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Science Questions and Answers - Class 8 Mid Term 2 Exams 2023 Set 2

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  1. The function of the white blood cells in the human circulatory system is to
    1. fight disease germs
    2. help in blood clotting
    3. transport carbon dioxide
    4. carry oxygen
  2. The diagram below shows a certain type of human tooth.
    Which one of the following is not a characteristic of the above tooth?
    1. They are eight in total
    2. It has one root
    3. It has sharp pointed edge
    4. It is used for biting and cutting
  3. The most effective way of controlling sexually transmitted infections among the adolescents is by
    1. having one partner
    2. abstinence
    3. using condoms
    4. visiting the V.C.T
  4. The following are ways of controlling the spread of a certain disease.
    1. Boiling drinking water
    2. Proper sanitation
    3. Wearing gumboots
    4. Draining stagnant water
      Which disease can be controlled by using all the above methods?
      1. Cholera
      2. Tuberculosis
      3. Malaria
      4. Bilharzia
  5. The characteristics of animals demonstrated by an antelope running away from a lion is
    1. movement
    2. feeding
    3. reaction to changes
    4. excretion
  6. Which one of the following is an effect of HIV and AIDS infection to the nation?
    1. Low self esteem
    2. School dropouts
    3. Increased orphans
    4. Lack of strength to work
  7. A fish is able to move with ease in water due to all the following except
    1. webbed feet
    2. presence of fins
    3. streamlined body
    4. direction of scales
  8. Both frog and lizard are common in that they 
    1.  lay unfertilized eggs
    2. breathe through gills and lungs
    3. have varying body temperature
    4. have scales 
  9. The experiment below was carried out by std 6 learner to investigate a certain property of light.
    From the above experiment, one can conclude that
    1. light can be refracted 
    2. light can be reflected
    3. light travels in a straight line
    4. light travels in all directions
  10. Which one of the following will not cause air pollution?
    1. Smoking cigarettes
    2. Burning tyres and plastics
    3. Aerosal sprays
    4. Decaying vegetables
  11. All the following internal livestock parasites attack the liver except
    1. hookworms
    2. roundworms
    3. liver flukes
    4. tapeworms
  12. The substance in tobacco that causes addiction is called
    1. nicotine
    2. tar
    3. carbon dioxide
    4. carbon monoxide
  13. The following waste products are produced by the kidney except
    1. urea
    2. lactic acid
    3. excess water
    4. poisonous substances taken with food
  14. Which among the following pairs of substances cannot be separated by any method of separating mixtures?
    1. Salt and flour
    2. Milk and kerosene
    3. Salt and sugar
    4. Iron filings and sand
  15. The Sexually Transmitted Infection that causes blindness to unborn babies is
    1. Gonorrhoea
    2. Syphilis
    3. Chancroid
    4. HIV and AIDS
  16. All the following statements describe hard water except one. Which one is it?
    1. It is water that has been boiled
    2. Forms scales on boilers tubes
    3. Forms scum when mixed with soap
    4. Good for drinking 
  17. The diagram below shows the human breathing system
    Which one of the following will happen when the part labelled x moves downwards?
    1. Ribs move downwards and inwards
    2. Volume of chest decreases
    3. Air gets out of the body
    4. Ribs move upwards and outwards
  18. Which one of the following substances has definite mass, occupies space and has definite shape?
    1. Toothpaste
    2. Ink
    3. Oxygen
    4. Chalkdust
  19. The following are all ways of managing domestic wastes except
    1. making compost
    2. re-using
    3. onsite treatment
    4. reducing
  20. Which of the following pairs of animals consists of only those animals with a diastema?
    1. Hippopotamus and lior
    2. Cow and Antelope
    3. Pig and chimpanzee
    4. Cheetah and leopard
  21. Which one of the following animal feeds provides livestock with proteins when fed?
    1. Napier grass
    2. Maize germs
    3. Kales
    4. Desmodium
  22. The set up below was used by Std 5 learners to investigate capillarity in soils. 
    Which of the above need not be the same?
    1. Amount of soil used
    2. Size of the cotton wool
    3. Size of soil particles
    4. Size of the tubes 
  23. The following activities are all carried out to conserve soil except one. Which one is it?
    1. Terracing steep lands
    2. Planting cover crops 
    3. Ploughing across the contours
    4. Making gabions on gulleys
  24. Which of the following is not a sign of ill health in livestock?
    1. Reduced yields
    2. Lower yields
    3. Loss of weight
    4. Blood in stool
  25. Fertilization in human beings takes place in the
    1. oviduct
    2. ovary
    3. cervix
    4. uterus
  26. Which one of the following crop pests attacks grains in the store?
    1. Aphids
    2. Stalk borers
    3. Cutworms
    4. Weevils
  27. The most effective mass media to use in campaigning against the spread of HIV and AIDS in the community is
    1. chief's baraza
    2. television
    3. newspaper
    4. radio
  28. Which one of the following types of food is given to a child who has brownish hair, swollen stomach and sores at corners of the mouth?
