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Explain five challenges facing the provision of health services in Kenya.

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  • High cost of medical services which limits access by majority of the populace who c cannot afford
  • The high population which puts strain on the limited available health facilities/ equipment
  • High rate of HIV/ AIDS / other diseases which puts a huge burden on the health budget
  • Corruption in the health sector thereby hindering effective service delivery/ affecting procurement procedures/ provision of drugs/ equipment
  • Kenya faces acute brain drains as many medical practitioners seek greener pastures outside the country.
  • Ineffective National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) which makes it difficult for many people to access quality health service
  • Inadequate health practitioners/personnel which compromises the quality of health services
  • High rate of road accidents/ injuries has strained the available health facilities ix. High poverty levels among people renders them vulnerable to diseases/ malnutrition
  • Eruption of new deadly diseases like Corona Virus that do not have cure has made all available resources to be channeled to it, thereby ignoring other diseases which still trouble the citizenry.
  • Frequent / industrial unrest by health workers has resulted into death/ suffering of many patients
  • Inadequate facilities/ equipment has made it difficult to access quality services xiii. Inadequate funding by the government which has resulted into provision of poor health services
  • Retrogressive cultural/ religious practices have frustrated efforts to provide healthcare
  • Increased environmental pollution has led to higher incidences of ailments
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