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English Questions and Answers - KCPE 2023 Prediction Papers Set 3

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The passage below contains blank spaces 1 - 15. Read and select the best alternative for each blank space from the choices given.

Love is a great passion. It is natural that man loves his___1___ country. The same is the___2___with me, I love Kenya for the fact that I was born here. Kenya___3___ given me an identity, it's who I am. It's my homeland, I will always be known as a Kenyan. It's not just emotional___4___logical to love something that is your everything.

We got it ___5___ our leaders had to lay down their lives for its achievement. Their struggle is ___6___ admirable. Kenya was not given to us on a silver___7___! A lot of people traded their lives for the peace and security we enjoy. Many a great people: Dedan Kimathi, Jomo Kenyatta, Fred Kubai, Pio Gama Pinto, Harry Thuku, Paul Ngei to mention but___8___ They worked day in___9___which resulted in the beautiful homeland we call Kenya.

We are independent.

I love Kenya because of its geography. There are a lot of ___10___ sceneries where both local and ___11___ tourists from all over the world can visit. Kenya has plenty of lakes and mountains which gives it a unique identity.___12___ Great Rift Valley is filled with many physical features. There are also a number of national parks where people visit to___13___their minds. In other places, people grow crops, vegetables as well ___14___ fruits. On the other ___15___,some places are meants for industries.

Kenya is rich in natural resources and minerals. I love Kenya because it is a land of peace.

   A    B   C   D 
 1.   native   habitat   father   born 
 2.  state  feeling   case   outcome 
 3.  have  had   has   her 
 4.  and  even   when   but 
 5.  before   after  therefore   later
 6.  quite  really   rather   never 
 7.  platter  bell  medal  perch
 8.  many  little  more  a few
 9.  everyday   day out   and night   day ever
 10.   fair  homely  pleasant  shocking 
 11.  domestic  alien  imported  foreign
 12.  An  A  Un  The
 13.  freshed  freshen  fresh  freshing
 14.  as  us  use  ass
 15.  hand  side  section  thought

For questions 16 and 17, choose the option which means the same as the underlined word 

  1. The thieves retreated when they saw police officers.
    1. backed out
    2. backed off
    3. backed down
    4. backed up
  2. The chairman kept postponing the meeting because most of the members were not available.
    1. delaying
    2. cancelling
    3. backing
    4. revealing.

For questions 18 to 20 choose the alternative that best suits the blank space.

  1. Each of the girls _________________________________  sent to fetch water from the well.
    1. is
    2. are
    3. was
    4. were
  2. My family has kept twenty ______________________________ of cattle in the field.
    1. herd
    2. group
    3. heard
    4. head 
  3. Joan is the _______________________________________ of the twins.
    1. oldest
    2. elder
    3. eldest
    4. older

For questions 21 to 23, choose the alternative that means the same as the underlined one.

  1. If he did not eat so much, he would not be overweight.
    1. He eats too much; that's why he is overweight.
    2. He is overweight because he does not eat too much.
    3. He is overweight but eats too much.
    4. He is not overweight because he does not eat too much.
  2. "Muriuki left for Nakuru yesterday", the secretary told her.
    1. The secretary told her that Muriuki left for Nakuru yesterday.
    2. Yesterday, Muriuki left for Nakuru she told the secretary.
    3. The secretary told her that Muriuki had left for Nakuru the previous day.
    4. A day later, Muriuki had left for Nakuru, the secretary told her.
  3. Jenifer always seems to be smiling. I see her often.
    1. Jenifer always seems to be smiling. I see her seldom.
    2. Jenifer always seems to be smiling. I see her frequently.
    3. Jenifer always seems to be smiling. I see her rarely.
    4. Jenifer always seems to be smiling. I see her never.

For question 24, choose the alternative that best completes the statement below.

  1. You don't have to shout, _______________________________?
    1. should you
    2. don't you
    3. shouldn't you
    4. do you

For question 25, choose the alternative that is pronounced in the same way as the underlined word

  1. The wind blew swiftly this morning.
    1. blu
    2. blee
    3. blue
    4. breeze

Read the passage below and answer questions 26 - 38.

Jack lived with his guardian on the East side of the Kangema mountain. Now, little Jack was always fond of boats. His favourite pass time and become folding papers into boats. Jack could fold any kind of papers into boats. Any kind of paper, Jack could fold it into pretty boats. Be it newpapers, magazine paper, wrapping papers and even paper towels!

One day, Jack made the most beautiful boat he has ever made. The paper he used had a shiny texture. There were words written all over it and had many pictures all over it. He folded the paper into the most magnificent boat. The sail of the boat was truly breathtaking because it was the tallest he had sen on a paper boat. Upon being done with it, little Jack put the paper boat on the table next to his bed and went to sleep.

