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Describe the social organization of the Somali in pre-colonial period.

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  1. They were divided into clans that consisted of closely related families
  2. Each of the clans was headed by a council of elders. It settled disputes among the people.
  3. The Somali also had age-set system to which the circumcised boys belong
  4. The Somali believed in the existence of God whom they called WAK/WAQ
  5. WAK was the creator and controlled all aspects of the Somali people’s lifestyle
  6. They had religious leaders who medicated between the people and their God whom they worshipped in their religious centres.
  7. In the 16th century the Somali convert into Islam.
  8. The Somali divided duties according to gender. The men took care of animals and protected well while the women carried out domestic duties and constructed houses.
  9. The women were not expected to participate in the political system of the community.
  10. The Somali valued marriage as an important institution. They practiced exogamous marriage which was polygamous in nature
  11. As the Somali adopted Islam their culture too become Islamic in nature. The society has since then changed to cope with the Islamic influence.
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