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Science Questions and Answers - KCPE 2023 Prediction Papers Set 2

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  1. Which of the following statement is true about molar tooth? They
    1. are sharp and pointed.
    2. are 12 in adult. 
    3. have two roots.
    4. are 8 in adult. 
  2. Which of the following process lead to the formation of zygote?
    1. Implantation.
    2. Fusion of sex cells.
    3. Release of ovum.
    4. Bursting of amniotic fluid.
  3. The function of the trachea in the human breathing system is to
    1. absorb the air.
    2. warming and moistening air. 
    3. allow exchange of gases.
    4. clean the air.
  4. Which one of the following chamber pumps blood to the lungs?
    1. Left ventricle.
    2. Right auricle.
    3. Left auricle.
    4. Right ventricle.
  5. Which of the following stages of HIV/AIDS is the virus first detected in a patient?
    1. Window stage. 
    2. Symptomatic stage.
    3. Incubation period.
    4. Full blown AIDS.
  6. The diagram below represents a section of the human digestive system.
    Which one of the following represent where absorption of food takes place?
    1. Part V
    2. Part X
    3. Part Y
    4. Part Z
  7. Which one of the following activities is energy used sparingly? Using
    1. wind to produce electricity.
    2. vehicles which consumes less fucl.
    3. vaccum flask to keep liquids hot.
    4. improved jiko to cook food.
  8. The following diseases are immunized at the age of 10 weeks except
    1.  tuberculosis.
    2. poliomyelitis.
    3. Diptheria.
    4. Pertusis
  9. The following are signs and symptom of a certain disease.
    1. Severe abdominal pains,
    2. Violent diarrhoea
    3. Dehydration.
    4. Vomiting.
      The disease is likely to be
      1. bilharzia
      2. typhoid
      3. cholera
      4. malaria
  10. Which of the following is not advisable practice while handling chemical?
    1. Wearing protective gears.
    2. Spraying in the direction of the wind.
    3. Washing hands after using chemical.
    4. Spraying against the direction of the wind.
  11. Which of the following drugs is harmful but allowed in Kenya?
    1. Bhang
    2. Alcohol
    3. Mandrax
    4. Cocaine
  12. During the process of investigating the conditions necessary for seed. germination, the reason for boiling water is to
    1. add warmth. 
    2. remove moisture.
    3. remove air.
    4. kill germs.
  13. Which of the following crops is correctly grouped?
       Fibre crop    Oil crop 
     A.   Palm tree Coconut 
     B.  Coffee  Simsim
     C.   Sunflower  Sisal
     D.  Cotton   Peas 
  14. Which one of the following weed is useful to the farmer?
    1. Oxalis
    2. Sodom apple
    3. Mexican marigold.
    4. Thorn apples
  15. The table below shows characteristics of some invertebrates.
     Name   Number of body parts   Number of legs 
     Weevils                   3            Y
        X                  2            8
     Mosquito                   Z            6
    What represent X, Y and Z respectively?
       X    Y   Z 
     A.   Spider   2  6
     B.  Moth  6  3
     C.  Scorpion   8  2
     D.  Mite  6  2
  16. Which one of the following plants. is non-green?
    1. Pine
    2. Liverworts
    3. Algae
    4. Moulds
  17. Which of the following crop pest is correctly matched with the part it attack?
       Pest   Part attacked 
     A.   Aphids   Flowers 
     B.  Cutworms   Grains
     C.  Weevils  Leaves
     D.  Stalkborer  Stems
  18. Which of the following method of grazing is beneficial to the farmer in controlling parasites?
    1. Stall feeding.
    2. Paddocking.
    3. Zero grazing.
    4. Herding.
  19. The chart below shows simple classification of animals.
    Which of the animals are wrongly classified?
    1. Salamander and whale.
    2. Crocodile and ostrich.
    3. Salamander and ostrich.
    4. Crocodile and whale.
  20. Which of the following animals has hollow bones and streamlined body?
    1. Dove
    2. Tilapia
    3. Shark
    4. Frog
  21. When using a windvane and the tail is pointing to the East, the wind is blowing to
    1. East
    2. North
    3. South
    4. West
  22. The set-up below was used by class 5 pupils to investigate how heat travels in matter.
    For the set-up to work effectively the candle was to be placed at.
    1. Point R.
    2. Point T.
    3. Point Q.
    4. Point S.
  23. Which of the following activities is best done during wet season?
    1. Harvesting
    2. Spraying
    3. Pruning
    4. Weeding
  24. Which one of the following uses of water is not practised in the farm?
    1. Washing farm implements. 
    2. Making fountain.
    3. Watering animals.
    4. Mixing chemicals.
  25. Which one of the following does not pollute water?
    1. Excessive use of herbicides.
    2. Watering animals in the rivers.
    3. Gases from vehicle exhausts..
    4. Heavy floods.
  26. The following are uses of components of air. 
    1. Supporting burning.
    2. Manufacturing of soft drinks.
    3. Putting out fires.
    4. Manufacture of electric bulbs.
    5. Germination of seeds.
      Which one of the uses are for gases that occupy 0.03% and 21% respectively?
