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Health Education - Class 7 Science Revision Notes

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Drug is any substances other than food that, alters the functioning of the body.

Drug misuse -This is the usage of any drug for any other purpose other than the recommended one.

Drug abuse -This is using of drug to a way that the body cannot work without it.

Commonly Abused Drugs

  • Tobacco
  • Miraa (khat)
  • Mandrax
  • Heroin/opium-from poppy plant
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Alcohol
  • Bhang/dope/marijuana/hashish.
  • Cocaine-from coca plant
  • Inhalants eg petrol and glue.

Ways of Taking Drugs.

  • Sniffing eg heroine,cocaine
  • Chewing eg miraa
  • Injection eg cocaine
  • Smoking eg cocaine,bhang,tobacco,heroin
  • Drinking eg alcohol.

Narcotic Drugs/illegal drugs

  • Cocaine
  • Bhang
  • Heroin
  • Mandrax

Effects of Drugs

  • Causes lung cancer eg tobacco
  • Causes liver cirrhosis eg alcohol
  • Causes breathimg difficulties eg heroin.
  • Causes mouth cancer eg miraa
 Health effects    Social effects 
  • Addiction
  • Fits
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • General weakness  
  • Shivering
  • Violence
  • Stress
  • Irritability
  •  Truancy
  • Accident
  • Rape
  • Fighting
  • HIV/AIDS   


Myths and Misconceptions of HIV/AIDS

A myth is a false idea or a false story that many people believe is true.

A conception is a wrong or untrue idea which people believe because they do not have the facts or do not understand it at all.

Care and Support for People Infected with HIV and AIDS

  • Love and care
  • Adequate diet.
  • Hygiene.
  • Medical care

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