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In a experiment to determine the percentage of purity of a sample of sodium carbonate, 2.15g of the sample reacted completely with 40cmof 0.5m sulphuric (iv) acid

  1. Calculate the number of moles of Sodium Carbonate that reacted 
  2. Determine the percentage of Sodium Carbonate in the sample (Na=23,C=12,0=16
  3. Name two industrial uses of Sodium Carbonate

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  1. Moles of H2SO4 that reacted = 40/100 × 0.5 =0.02
    Moles of Na2CO3 that reacted =0.02 
                                                   Mole ratio Na2CO3: H2SO4  1:1
  2. Mass=Moles × FM
           =0.02 ×106
    Percentage of purity = 2.12/2.15 ×100                               
    1. Water softening
    2. Manufacture of glass
    3. making of soap
    4. Making of sodium hydrogen Carbonate-baking Powder

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