      1. (iv) and (v)
      2. (ii) and (v)
      3. (i) and (iv)
      4. (ii) and (iii)
  27. Which two form of energy does not require medium for transmission?
    1. Light and heat.
    2. Electricity and sound.
    3. Heat and electricity.
    4. Sound and light.
  28. Which one of the following adaptive feature help plants that grow in wet areas to withstand water current?
    1. Floating flowers.
    2. Thin cuticles.
    3. Flexible stem.
    4. Shallow roots.
  29. The following are ways through which small animals protect themselves against danger except by
    1. flying away
    2. leaping.
    3. stinging
    4. coiling
  30. Shadows are formed due to the fact that light.
    1. is bent from one medium to another.
    2. is bounced.
    3. travels in a straight line.
    4. travel in all directions.
  31. Which group below consists of energy-giving foods?
    1. Honey and sugarcane.
    2. Termites and potatoes.
    3. Rice and green grams.
    4. Pork and eggs.
  32. The diagram below shows parts of a flower
    Which part is correctly matched with its function?
       Parts   Function 
     A.   K  Attract insect. 
     B.  M  Receive pollen grains 
     C.  R  Develop into fruit.
     D.  N  Produces pollen grains
  33. Which of the following is a characteristic of nimbus clouds?
    1. white in colour and flat based.
    2. irregular shaped and bundle of cotton.
    3. high in the sky and s mountaineous.
    4. Dark grey in colour and cover the whole sky.
  34. The soil that has low water retention capacity also 
    1. has best capillarity.
    2. contain a lot of humus.
    3. has fine texture.
    4. has large particles.
  35. Which one of the following is not a function of amniotic fluid?
    1. Facilitate exchange of mineral to the foetus
    2. Protect the embryo from shock.
    3. Protect the embryo from physical damage.
    4. Keep the embryo moist.
  36. Which of the following materials are correctly matched?
       Magnet   Non magnetic 
     A.   Aluminium   Steel wool
     B.  Glass rod  Nickel 
     C.  Office pins  Copper coin
     D.  Steel  Razor blade
  37.  A breast feeding mother is always advised to eat food rich in minerals mainly because they
    1. help in immunity development. 
    2. help the baby to have strong bone and tecth.
    3. protect the mother from infections.
    4. improve milk production.
  38. Which one of the following is a characteristic of all reptiles? 
    1. Breath through gills.
    2. Have dry scales.
    3. Lay unfertilized eggs.
    4. Live partly in water.
  39. The HIV is transmitted from an infected person to healthy person mainly through
    1. body fluids 
    2. deep kissing
    3. blood transfusion
    4. sexual intercourse.
  40. Which one of the following soil conservation methods is best applicable in a flat bare land?
    1. Building gabions.
    2. Contour ploughing.
    3. Planting cover crop. 
    4. Making terraces.
  41. The set-up below show a simple electric circuit.
    Which of the following describe energy transformation when the circuit is completed?
    1. Chemical → electrical → light → heat.
    2. Electrical → chemical → heat → light.
    3. Heat → chemical → light → electrical
    4. Chemical → electrical → heat → light.
  42. Which of the following method of food preservation work the same way as honey?
    1. Drying
    2. Smoking
    3. Salting
    4. Canning
  43. Which one of the following statements is true about solids and gases? They have
    1. indifinite volume.
    2. definite mass and shape.
    3. definite mass.
    4. indifinite shape and volumc.
  44. Two pupils were balancing on a see-saw as shown in the diagram below.
    In oder to balance on the see-saw
    1. move the pivot towards pupil S.
    2. pupil T should move close to the pivot.
    3. move the pivot toward pupil  T
    4. pupil S should move away from the pivot.
  45. The best procedure of separating a mixture of maize flour and salt is
    1. dissolving, decanting, filtering.
    2. dissolving, filtering, evaporation.
    3. winnowing, filtering, evaporation.
    4. filtering, dissolving; evaporation.
  46. Which one of the following leyers is correctly matched with the position of the effort, fulcrum and load when in use?
    1. Spade - fulcrum, effort,load.
    2. Wheelbarrow- load, fulcrum, effort.
    3. Claw hammer- fulcrum, effort, load.
    4. Crow bar - effort, load, fulcrum.
  47. The tendency of a body to resist change of state of whether at rest or in motion is known as
    1. gravity
    2. weight
    3. friction
    4. inertia.
  48. Which one of the following materials can be used as insulators for electricity? 
    1. Copper wire
    2. Aluminium foil
    3. Rubber band
    4. Steel wool
  49. The following are characteristic of a certain flower:
    1. Large in size.
    2. Produce few pollen grains.
    3. Firmly attached anthers.
      The flower is also likely to have;
      1. dull petals.
      2. featherly stigma.
      3. no scent.
      4. flat and sticky stigma.
  50. Which one of the following is an advantage of hard water?
    1. Suitable for drinking. 
    2. Lathers easily with soap.
    3. Saves soap during washing.
    4. Forms scum with soap.


  1. B
  2. B
  3. D
  4. C
  5. C
  6. B
  7. B
  8. A
  9. C
  10. C
  11. B
  12. C
  13. A
  14. C
  15. D
  16. C
  17. D
  18. B
  19. A
  20. C
  21. A
  22. C
  23. C
  24. B
  25. C
  26. B
  27. A
  28. C
  29. B
  30. C
  31. A
  32. C
  33. D
  34. D
  35. A
  36. C
  37. D
  38. B
  39. A
  40. C
  41. D
  42. B
  43. C
  44. A
  45. B
  46. A
  47. D
  48. C
  49. D
  50. A
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