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Describe social organization of the Luo during the pre-colonial period.

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  1. The family was the basic unit headed by the father
  2. Marriage was polygamous where men were allowed to marry many wives and was exogamous where one was not allowed to marry from maternal clan.
  3. They initiated their boys at puberty which involved removal of the six lower front teeth
  4. They built and lived in grass thatched, mud walled houses
  5. They believed in one God-Nyasaye. The Luo prayed to this god through priests who approached him through ancestral spirits
  6. They also had diviners who interpreted God’s message to the people. Also had specialists such as rain makers and medicine men.
  7. They worshiped their God in sacred places.
  8. They had various ceremonies which celebrated through dancing and feasting
  9. Their education was informal an continuous from childhood until initiation
  10. Work was shared according to gender and age.
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