    1. Rice
    2. Termite
    3. Oranges
    4. Ripe bananas
  29. The diagram below shows a set-up used to show how heat travels through liquids.
    Which one of the following materials cannot be placed at place marked x while carrying out the experiment?
    1. Saw dust
    2. Ink drop
    3. Tea leaves
    4. Paraffin
  30. Muchiri ate stale Githeri during a school competition day. Which one of the following signs was not observed on him after
    suffering from food poisoning?
    1. Diarrhoea
    2. Severe stomach ache
    3. Fever
    4. Tooth ache 
  31. The planet nearest to the earth is
    1. Venus
    2. Mars
    3. Jupiter
    4. Uranus
  32. Which one of the following takes place last during the process of birth?
    1. The coming out of the afterbirth
    2. The cutting of the umblical cord
    3. Dilation of the cervi
    4. Contraction of the uterine walls
  33. Thorn like leaves in xerophites plants help to
    1. reduce water loss
    2. store water
    3. get lid of excess water
    4. make plant food
  34. All the following immunisable diseases can be prevented by administering DPT vaccine except
    1. polio
    2. diphtheria
    3. tetanus
    4. whooping cough
  35. The beak below belongs to a
    1. flesh eater
    2. grain eater
    3. filter feeder
    4. nectar feeder
  36. Deep V-shaped channels on the ground may lead to a type of erosion that can easily be prevented by
    1. planting cover crops
    2. mulching 
    3. making terraces
    4. building gabions
  37. The main reason why infants are fed on breast milk is because it
    A. helps to improve the immunity of the baby
    B. is a wholesome meal
    C. is easy to digest
    D. contains all nutrients 
  38. Which one of the following will mainly pollute corrugated iron sheet while released into the atmosphere?
    1. Vehicle exhaust fumes
    2. Dust particles
    3. Smoke and smog
    4. Industrial gases
  39. 1gm piece of iron nail sinks in water  while a 100gms sufuria made of aluminum floats on water due to
    1. shape
    2. material
    3. weight
    4. size
  40. Digested foods in the alimentary canal are absorbed in the
    1. small intestines
    2. stomach
    3. large intestines
    4. rectum
  41. The embryo of a seed is made up of
    1. plumule and cotyledon
    2. radicle and plumule
    3. testa and seedcoat
    4. cotyledon and endosperm
  42. The illustration below shows a simplified circulatory system
    Which pair of blood vessels carries deoxygenated blood?
    1. M and N
    2. O and P
    3. M and O
    4. P and N
  43. Which one of the following is both modern and a traditional method of preserving foods?
    1. Freezing
    2. Use of honey
    3. Salting
    4. Drying
  44. Which one of the following simple machine when in use has the position of the load between fulcrum and effort?
    1. Claw hammer
    2. Crowbar
    3. Wheelbarrow
    4. Spade
  45. The type of cloud present in fine weather is called
    1. Niumbus
    2. Cumulus
    3. Stratus
    4. Cirrus 
  46. Which one of the following weather instruments shows both direction and strength of wind?
    1. Air thermometer
    2. Windvane
    3. Windsock
    4. Liquid thermometer 
  47. The following are examples of green-non-flowering plants except
    1. cypress
    2. grass
    3. fern
    4. moss
  48. The attachment of the foetus to the uterine wall is called
    1. fussion
    2. implantation
    3. fertilization
    4. conception
  49. Study the pie chart below that shows the composition of gases in the atmosphere
    Which part represents the gas that is used to make proteins in plants?
    1. Y
    2. X
    3. W
    4. Z
  50. Which sign of unhealthy crop is shown in the plant below?
    1. Streaks
    2. Curled leaves
    3. Stunted growth
    4. Wilting


  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. D
  5. C
  6. B
  7. A
  8. C
  9. C
  10. D
  11. A
  12. A
  13. B
  14. C
  15. A
  16. A
  17. D
  18. D
  19. C
  20. B
  21. D
  22. C
  23. C
  24. B
  25. A
  26. D
  27. D
  28. B
  29. D
  30. D
  31. B
  32. A
  33. A
  34. A
  35. A
  36. D
  37. A
  38. D
  39. A
  40. A
  41. B
  42. C
  43. D
  44. C
  45. B
  46. C
  47. B
  48. B
  49. C
  50. D
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