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Jesus Frees And Commands - Class 8 CRE Revision Notes

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Jesus Frees And Commands

The Meaning of Christian Freedom

  • Freedom is the state or condition of being unrestrained.
  • It does not mean doing as one wishes
  • True freedom must be accompanied by responsibility
  • Truly free people respect and obey lawful authority
  • They do not allow themselves to be enslaved by immoral things.
  • Jesus death on the cross set Christians free
  • Human being however still has freedom to choose their destiny.
  • God grants us the free will to choose life or death.
  • Each choice we make have consequences
  • We should protect or freedom by living according to Jesus’ teachings.


  1. Galatians 5:1 says
  2. We may be free to do anything but _______________________________

Jesus Shows His Obidience to God

  • Jesus is God’s only son
  • He is the first born of creations
  • He was born of virgin Mary who had conceived through immaculate conception
  • The baby Jesus was always obedient to his earthly parents
  • He grew up gaining favour with God and men.
  • He obeyed his heavenly father and accomplished his mission on earth
  • He restrained Peter who wanted to protect him using violence.
  • Jesus was obedient to his father even unto death
  • He condemned anyone who came in the way of God’s will.
  • We should emulate Jesus obedient to lawful authority.


  1. Peter cut the ear of _________________ was a servant of _________________
  2. “Those who live by the sword shall also die by the sword”. These words were said by ______________ to_____________

Jesus' Reaction Towards Freedom

  • Jesus taught his disciples to obey his commandments
  • He said that those who obey his commandments would know the truth
  • Those who know the truth, Jesus said, would be set free.
  • True freedom, Jesus taught, comes from being informed
  • Everyone who sins is a slave of sins.
  • Jesus’ teaching makes people free by taking away sin and immorality
  • We should work to inform people about Jesus and quality life
  • Such people will make informed choices.
  • We should desire to achieve true freedom.
  • We should also help other to make the most informed decisions.


  1. John 8:31-32 says ______________________________________
  2. True freedom must be accompanied by ______________________

Jesus Christ's Respect for Authority

  • Jesus grew up as an obedient child
  • When he was eight days old, he was circumcised according to the law of Moses.
  • When Jesus was forty days old he was presented at the temple for dedication.
  • He attended the Passover feast in Jerusalem when he was twelve years old
  • Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist so as to fulfill God’s wish.
  • He began his ministry in Galilee and had twelve disciples.
  • Jesus taught his disciples to respect lawful authority.
  • He supported payment of taxes and sent peter to pay temple tax
  • The Pharisee tried to trap Jesus on the issue of paying taxes.
  • He evaded their trap and said “ give to Ceaser what belongs to ceaser and to God what belongs to God”


  1. State three accusations brought against Jesus before Pilate, the governor 2. When Jesus was born, who was the Roman Emperor?

Personal Freedom

Personal Freedom in Relation to Ourselves

  • It is important to use our personal freedom wisely
  • Our freedom of action should be exercised in a cautious manner
  • Freedom should never be a stumbling block to others
  •  All Christians should exercise freedom by being of good character
  • Freedom should never be misused to cover up evil
  • We should commit ourselves to God in all we do.
  • We should not engage in drug abuse or immorality.
  • We should use our freedom to serve God and others.


  1. List two other words which mean the same as freedom
  2. According to Apostle Peter, freedom should not be used

Personal Freedom in Relation to Authority

  • Christians should submit to lawful and relevant authority.
  • Lawful authorities are instituted by God.
  • Those who oppose lawful authority oppose God and will be punished. 4. Christians should be peaceful, friendly and law abiding.
  • They should not talk ill of anyone especially those in authorities.
  • Instead, Christians should support and pray for their leaders
  •  They should also show concern genuinely for everyone.
  • God is pleased when we use our personal freedom to support those in authority.


  1. Romans 13:1 says
  2. Who are the lawful authorities in a
    1. School
    2. Church
    3. District
    4. County
    5. Country

Personal Freedom in Relation to Parents And the Community

  • Children exercise personal freedom depending on the environment
  • If parents are too strict children may be fearful.
  • Lenient parents allow children to exercise personal freedom
  • Such children are able to express their opinion on family issues.
  • Children should not use their personal freedom to disrespect parents.
  • Jesus used his personal freedom to grow up as an obedient child.
  • He chose to remain in the House of God but also obeyed his parents.
  • Jesus ended up being loved by his parents, other people and God.


  1. Jesus attended the Passover in _______when he was ____________years old.
  2. Jesus responses to Satan in the second and third temptations were
    1. ______________
    2. ______________

Loyalty to The State

  1. Christians should be loyal to their country and those in authority.
  2. They can show their loyalty by:
    1. Respecting the law of the land
    2. Paying taxes
    3. Reporting crime to authorities.
    4. Promoting peace and justice
    5. Participating in community development.
    6. Creating awareness on the constitution.
  3. The bible encourages us to obey lawful authority.
  4. It is our Christian duty to pray for those in authority.
  5. Christians should be willing to participate in census and fulfill other civic responsibilities.
  6. God will always reward those who dutifully respect the rule of law.


  1. Name two founding fathers of Kenya
  2. The loyalty pledge exhorts us to be loyal to.
    1. ________________
    2. ________________
  3. Titus 3:1-2 says

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