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Explain ways in which third world countries are trying to achieve food security

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  • Land reclamation thus increasing land under agriculture. This may increase food production.
  • Re-formulation of agricultural policies so that there is a shift from a concentration on cash crops to paying more attention on food crops.
  • Provision of extension services to farmers e.g. information on storage, preservation of farm produce and other forms of advice.
  • Revision of the land tenure system- redistribution of land / land reforms as case is in china.
  • Development of agro-based industries which will become market to agricultural raw materials like coffee, tea, etc.
  • Creation of political stability to enable mobilization of people to self-sufficiency in food production.
  • Relentless campaign against killer disease such as AIDS.
  • Infrastructural development/ in transport, communication, storage and marketing.
  • Environmental conservation measures which may help curb drought spread and ensure sufficient rains./ protection of catchments areas
  • Family planning so that people only have children they can be able to feed, cloth and shelter.
  • Demand for food to feed the growing population.
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Setting up irrigation scheme
Storage facility
Introduction of drought resistant crops
Family planning

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