As Jack slept, he woke up in the middle of the night. Strange noises filled Jack's ears. All of them were coming from the little paper boat. Soon the paper boat had a paper crew and a captain in a blue hat. Jack could hear the captain scream orders.

"Let loose the stern lights." Then the captain yelled again, "sailors, prepare to sail."
Little Jack shot out of his bed and shouted, "Hey! Where are you going with my boat?"

"Then climb aboard" the captain told the boy. Jack realized that his room has turned into an ocean and his boat was about to set sail. After Jack stepped into the boat, the paper boat swiftly slid on the water and slid across the bedroom.

Soon, the paper boat had found its way onto the main road, just across the supermarket. As the paper boat sailed, Jack saw the world whizz by. Just as Jack was watching the world go by, he asked the captain, "Do you think that we could sink after the boat becomes soggy?" To which the captained smilled.

Then he said, "Oh no, my boy! This boat is made out of the toughest material for the paper boats!"

"Okay,” replied Jack. Again he had a question. "But where are we going?" asked Jack. "We are going to catch the pirates little boy," replied the captain. "There are pirates, in the parking lot of the shopping mall!" As the paper boat reached the parking lot, Jack could hear a roaring sound. He became scared.

Immediately, the boat got sucked in and sailed down a pipe and went straight to the parking lot. The parking lot had turned into a vast sea.

"Pirates! They are here! The pirates!" yelled the sailors. When Jack turned he was taken aback. A huge boat with big yellow sails. Jack could see the paper pirates swinging their swords. A fierce battle took place. Alongside the sailors, Jack fought bravely! Like a true hero Jack fought. When the pirates boat sunk with many holes, the sailors and Jack yelled, "Hurray, we won!"

Soon after, Jack and the paper boat went back to Jack's bedroom. There Jack wished the sailors a good luck and went to sleep. Unfortunately, Jack never met the paper boats' captain and sailors again. Although, he kept the boat by his bed each night thereafter. All in the hopes that some day, he might wake in the night and have more adventure.

  1. According to the first paragraph, what was Jack's hobby?
    1. Staying on the mountains.
    2. Folding papers into boats.
    3. Reading newspapers and magazines.
    4. Tending to family animals.
  2. Why did the captain feel that the boat would not become soggy?
    1. It was made from the toughest material.
    2. It had been made by an expert.
    3. There was no real water.
    4. It was sailing on dry land. 
  3. Where were the strange noises at night coming from?
    1. From outside the house.
    2. From the paper boat.
    3. From the noisy pirates.
    4. From dreaming. 
  4. The word vast can be replaced by __________________________
    1. tiny
    2. heavy
    3. bound
    4. expansive 
  5. What do you think made the pirate's boat to sink?
    1. The pirates were heavy.
    2. The captain gave an order.
    3. The pirates had been defeated.
    4. Jack had fought bravely,
  6. Which of the below statements describes the paper which Jack used to make the boat?
    1. It was shiny.
    2. It had few pictures.
    3. It was folded
    4. It was magnificent.
  7. Why was the boat made by Jack truly breathtaking?
    1. It could not get soggy.
    2. It ferried many people.
    3. It was the tallest.
    4. It was made of metal.
  8. Where were the sailors and the captain headed to ?
    1. To do trade at far lands
    2. To capture pirates
    3. To shop at the supermarket
    4. To seek Jack's help in fighting.
  9. Which word means the opposite to hero as used in the passage?
    1. Heroine.
    2. Knight.
    3. Villain.
    4. Coward.
  10. At what time did Jack wake up to see the crew?
    1. At midday.
    2. At dawn.
    3. At sunset.
    4. At midnight.
  11. All the following were found near Jack's home  except
    1.  a supermarket
    2. a road
    3. a parking lot
    4. an ocean.
  12. It s not true to state that
    1. Jack's bedroom was filled with water. 
    2. Jack lived on the East side of Kangema mountain.
    3. Jack let loose the stern light to set sail. 
    4. Jack's paper boat slid swiftly on water.
  13. According to the story, why was Jack not lucky again?
    1. He never met the captain and sailors again.
    2. His boat did not sail again.
    3. They were defeated by the pirates at war.
    4. His hopes were answered with more adventure.

Read the passage below and answer questions 39 - 50.

Kenya is quickly joining the bandwagon in the world of using electricity driven cars. Across the citizenry; notworthy government agencies, the new imports concerning automobiles. Government of Kenya seems to have a soft spot for electric cars. All the reasons are well known to anyone who has made the slightest of effort to understand why.

Rather than a petroleum tank, an electric vehicle has an on-board battery that gets charged.

Incidentally, fossil fuel is non-renewable, has fluctuating prices and pollutes the environment. One of the basic reasons for the emergence of an alternative source of power for vehicles, which are fairly eco-friendly and relatively cheap. For the most part, electric cars offer a near-perfect answer. Nevertheless, like all manmade machines, electric cars have some disadvantages.

