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What is the importance of transfiguration to the ministry of Jesus

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  1. The incident prepared the disciples of Jesus of His death and resurrection/ showed that there is life after death
  2. The appearance of Moses showed that Jesus had come to fulfill the law
  3. The appearance of Elijah showed that Jesus had come to fulfill the prophecies/ prophets
  4. The voice of God, (This is my son) was a voice to confirmation that the son of God/ the expected messiah (that the disciples were right in the following him)
  5. It taught the disciples that Jesus was to be obeyed/ trusted
  6. The disciple witnessed/ experience the presence of God
  7. The disciples witnessed/ had a glimpse of Jesus in his heavenly glory divine nature
  8. The episode teaches that Jesus had come to usher in the heavenly kingdom/ the kingdom of God
  9. The episode prepared Peter for the future leadership of the church
  10. It teaches the need for privacy during prayer
  11. The comforting words of God encouraged Jesus to continue in his ministry
  12. It also strengthened the faith of the disciples who later become leaders of the church
  13. The tabernacle/ booths/ tents desired by Peter refer to the tabernacle of the Old Testament where God dwelt among the people
  14. It is in the transfiguration that Jesus even in his earthly existence is the glorious son of God who would be fully recognized in his gory after his passion and resurrection   
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