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Outline the differences between Quran and Hadith Qudsi

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Holy QuranHadith Qudsi
Allah words that is, both its words and meaning are from Allah Its words are from the Prophet (PBUH). The sayings of the Prophet through the medium of divine inspiration
It is mu’jizah (inimitable, miraculous and unique)A statement that the Messenger (PBUH) reports and he refers it directly to Allah (SWT)
It is recited in every prayerOnly used as reference or for guidance but should not be recited in prayers.
One is not allowed to touch the Qur’an when is in the state of impurityOne is not prohibited for touching the books of Hadith Qudsi.
Must be recited in every Salat for the Salat to be valid.Hadith Qudsi cannot be recited in Salat
Was revealed through Angel Jibril to the Prophet (PBUH)May have been inspired by other ways such as in the form of a dream.
All the surahs and ayahs were collected and compiled during the Caliphate of AbubakarWas not compiled into a book form until generations after the death of the Prophet and the Sahabah

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