Mostly, the cars are fitted with batteries that have built in generators to provide power for thrust. Furthermore, electric cars are not necessarily powered by electricity generated by fossil fuel. Renewable sources of energy like solar and wind can be used to generate electricity for propulsion.

In electric trains, the power is transmitted via overhead cables and then stored in batteries. On the other hand, electric cars are plugged into power sources for a few hours to charge the batteries. However, people are yet to fully embrace electric cars and among the reasons given; they are still on a trial phase, and power recharge stations along highways and scanty.

The most noteworthy case about electric cars is that they are eco-friendly. They boast of having zero emissions of carbon dioxide thus minimal environmental pollution. This is contrary to cars with internal combustion engines. It is also important to note that, it is cheaper to operate on electric car compared to a conventional one because it is cheaper to charge a car battery than it is to refuel a tank.

Moreover, electric cars loose just about around 10% of their energy through heat which make them energy efficient. On the same note, electric cars have silent engines thus they produce minimum noise. Conventional cars produce irritating noise. In addition, since electric cars are powered by energy from renewable sources, they prevent the depletion of fossil fuels.

Unfortunately, electric cars are not suited for long journeys. This is because they have less torque and can only attain just some significant speed.

Besides, electric cars are yet to receive the much needed infrastructural support, like charging and serving stations along highways. In fact, most mechanics find electric vehicles complex because they are a rarity and interaction with them is limited to big cities.

Another thing, electric cars are dependent on batteries that store charge which can only supply enough power for a limited number of hours. As a result, a full tank of a conventional car can give a driver more distance than a fully charged battery of an electric car. In this regard, electric car owners have to operate within a given radius where they are confident of getting a power source and a service station. In addition, since electric cars are noiseless they are prone to accidents because people with visual disability cannot hear them when approaching crossing zones.

In this age, of global warming and inflation affecting nearly everything, the use of eco-friendly and cheaper source of energy to power machines is taking the centre stage. Electric cars therefore play a key role in preservation of the environment because of their minimum emissions.

  1. Which common practice is Kenya quickly  adopting?
    1. Using electric cars.
    2. Buying cars for all government workers.
    3. Using diesel driven cars.
    4. Trading with other countries in the globe.
  2. Why are electric cars not ideal for long journeys?
    1. The drivers get tired quickly.
    2. They have high power.
    3. They can achieve less speed.
    4. They break down easily.
  3. The phrase soft spot can be replaced by
    1. having special liking
    2. having a bad taste
    3. having a quick discovery
    4. having a strong affection.
  4. How do electric cars get their power?
    1. They get refueled at petrol stations.
    2. They are charged for few hours.
    3. They are pushed around by motors. 
    4. They are charged by moving wind
  5. Why is it said that electric cars are eco-friendly?
    1. Because of internal combustion.
    2. Because of charged batteries.
    3. Because of low environmental pollution.
    4. Because of generated electricity. 
  6. For efficiency in the use of electric cars, what should be done?
    1. Build more charging and service stations.
    2. Retrain drivers in driving schools.
    3. Issue ultra modern licences.
    4. Reduce the distance to be covered.
  7. Which of the below words can be used in place of propulsion?
    A. Proposal.
    B. Actuation.
    C. Generation.
    D. Evaluation.  
  8. Why are electric cars a danger to people with eyesight problems?
    1. They are flawless.
    2. They have faulty brakes.
    3. They are error free.
    4. They are noiseless.
  9. What makes most mechanics find electric cats complex to repair?
    1. The cars are rare.
    2. The cars are unlimited in cities.
    3. The cars do not have user manual.
    4. The cars are eco-friendly.
  10. Why are electric cars good to the environment?
    1. They are small.
    2. They are mouldable.
    3. They have low emissions.
    4. They move without drivers.
  11. It is true to state that fossil fuels ________________________________________
    1. have constant prices
    2. are safe to the environment
    3. are renewable
    4. get exhausted.
  12. From below choose the most suitable title for the passage?
    1. Advantages of Electric Cars.
    2. The Emergence of Electric Cars.
    3. Dangers of Electric Cars.
    4. Mechanical challenges of Electric Cars.


  1. A
  2. C
  3. C
  4. D
  5. B
  6. B
  7. A
  8. D
  9. B
  10. C
  11. D
  12. D
  13. B
  14. A
  15. A
  16. B
  17. A
  18. C
  19. A
  20. B
  21. A
  22. C
  23. B
  24. D
  25. C
  26. B
  27. A
  28. B
  29. D
  30. C
  31. A
  32. C
  33. B
  34. C
  35. D
  36. D
  37. C
  38. A
  39. A
  40. C
  41. B
  42. C
  43. A
  44. A
  45. B
  46. D
  47. A
  48. C
  49. D
  50. B
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