study. 
  2. Give three reasons why they prepared a route map of the study area.   
  3. Give three activities that the students were involved in during the field study.

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    1. It directs on the actual activities to be carried out during the study.
    2. They guie on the possible areas of data collection.
    3. They give the aims/purpose for carrying out the study.
    4. They guide on the appropriate methods /tools for data collection. 
    1. To identify the direction they would take.
    2. To show the features/rocks they are likely to see.
    3. To help estimate the distance to be covered
    4. To help estimate the time to be taken.
    5. To help make/prepare time schedule.
    1. Data collection/taking photographs/filming/videoing
    2. Data recording/taking notes/tallying/sketching.
    3. Collecting rock samples
    4. Classifying the collected rock samples.\
    5. Labelling of collected rock samples.
    6. drawing of sketches /diagrams
    7. Administering questionnaires
    8. Filling in questionnaires
    9. Telling texture
    10. Breaking rocks
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