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Social Problems And Christian Values - Class 8 CRE Revision Notes

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Social Problems And Christian Value

Christian Values

  1. Justice

    • Justice is the quality of being fair and acting according to what is right. 
    • It involves condemning what is wrong and uphold what is right.
    • Justice brings peace and harmony among people.
    • Prophet Jeremiah condemns the injustice of :-
      1. Killing innocent people
      2. Mistreating foreigners
      3. Mistreating windows and orphans.
    • Amos challenged the injustice in courts.
    • He spoke against oppressing the poor
    • Amos also condemned selling people in slavery.
    • He also condemned false scales and overcharging customers.
    • Apostle James condemned the rich who deny their laborers their wages. 10. He also condemned those who murder innocent people.

      1. Corruption in courts was condemned by________________
      2. Prophet Micah condemned the injustice of______________
  2. Fairness

    • fairness is the value of being just and impartial
    • it involves doing things according to laid down rules and regulations
    • Fair people treat others as they would like to be treated.
    • Joseph’s brothers treated him unfairly because his father loved him.
    • They sold him to the Ishmaelite and he ended up in prison.
    • Jesus refused to condemn a woman who had been caught in adultery,
    • He treated her fairly and advised her to stop her immoral life.
    • God expects us to treat all people with justice and fairness

      1. State two reasons why Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son
        1. ____________________
        2. ____________________
      2. _________________suggested that they should throw Joseph into a well
      3. _____________convinced his brothers to sell Joseph to the Ishmaelite.

  3. Honesty And Integrity

    • Honesty and integrity are important Christian values
    • Honest people tell the truth and do not steal.
    • Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong morals
    • People of integrity are upright, honest and sincere.
    • They are just and honest in their behaviour.
    • Prophet Elisha had a dishonest servant called Gehazi.
    • Gehazi wanted to benefit financially from Elisha’s miracle
    • He ended up getting leprosy together with his descendants
    • God wants us to uphold justice and integrity
    • We should tell the truth to all people at all times.

      1. Namaan got healed of his leprosy by __________________
      2. ___________ and __________ lied to the holy spirit
      3. _______________is the father of lies.

Social Problems

  1. Nepotism

    1. Nepotism is the vice of showing favoritism to one’s relatives.
    2. It makes family members receive privileges they do not deserve.
    3. Nepotism at the workplace may result in the following :-
      1. Bitterness and rivalry
      2. Lack of love and concern
      3. Frustration and hopelessness
      4. Lack of teamwork
      5. Disrespect\poor work output.
    4. Jesus refused to show nepotism in his ministry
    5. He refused his mother and his brothers undue recognition.
    6. Jesus refused to grant James and John the right to sit beside Him in his kingdom
    7. To Jesus, leadership meant service to others not gaining special favour.

      1. The earthly brothers of Jesus were _____________
      2. James and John the sons of _________________ were also known as _________________

  2. Tribalism{Ethnicism}

    • Tribalism is the unfair treatment of people from other tribes.
    •  It involves granting unwarranted favours to members of one’s tribe.
    • Tribalism comes from mistrust among members of different ethnic communitie
    • It causes bitterness, pain and suffering to its victims.
    • esus was denied water by a Samaritan woman because he ws a Jew
    • He however gave the Samaritan woman life- giving water.
    • Jesus taught his disciples not to discriminate against anyone.
    • He was a universal savior as shown by the miracles of
      1. Healing the ten lepers
      2. Healing the centurion servant
      3. Healing a Canaanite woman’s daughter.

        1. To whom did Jesus say, “it is not good for me to take children’s food and give it to dogs”
        2. The fear and hatred for people from other countries is called_____________________

  3. Corruption

    • Corruption is practiced by those who lack honesty and intergrity.
    • It involves giving and receiving bribes.
    • Bribes are given as money or service offered in return of a favour.
      1. Greed
      2. Selfishness
      3. Desire to quick riches
      4. Indiscipline.
    • Corruption is prevalent when:-
      1.  People win elections unfairly
      2. Police take handouts to flout traffic rules
      3. Justice is denied to court of laws
      4. Students are to schools they don’t deserve.
    • Corruption can be overcome through
      1. Refusing to give or receive bribes.
      2. Reporting corruption to relevant authorities
      3. Creating awareness\supporting anti-corruption efforts.
    • The ethics and Anti-Corruption commission is charged with fighting corruption.
    • Jesus accepted Zacheus who denounced his former corrupt way of life.

      1. State two reasons why tax collectors were hated
      2. Define corruption

  4. Mismanagement of Resources

    • Resources are assets that are used to generate wealth
    • here are three types of assets namely :-
      1. Natural resources
      2. Man-made resources
      3. Human resources.
    • Natural resources are mismanaged through:-
      1. Pollution
      2. Over-mining
      3. Poaching.
    • Man-made resources are mismanaged by:-
      1. VandalismFraud and embezzlement
      2. Neglect
      3. Arson
    • Human resources are people who can be mismanaged through:-
      1. Being overworked and underworked
      2. Being denied promotion
      3. Being underpaid
      4. Being deployed outside their profession
    • The bible teaches us to value all resources
    • We should take care of all resources.

      1. List four natural resources
        1. ______________________
        2. ______________________
        3. ______________________
        4. ______________________
      2. NEMA stands for ____________________

Upholding Christian Values in Our Lives

  • Christian values are virtues and principals that are worthy of upholding
  • They include
    1. Justice
    2. Honesty
    3. Fairness
    4. Integrity
    5. Responsibility
    6. Humility
    7. Generosity
  • Most Christian values are universal
  • They are derived from the teachings of Jesus.
  • They lead to forms of conduct that are universally considered worthwhile.
  • Apostle Paul taught the Ephesians to be patient, humble and loving
  • Christian values show that one has matured in faith.


  1. List three social evils that affect our society today
    1. __________________
    2. __________________
    3. __________________
  2. Which vice was EACC established to curb?

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